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Impulses: There's a 58-77mm version of the VND + CPL RevoRing as well btw, which is what I ended up getting (it was one of the Kickstarter campaign's stretch goals). Perfect size for my E mount stuff & even M4/3 teles (24/2.8 G & SY 45/1.8 aside).

Not sure I'm interested in the mist filter tbh, but the protective magnetic caps they sell for the RevoRing are handy too.

How is the VND quality? Is the darkening uniform or does it get blotchy as you increase it?

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Yxa: I would not trust that solution, too many ways for the water to enter

Exactly! Water will always find a way. And assuming that both sides of this are water proof it means that your equipment is going to sit in any water that enters as opposed to the water being soaked up by the wrap.

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silverlakerCA: Is this standalone the same as what's in DxO Photolab 4 (which I was about to purchase)?

I sure don't want to buy something additional if it's in the other package.

I checked my DXO software page and see that my upgrade price for PL4 Elite is $89. Hmm, I wonder which I should pick if I were to pick one.

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PerfectMark: I still have the plugin they released for Apple Photos that does Deep Prime. That doesn't support any cameras/lenses made past 2017, so I have been hoping DXO would release a newer version.

I am OK with the price of this, but even the old Apple Photos plugin let you tweak some of noise removal settings. If everything is automatic in PureRAW, then I will have to give this a miss.

I'm wondering if this new product is going to suffer the same fate as the Photos plugin. I noticed that the plugin is no longer listed on my DXO software page.

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NexUser: Is this a viewfinder?

I thought directors just made a square with their fingers and looked through that.

Link | Posted on Dec 10, 2020 at 20:48 UTC
On article Photokina is cancelled indefinitely (368 comments in total)

Seems to me that trade shows existed mostly to drive print publications and probably to drive the wholesale buyers (from the resellers). Trade shows put all the manufacturers in one place at one time and the annual print publication issues that went along with the trade show cycle were a big deal. The internet changed that - although the change has been slow coming due to entrenched mindsets in trade show promoters, print publications and camera manufacturers. Now, a manufacturer can put out a press release whenever they want and all the internet sites will pick it up. That past couple of years I've noticed that the manufacturers are also starting to see value in not putting out these press releases during the trade show cycle so that they can get top billing without being buried in a deluge of press releases.

Seems to me that the small/startup companies are the ones that are hurt the most by not having the trade shows since shows provide a big audience and plenty of foot traffic.

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Ed_C: I was interested enough to open then saw it required clicking through a gallery. Nope.

I would have skipped it if it was a video. I absolutely hate news presented as videos on hobby/gear news sites.

Link | Posted on Nov 22, 2020 at 21:23 UTC

Hopefully everything that is available via the menus is now available via the sidebar. This posed a problem when using the Photos extension since that doesn't show the menu bar or the toolbar.

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Mr Bolton: I wish camera to phone protocols were standardized such that a user could choose which app they wish to use with their combination of hardware. From what I've seen (Ted Forbes did a great video about a Leica camera and he really showed off the app) the Leica program looks great. I wish I could use it with my Fuji.

I like your idea of standardizing the protocol. That way maybe some independent dev can finally get it right since Leica sure as heck hasn't! Connecting can still be an absolute headache and transfer speed is abysmal. The GPS tagging still is far from reliable or even predictable. Sometimes a photo will have GPS data and sometimes it won't. If you get lucky enough to get GPS data it'll eventually stop - often times between two photos that are taken seconds apart! And the GPS data you get may be where you took the picture or it may be from who knows where. All of this seems to be common across users and independent of phone brand, model or settings.

I get an occasional notification asking if I want to continue to allow the app to use my location and it shows me a map of the locations the app has used recently. It is all over the place with some locations being like 20 miles from me in directions I haven't travelled since Feb.! This same notification for other apps shows what I expect.

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On article Zeiss ZX1 real-world samples gallery (237 comments in total)
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babart: To me, for a camera with one lens, the Zeiss 35mm would seem the better choice than the 28 on the Leica. I wonder why neither has interchangeable glass.....they both could sell more mirrorless lenses. When and if these were available.....the lens to sensor distance wasn't programmed to be the same as their cameras, so as to use camera lenses? Strange.

