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On article Lumu turns iPhone into incident light meter (14 comments in total)
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BBViet: Maybe I'm missing something here but what's the point of measuring the incident light falling on the Lumu sphere instead of the light reflected off subjects we want to capture? I mean, it is the light that is reflected off the subjects that hits the sensor. And how can the Lumu app suggests the right exposure if it doesn't know the level of reflectance of the subjects?

No. Spot metering reads reflected light and camera tries to compensate to what the camera understands as average. Spot metering a white person will most probably underexpose the image by 1 stop. Spot metering for a black person will overexpose the picture by 1 stop. Incident meter will always be correct because it will read the light falling on the subject, i.e. the correct amount of light illuminating the scene/object of interest.

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budi0251: Bravo to Canon for letting people to use their SDK and libraries, hence the birth of such like CHDK & ML.
Pity on Nikon for keeping their source code so tightly secret.

As much as I like Nikon's DSLR (good sensors, ergonomics, lenses, IQ, Noise, DR, SNR, etc.), I envy canon DSLR & users.

Even for entry level like 550D or 600D, you could get HDR Video, needs PP though; but nevertheless of the problems, you could do it, unlike anything from Nikon.
With HDR video, you could almost compete with tens of thousands of dollars camera (Arri, Red, Black Magic, etc. 14 EV DR People!!!)

Don't really care about bitrate, youtube and the likes are compressing video so badly, means no problem with BR as long as it's higher than those websites.
But DR is very crucial in Video cause you can't fix what you don't have (blown highlights or black shadows).

Dont think that Canon is so generous.
Quoting from above: "As always, even once made public, Magic Lantern warns that its software has been created by reverse engineering and cannot be guaranteed 100% safe."

Key word here is "reverse engineering" meaning someone took up the painstaking job of trying to decrypt the camera's coding by monitoring what the camera is doing (by analysing camera dumps), then construct code that matches as close as possible that of what Canon engineers are actually using.

Since reverse engineering is effectively trying to recreate the SDK's and libraries, it will never be 100% complete hence the warning about 100% safety

Link | Posted on May 15, 2013 at 07:05 UTC

Time for the rest of the competitors to create something robust and new.

Companies like Apple, Phase One, DXO, etc. certainly have the knowledge to create beautiful and powerful RAW converters which feature quite advanced image editing capabilities.

So, the imaging proficiency is there, perhaps it’s time for full blown image editing software to compete with Adobe.

I love Photoshop but the way it goes, I would jump ship in a heartbeat.

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On article Compositional Rules (120 comments in total)
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RikMaxSpeed: I use an Olympus PEN with the "thirds grid" enabled when shooting - however Olympus have taken a slightly odd decision of narrowing the central bands, the lines are not equally spaced and the cross-points are somewhat closer to the centre of the frame - a good idea? what do you think?

True, as per Bomple, instead of thinking of it as drawing a line at the 2/3rds of the width/height of the frame from each side, draw a line at the 8/13 of the length of each side
You will end up with a very similar pattern to that of the grid you are seeing

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On photo Max and Minnie in the Dogs and Cats challenge (4 comments in total)

a great picture!
What breed is the dog?

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