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On article Macphun announces Luminar photo editing app for Mac (36 comments in total)

The lack of a decent organization system in all of these editors is what keeps me using LR more than anything. I spend quite a bit more time culling, rating and keywording images than I do with adjusting the photos. When it comes to adjusting I find that staying in LR is easier than going to something else via a plugin or file exchange method.

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On article Leica Q In-depth Review (1150 comments in total)

I haven't seen any problems with write speed and I always use RAW + JPEG. Prior to the Q I was using an RX1 and routinely had writes stall the camera.

I haven't had any problems with the continuous AF as of yet. But I have just started using it recently. It does seem like it constantly seeks. However the resultant images have nailed the focus.

I like the touchscreen - a lot. The touch shutter comes in very handy for cases where you need to rapidly focus on different areas of the frame from shot to shot. Touchscreen operation can be subjective so it's a good reason to demo the camera if you are considering it.

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Won't read some of my Leica Q images for some reason. It does read the copy of the images that I made upon import. Anyone know if DXO has a cache or something that I can clear?

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Matt Random: Looks like they increased the 'Pro for Sony' price. It was $30 for v8 and is now $50 for v9.

Looks like the upgrade would be $40 USD for me. I had to check it through the 'Capture 1 for Sony' page since the standard Capture 1 page says that the license is ineligible for upgrade.

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Looks like they increased the 'Pro for Sony' price. It was $30 for v8 and is now $50 for v9.

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macr: What I would be interested in knowing, is how many stops of light lost through the filter?

I asked that question and was directed to the transmission charts. I'm not say enough to relate one to the other.

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I'm looking for a higher quality bag to replace my CaseLogic Reflexion (small) that is showing signs of wearing out quickly after the first trip I took it on.

This Tenba looks nice and is the closest I've seen. Being able to hold a water bottle is a strength of the Caselogic bag (although the elastic has already lost it's spring). The side pockets on a lot of bags aren't much more than a slit. The case logic is also just large enough to hold a regular iPad which I like since I don't carry a huge amount of gear. The small Tenba looks to be a good size for me, but can't fit an iPad. The next one up seems like it may be too big for me.

I agree with the comment that a bag in this price range shouldn't have velcro. Even the $70 Reflexion has snaps with finger loops on the bag facing side to ease snapping. It would also be nice if the top flap of the Tenba wrapped around the edges more like the Billingham.

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Maybe they think only women need "extensive pockets and compartments for added capacity" in a camera bag. This is the first one I've seen in a while that has side pockets that can be used for something other than a single business card.

Wish they had a smaller size. Something akin to a Mirrorless Mover 10 or even 20.

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WACONimages: Where is the haze removal function in my bought/payed copy of LR6???

That was a huge failure Adobe to leave that out and only available for the monthly subscribers. No way I ever gonna do that.
I didn't find/read any documentation that the Haze Removal function weren't in the full payed single copies of LR6

Exactly what I thought when I read this. The differentiator between LR CC and LR# should be the mobile features. Not something like the dehaze feature that may very well have been held back from the initial release just to further differentiate LRCC and LR6.

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win39: I think that critique is spot on. The camera I had the most self confident control of and which I loved was a Leica M3. Second was an Olympus OM4T, which was also pretty simple to use. I think most people don't have a clue about most of the features of current cameras. Many of the more self confident shooters set them up like an old aperture priority film camera and just shoot that way and most of the rest just put it in auto or program. On the other hand people who make the effort are taking much nicer photos with higher image quality because of more capable cameras in my opinion.


Even if you put the camera in one mode and leave it there you still have the problem of accidentally changing something. I recently picked up a camera I had once been very familiar with, but hadn't touched in a while. I accidentally hit a button and it took me a while to figure out what I had hit since it had been so long since I'd last used it and had forgotten some of the non-standard features.

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Francis Carver: Man invents the canvas camera bag. Now, at what price does he do it?

Let me see now... USD $195 is the discount price. Which is off by a whopping $55 from the "regular price." Oh, really?

1. Why is this bag's normal price $250 -- instead of say $70, max?

2. How can you have a discount on something that is not even produced yet, maybe produced in six months time, or maybe never get to be produced?