@entoman - I've often wondered how a Q2 with a Tri-Elmar type design of 28-35-50 or 35-50-90 would fare in the market. You wouldn't have to deal with the 'tiny framelines' challenge of the M since the EVF is going to be showing you the true FOV and having the fixed focal lengths would still allow Leica to tune it for the best results possible. Leica mimics this with the crop modes in the Q/Q2, but it would interesting to have the true optical focal lengths. Think of the possibilities the crop modes could open up for those who primarily view their photos on screens if the full 48MP resolution is starting from an optical 50 or 90mm.

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On article Zeiss ZX1 real-world samples gallery (237 comments in total)
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babart: To me, for a camera with one lens, the Zeiss 35mm would seem the better choice than the 28 on the Leica. I wonder why neither has interchangeable glass.....they both could sell more mirrorless lenses. When and if these were available.....the lens to sensor distance wasn't programmed to be the same as their cameras, so as to use camera lenses? Strange.

@lawny13 - I'm one of those kinds of people. ;-)

I find that I enjoy photography much more now that I no longer have to think about which lens to use, to lug around on a trip or to buy next. Photography has been a hobby for going on 30 years and I tended to use zooms and shy away from primes for most of that time. Maybe it is the fact that I'm now forced to use a prime which has helped to rekindle my interest in the hobby. Sure, I miss the occasional shot due to the lack of a zoom, but the 48MP sensor allows for the option of pseudo-zoom when I want a particular composition. The resultant lens character is different than a true zoom lens would produce but I find that it doesn't bother me.

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On article Zeiss ZX1 real-world samples gallery (237 comments in total)
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Jones Indiana: Proof that a 6K dollar camera does not take any better pictures than what can be done with any other FF camera. Except this one has a fixed lens and therewith makes it quite useless at this pricepoint.

I see this as being labeled as being for hipsters or for people who "feel a desperate need to possess and flaunt an 'exclusive' designer product." However, I don't really agree with that argument. Hipsters tend to want a retro look which would be Fuji or Leica. People who want to flaunt a boutique product tend to care about the logo on it. I'm not sure how many people outside of the photo world see Zeiss as a luxury brand since they slap their logo on everything at this point. When logo matters it seems like the Red Dot is still the go-to choice.

I think this was probably aimed at gadget lovers who said they wanted a better cell phone camera - but really have no idea what they want since they just repeatedly buy the latest. Zeiss may have been hoping to mimic the cell phone cycle and release a new model every couple of years in order to stay up with the tech. I think poor initial planning and cost overruns are probably to blame for the end product which I suspect is doomed to fail.

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On article Zeiss ZX1 real-world samples gallery (237 comments in total)
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babart: To me, for a camera with one lens, the Zeiss 35mm would seem the better choice than the 28 on the Leica. I wonder why neither has interchangeable glass.....they both could sell more mirrorless lenses. When and if these were available.....the lens to sensor distance wasn't programmed to be the same as their cameras, so as to use camera lenses? Strange.

There's clearly enough interest in these types of cameras for Fuji to keep releasing them and for Leica to not have stopped with the Q. The closed nature of the design allows the manufacturer to optimize the camera and lens to get the best results.

When a company takes one of these fixed-lens platforms and turns it into an ILC they tend to noticeably upsize the body. Not only to accommodate the increased flange distance but also in order to better accommodate the bigger lenses. Fuji did this when going from the X series to the X-Pro and XT. I believe that Leica also did it when going from the Q to the SL. I can't remember if Sony already had the a7 series when they introduced the RX1.

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Mr Bolton: It looks like you'd have to get used to the idea of the camera hanging upside down when used as a camera strap, but if you can get past that then it would be quite useful.

Not just upside down, but upside down with the lens facing the body. Otherwise you'll need to twist the strap to get the camera in position in front of your face.

The flexibility of a conventional strap means that the camera can find a natural comfortable position when the strap attached to bottom. The bulk of this and the inflexibility of how the flexi part attaches to the mount is probably going to hamper the camera finding a natural position. The use of quick cuts throughout their video means that you never really see it clearly going from hanging to use position. Even with the distracting bikini girl she puts it on her neck like a strap and then before she lets go of the camera it cuts to her using it.

