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CameraCarl: Unfortunately the new iPad interface makes the image much smaller because side panels now take up 1/3 of the screen space, even when not in editing mode, and can't be shrunk. I really don't need that much space dedicated to telling me what my image file name and information are.... I already know, after all I took the image! I wonder if Adobe ever asks users what we really want? If they had asked me, I would have opted for the largest image size I can get on my screen.

Totally agree about the need for a short tutorial included in the app update. Or at least update the Gesture Shortcuts in the included help. I tried numerous things to go to fullscreen or to hide the panel. The use model of taping the image (once) or the active tab selection icon a second time does make sense now that I know about it. However, I have to say it isn't intuitive enough that I found it on my own.

Regarding rating - you can also use the external keyboard for the iPad Pro. All the usual short cuts are supported - x for reject, p for pick, 0-5 for rating. Another advantage of the external keyboard is that the arrow keys switch photos instantly which is great for comparing similar photos.

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CameraCarl: Unfortunately the new iPad interface makes the image much smaller because side panels now take up 1/3 of the screen space, even when not in editing mode, and can't be shrunk. I really don't need that much space dedicated to telling me what my image file name and information are.... I already know, after all I took the image! I wonder if Adobe ever asks users what we really want? If they had asked me, I would have opted for the largest image size I can get on my screen.

Anyone figure out how to reject and rate when in fullscreen mode (when not using the external keyboard)? It looks like the nifty flick to rate & reject is now gone. It would be great if that worked in fullscreen mode. It would also be nice if I could tap with 2 fingers in fullscreen mode to cycle the info.

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mmcfine: Define slow? I've been using LR since version 1 and never felt that it was slow for my needs. Yes, it might take time to add many hi-res raw files but that equals to adding Gigabytes of data from any 'heavy' source. The advantages overshadow the weaknesses of LR for me. There are no flawless applications out there of any kind.
Nonetheless good on Adobe to address performance issues even if it sounds too late for some.

The slow browse is my biggest complaint. I should be able to switch from one photo to the next with no lags.

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frosti7: Adobe and performance is not something that goes together,
if you use adobe premiere then expect ridicules rendering times,

the funny part is that years ago, the users have developed graphics card acceleration on their own, i cant comprehand why a single person can implement it and adobe cant

Hardware technology also moves forward. Developers should take the time to revisit or perhaps rewrite algorithms to take advantage of multiple cores, GPU acceleration, native GPU routines, etc. Seems like Adobe takes a half hearted approach to these new technologies since switching them on often slows LR down even more. I think it would benefit Adobe to take a look at some of the key algorithms like quick rendering and scaling and rewrite them from scratch using modern techniques.

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kaphinga: I just bought Luminar. Here are a few first impressions

What I like:

* Some of the filters are nice in small doses. "Accent" and "Color Contrast", in particular, produced some nice results. They also have a nice array of options for structure, and microcontrast.

* The filters are nicely described, with examples of what each one does.

* The clone stamp tool is nicer than Lightroom's.

* Layer and brush options are nice.

What I don't like:

* When I save a file, it overwrites my original by default. I haven't found any option to save automatically to a different file, as I am accustomed to doing with Lightroom or DXO.

* I haven't found a white balance adjustment yet. Admittedly I was working off a jpeg, not a raw image. Maybe there is a white balance option in the raw converter.

* It runs slowly on my late 2013 Macbook Air with 4 GB of RAM.

Overall Luminar is a keeper. I doubt it will be my everyday workhorse, but it's a nice tool to have available.

White Balance is the Color Temperature filter. It is in the Color group. It is also part of the Essentials workspace.

For me both Save... & Export... are bringing up a dialogue where I can change the filename. I'm not seeing any option to automatically rename based on the original filename which would be useful. I'm running the standalone app. Maybe it works differently for the plugin.

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sh10453: In my experience, DXO has the lousiest, least helpful, and most arrogant customer support I have ever encountered.
Besides, this is 2 versions old. Current version is 11

I always end up fixing my issues before DXO does.

The application is flaky. I get a message warning (version 11) saying that my drives aren't configured properly for DxO (external drives). It also refuses to open files sometimes. One example was a RAW where I added some general EXIF. DXO was OK with the file before. It continued to refuse to open it even after I restored the original file. Another example was a TIFF that was produced by DXO itself. Other applications could open it. I didn't report either of these issues since past experience taught me that it is pointless.

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On article COOPH reveals new leather accessory collection (39 comments in total)

Everyone should check out the website. They have some really innovative products. I like the ability to store a lens cap on my head. And the camera mittens really speak to my inner child who isn't interested in photography.

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grey pilgrim: Another Ditto on the zero interest in the subscription model. Really interested in the App since I have a iPad Pro and pencil, but I will fight all the way to the end against the subscription model.

I'm actively researching Lightroom alternatives, assuming Adobe is going to forget their "promises" sooner or later about Lightroom continuing to offer a non subscription version.

I did this over the holidays to see about dropping my CC subscription. I settled on On1 Photo RAW. I'm currently using my existing copy of DXO in batch mode for RAW conversion, but plan to go all-in with On1 PR once they support the embedded lens correction profiles. I can use Affinity Photo for the rare task I used to do in PS.

I've been an LR user and regular upgrader since the original beta, but I haven't touched LR since I started using On1 PR.

