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Photo Pete: Try taking some images of a busy, tree lined street on a windy day and see how that veil comes back down again.

Strange how that problem was just briefly mentioned in this glowing Sony review but was made the focus of a whole article for the Panasonic G9.

Presumably you can brush in anything moving (say a flag) from a single image in the stack.....

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Terrible Photographer: I get that this is technically news, but who cares (or shoots with) an EOS M?

Well the Japanese for starters. 2 out of the top 20 best selling cameras (DSLR and mirrorless) in Japan during July were variations of the EOS M10. My guess is whatever camera you shoot with didnt get a mention.

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This camera wont do well in the US - due to the lack of EVF. It looks squarely aimed at the Asian market (particularly Japan) where I suspect it will sell really well.

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dialstatic: Yeah I don't buy this at all. It takes some serious imagination to see the lines in the photo's coincide with his weird star shape thingy - to the point where I'm convinced I could draw arbitrary lines and make the same video.

He makes some good general points about composition that are unrelated to his 1:5 ratio thing (regarding contrast and stance), but in terms of geometry I really see nothing that can't be explained by the rule of thirds he hates so much, and simple corner to corner diagonals. It's all a bit esoteric to me.

And the part where he centers Cartier-Bresson's tree picture using content aware fill is just near sacrilegious ;-)

The reason many people hate the 'rule of thirds' (which is a relatively modern concept) is because it is 'non-dynamic' by virtue of being made up of horizantal and vertical lines. Dynamic symmetry is about the symmetrical relationship of diagonals.

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rc53: The Decisive Moment is the English title of the book originally called "Images à la Sauvette", where 'à la Sauvette' is more like 'on the run' or 'on the sly'.

And this, as others have said, is post hoc rationalising. I very much doubt is any of us could hold quite so many diagonals in our head at any time; a rule of thirds, or the golden ratio at most.

I thought the cyclist picture had the curve of the steps and banister mirroring the curve of the street, with the cyclist on a junction of thirds.

And the behind the gare, with the chap trying to jump the puddle and just about to not make it; I thought the point was the elegance of the ballerina behind him.

HCB studied geometry under Andre Lohte for a year between 1927-28. He also wrote quite a bit about his use of geometry for 'The Decisive Moment' although it wasnt included by the publisher (although exerts can be found in the Steidl edition.)

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The reason I disagree with this is question of numbers. Last year there were 1600m smartphone sold and 12m ILCs - a ratio of over a 100:1. Now I imagine a number of the 12m ILC users will give them up when the smartphone gets a bit better. And I also think that smartphone cameras are 'good enough' for 90% (perhaps 95% of users). But there will always be a small group 1-2% who want something better - either photographers or people bent on a successful youtube channel.

And 1% of 1600m smartphone buyers is 16m ILCs - just look at the amount of reviews that are spent on comparing say a Samsung s7 camera with an iphone - there will always be people wanting to step up.

Really? I hear you say. But look ILC camera shipments are in rude health - up over 20% in the first 6 months (the 3rd highest year ever) - growing faster than smartphones. Even compact cameras are up over 20%....

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lukecookphoto: The Mavic made me lose interest in this line, excited to see what the future holds for that.

The Mavic is great but I see little room for improvement (and little incentive to improve it with the lack of competition.) I am hoping for a streamlined Phantom 5 with the 1" sensor.

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Just for a laugh, I posted 3 photos to 'unsplash' just to see what would happen. One on Monday, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. By Thursday I had forgotten about the whole thing...

I was rather surprised to receive an email on today '100,000 views on your Unsplash photos' (see your stats). I didnt know they had stats so I took a look - sure enough, 111,000 views, 869 downloads, 160 likes.

I am quite happy about that. I dont value my photography and like the idea of people seeing it or even finding a use for it. There are some nice photos there and I will probably download and use some for creating composites. Seems a pretty fair trade to me.

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QuarryCat: 565g???
Never! Sigma brings 1135g....

Quite frankly I would happily trade a bit of distortion that can be corrected in post for a lens half the size and weight. If that is a compromise you don't wish to make you can easily adapt the Canon or Sigma. I think it is great to see Sony introducing something other than a me too lens.

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maximme: 4GB RAM is a little low.
was hoping atleast 6 GB.

but no dual sim ? ? ?

It will likely have dual sim in some markets but not in the US.

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Wow!! A speedlight with a built in receiver for only US$400. Once again Sony showing how innovative they are....

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tom43: @dpreview: Why gets this toy a story? Meanwhile Kodak announced during CES the revival of the most prominent film ever, Ektachrome slide film, which is not mentioned by a single sentence?!


In 2015, sales of Fuji Instax cameras were 5 million units, more than the total mirrorless ILC market. Instant cameras are a big part of the digital photo market. I expect these will fly off the shelves.

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The Surface Dial looks pretty interesting - will look forward to seeing how it integrates with Photoshop. I already use a ShuttleXpress.

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Apologies forgot to post settings.
Sony A7rii
16-35 f4
0.7 seconds

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tonyreidsma: averagejoe you say you saw them from a distance. Well, why are the shadows of the nuns long and towards you and there's no shadow at all with the foreground image?

This is a very bad photoshop job.

Well spotted. I hadnt noticed

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Hans vdC: Only one thing needed for me to make the complete switch: is the iso3200 performance same or better than Nikon d750?

@AlbertSilver Greater resolution = greater detail. Noise reduction = less noise + less detail. If you start off with greater detail at iso3200 due to high resolution sensor or can add noise reduction and reduce noise to below the D750 while keeping detail as good as the D750.

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Cant wait for the full DPR of this one

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jcmarfilph: I'd rather leave a useless device like iPad at home. It's a PITA to upload pictures to it due to Apple's proprietary non-sense-to-get-more-sales adapters etc. Right from the camera's LCD, it is much easier to view and delete trash pictures right away. I'd rather buy a backup battery or card for the cam than spend 20 bucks for an app that does nothing special. There are tons of freeware photo viewer that you can use.

Actually it is absurdly easy to transfer your photos onto an ipad. All you have to do is switch on an 'eye-fi' card and open the app and all your photos will be automatically download.

I agree that US$20 is an absurd amount to pay for a 'photo viewer' but you are failing to understand the core functionality of this app. What it does is sync all your metadata (tags, colors, stars) that you have created on jpegs on your ipad over wifi to your RAWs in LR.

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On article Photosmith can keep photographers organized on the go (25 comments in total)

One point I would make about Photosmith. Photosmith 1 and 2 were very buggy and relied on Apple's camera roll. Photosmith 3 has sorted out the bugs and bypassed the camera roll. It really works now and it really works well.

I import my jpegs via eye-fi card sort rate and then sync the metdata back with my RAWs in LR. It is far quicker to sort and rate your jpegs than sorting your RAWs in LR.

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