Link | Posted on Nov 7, 2020 at 16:45 UTC

I can kind of see it being useful for a lite photowalk where I don't want to carry a bunch of stuff and I have the freedom to stop and set up a shot. I can envision quite a few uses for this in such a scenario, but it doesn't seem like it would be easy to adjust in order to get the composition right. Unfortunately, I'm not afforded the luxury of using any sort of portable tripod solution since my photowalk is chasing the family around on a vacation (ah, the fond memories of the pre-COVID world).

Link | Posted on Nov 7, 2020 at 02:12 UTC as 11th comment

I like PD's innovative products but phones change too much for me to lock into a case system. When I change phones it is always enjoyable to see types of cases that are available. Same reason why I have never gotten into any of the lens attachment systems.

The MagSafe compatible tripod is an interesting idea for tabletop use. It'll be interesting to see what is available in this area when I eventually get a MagSafe compatible phone.

Link | Posted on Oct 19, 2020 at 15:27 UTC as 16th comment | 1 reply
On article Hands-on with the the Canon PowerShot Zoom (124 comments in total)

This has potential if it makes it to a v2 where they add true zooming (keeping the preset focal lengths as a fast switching option), RAW and rework the ergonomics. Or maybe forego RAW and add the computational photography features of smart phones to enhance the dynamic range and low light capabilities. That would probably be a better fit for something like this.

This also needs to seamlessly pair with a smart phone for sharing and GPS if it doesn't have that already. This is marketed as a companion to your phone camera so it needs to truly be so.

Link | Posted on Oct 14, 2020 at 15:21 UTC as 38th comment | 2 replies

Functionality seems interesting. However, the ergonomics doesn't seem very good to me. Seems like you are going to be struggling with trying to find the buttons. Especially the PHOTO which is right up against your face and means that the eye piece will have to be away from your eye. Seems like it may have been better to have an indent on the top perpendicular to the lens axis for the zoom button (so that you don't have to feel for the oblong shape in order to not accidentally hit the the other two buttons - one of which is the power button) and another indent on the bottom for a combined PHOTO/VIDEO button (which would be controlled by a mode button elsewhere). That way, when you grab it from around your neck your fingers self align to the controls and you can hold it up close to your eye the way that is shown above.

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Mutovkin: I think everyone with thousands of photos would have appreciated Luminar 5 with AI catalogues that offer features that would allow local image organization.
- Find me landscapes, mountains, deer, fish, etc.
- Find cloudy skies early during sunrize, sunset, etc
- Out of 1000 BIF shots find those that are in focus with details like eye-in-focus
- Find all HDR and panorama shots in the collection
- Reliably find people's faces, not what LR implemented with 1980s tech
- Tag pictures
- Auto stack bracketed shots (focus bracketing, exposure bracketing, etc)
- Find all photos with green grass and red flowers, yellow grass and white flowers, etc
- Determine the true white balance
- Determine safe true exposure adjustment value

I mean the useful feature set is really unlimited with AI-based algorithms on large number of images and nobody bothers to create a product. :(

As far as I know, there is nothing on the market that can help to deal with 100k+ image libraries and do it well.

Actually, I think being a Skylum developer is probably a dream job. Developers tend to want to work on exciting and interesting new features. Maintaining code and fixing bugs is boring, but it is a necessary part of the job - at least in most companies.

Link | Posted on Sep 4, 2020 at 20:04 UTC
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lex200: No Upgrades!
I literally paid for Luminar4 yesterday to discover this today. Skylum says this is not a new version but a new product line with no upgrade pricing! Other companies would provide me with a free upgrade but Skylum are suggesting I pay full price.
They clearly have no interest in creating customer loyalty.

This is standard practice for Skylum. They reinvent the product every year. They announce the new one around this time of year and then endlessly spam you about it until it comes out near the end of the year. They then continue to spam you about it while they add a couple more pointless features (yippie hot air balloons!) and maybe fix a bug or two up until April when they switch all their focus to their new product (i.e. the next Luminar Whatever).

Link | Posted on Sep 4, 2020 at 17:12 UTC
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