BTW, I suspect that Adobe has already forgotten their promise. I do not expect to see a LR7.

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I'm admittedly old school, but I just can't get into talking to my devices. I also tend not to be in environments where chatting with my computer or devices would be permissible. I can't imagine an office setting filled with the constant noise of everyone talking to their devices. It's hard enough to concentrate with the occasional person talking on the phone or hallway conversation going on. If I was sitting in my home office talking to PhotoShop I would fully expect that my family would keep closing my door so that I don't disturb them in the next room.

I'm still waiting for my computer to track my eye movement so that it knows which window should have the focus. That is something I could really use!

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On article Macphun announces Luminar photo editing app for Mac (38 comments in total)

The lack of a decent organization system in all of these editors is what keeps me using LR more than anything. I spend quite a bit more time culling, rating and keywording images than I do with adjusting the photos. When it comes to adjusting I find that staying in LR is easier than going to something else via a plugin or file exchange method.

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On article Leica Q In-depth Review (1166 comments in total)

I haven't seen any problems with write speed and I always use RAW + JPEG. Prior to the Q I was using an RX1 and routinely had writes stall the camera.

I haven't had any problems with the continuous AF as of yet. But I have just started using it recently. It does seem like it constantly seeks. However the resultant images have nailed the focus.

I like the touchscreen - a lot. The touch shutter comes in very handy for cases where you need to rapidly focus on different areas of the frame from shot to shot. Touchscreen operation can be subjective so it's a good reason to demo the camera if you are considering it.

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Won't read some of my Leica Q images for some reason. It does read the copy of the images that I made upon import. Anyone know if DXO has a cache or something that I can clear?

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Matt Random: Looks like they increased the 'Pro for Sony' price. It was $30 for v8 and is now $50 for v9.

Looks like the upgrade would be $40 USD for me. I had to check it through the 'Capture 1 for Sony' page since the standard Capture 1 page says that the license is ineligible for upgrade.

Link | Posted on Dec 1, 2015 at 17:04 UTC

Looks like they increased the 'Pro for Sony' price. It was $30 for v8 and is now $50 for v9.

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macr: What I would be interested in knowing, is how many stops of light lost through the filter?

I asked that question and was directed to the transmission charts. I'm not say enough to relate one to the other.

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I'm looking for a higher quality bag to replace my CaseLogic Reflexion (small) that is showing signs of wearing out quickly after the first trip I took it on.

This Tenba looks nice and is the closest I've seen. Being able to hold a water bottle is a strength of the Caselogic bag (although the elastic has already lost it's spring). The side pockets on a lot of bags aren't much more than a slit. The case logic is also just large enough to hold a regular iPad which I like since I don't carry a huge amount of gear. The small Tenba looks to be a good size for me, but can't fit an iPad. The next one up seems like it may be too big for me.

I agree with the comment that a bag in this price range shouldn't have velcro. Even the $70 Reflexion has snaps with finger loops on the bag facing side to ease snapping. It would also be nice if the top flap of the Tenba wrapped around the edges more like the Billingham.

Link | Posted on Oct 31, 2015 at 21:22 UTC as 11th comment

Maybe they think only women need "extensive pockets and compartments for added capacity" in a camera bag. This is the first one I've seen in a while that has side pockets that can be used for something other than a single business card.

Wish they had a smaller size. Something akin to a Mirrorless Mover 10 or even 20.

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WACONimages: Where is the haze removal function in my bought/payed copy of LR6???

That was a huge failure Adobe to leave that out and only available for the monthly subscribers. No way I ever gonna do that.
I didn't find/read any documentation that the Haze Removal function weren't in the full payed single copies of LR6

Exactly what I thought when I read this. The differentiator between LR CC and LR# should be the mobile features. Not something like the dehaze feature that may very well have been held back from the initial release just to further differentiate LRCC and LR6.

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win39: I think that critique is spot on. The camera I had the most self confident control of and which I loved was a Leica M3. Second was an Olympus OM4T, which was also pretty simple to use. I think most people don't have a clue about most of the features of current cameras. Many of the more self confident shooters set them up like an old aperture priority film camera and just shoot that way and most of the rest just put it in auto or program. On the other hand people who make the effort are taking much nicer photos with higher image quality because of more capable cameras in my opinion.


Even if you put the camera in one mode and leave it there you still have the problem of accidentally changing something. I recently picked up a camera I had once been very familiar with, but hadn't touched in a while. I accidentally hit a button and it took me a while to figure out what I had hit since it had been so long since I'd last used it and had forgotten some of the non-standard features.

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Francis Carver: Man invents the canvas camera bag. Now, at what price does he do it?

Let me see now... USD $195 is the discount price. Which is off by a whopping $55 from the "regular price." Oh, really?

1. Why is this bag's normal price $250 -- instead of say $70, max?

2. How can you have a discount on something that is not even produced yet, maybe produced in six months time, or maybe never get to be produced?

KickStarter can be a risk, although I've been lucky in that all seven things I've backed have been delivered. Only one of the delivered products turned out to be a bit of a dud.

PeakDesign has a proven track record on KickStarter and this campaign is already funded. PD delivers a high quality product and they stand behind it (springs on their latch thingy comes to mind). If you need the item now then KS isn't a good option.

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