KickStarter can be a risk, although I've been lucky in that all seven things I've backed have been delivered. Only one of the delivered products turned out to be a bit of a dud.

PeakDesign has a proven track record on KickStarter and this campaign is already funded. PD delivers a high quality product and they stand behind it (springs on their latch thingy comes to mind). If you need the item now then KS isn't a good option.

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Looks interesting. I was thinking it's too big, but they kind of sold me on the fact that it's an everyday bag that you can also put your camera in when you want. I drag a backpack to and from work everyday so I can see the usefulness of this. Still, I'd like to see a half size version of this that would work well for something like a Sony a7/Fuji X-T1 and a second lens. I like the inclusion of the Capture attachment point.

The problem that I see here is that there's no returns (that I'm aware of). Bags are the type of thing that either works for you or doesn't. What if after you try it you find it just doesn't fit your needs. Can you sell it on eBay for what you paid? Maybe they should do a KS exclusive color or a special logo or something that sets it apart from the retail release.

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jtan163: A $30 pledge now gets your a $10 discount later?
So that reward is you get to pay $20 more than someone who does not pledge?

I really like Peake Design's products and have bought a number of them. including multiples copies of some.

But I think that is a really crappy way to reward someone who is willing to invest when you need it most - before the product ships.

The pledge comes with a reward - i.e. the product. You pay $30 for the pouch instead of the $40 that it'll be sold for after the campaign.

I have no doubt that PD will deliver. They've delivered the promised product for all of their KickStarter campaigns so far.

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Mike FL: All these kind of bags do not look good/right.

He should try to make this bag looks like "Jack Bauer's Vintage Canvas Messenger Bag" which is a better looking bag after the TV.


I've always wanted to turn an Indiana Jones style bag into a camera bag. WontonCraft has some similar styles but are pricey.

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Martinka: Similar to Foldio

I have the Foldio2. The price was much less and it comes with 5 backdrops. I've been happy with it thus far.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV Review (1571 comments in total)
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markie_jan61: Agreed—an amazing camera. I'm old school and like to think of Sony as a descendant of Minolta which was my father's primary camera while I was growing up.

But the inclusion of an internal charger (versus a separate unit) would always be a deal-breaker for me. Not sure why they continue this practice.

I've grown to love the internal charger since I always have the cables attached to a speedy 4 port USB charger on my desk. When I'm in a hotel the 4-port charger goes with me and takes care of the camera, phones and tablets.

Sony makes a super tiny USB charger for this battery type that I also take with me. The charger, retractable USB cable and wall plug are smaller than the AC charger that came with a couple of extra batteries.

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On article Analysis: Sony a7R II and RX100 IV autofocus systems (747 comments in total)
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Pro shooting digital since 92: How is this useful for anything other than a single person without touch screen? Help me out here. I'd buy Sony if they had touch screens.

@ Zeisschen

I had a Canon SLR many years ago that would automatically select which of three focus points I was looking at. It was really useful.

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chrisfromalaska: Geez I wish Sony would poach the Fuji development team, a published lens roadmap with future lenses outlined, regular firmware updates to improve functionality, fix customer usability complaints and most notably add new features instead of flooding the market with new body after new body (except for A-mount, sorry) that addresses some complaints and creates others (still waiting for the stinkin level for the A6000).

Kudos to Fuji for making a great camera even better and not giving current owners the finger (known as "The Sony") by releasing the X-T2 instead. Bring out a higher MP sensor and better video and I'll buy a Fuji.

FYI, not Sony hater, I've been in on the E-mount from almost day 1. I'd like to see this kind of update for the A6000, but more likely I'll be selling it and getting the A6100.

I'd like to see Sony have more of a commitment to supporting their products. The A7Rii is appealing, but I find it hard to spend $3200 not knowing how much Sony will support it going forward. It'll probably be good out of the box, but there is always room for improvement or little things that could be fixed.

The in-camera apps are an interesting idea, but they seem like islands of isolated functionality instead of being natural feeling and well integrated extensions to the camera's functionality.

Link | Posted on Jun 29, 2015 at 16:36 UTC

I don't mind paying for the subscription. I like LR CC (although it's slower than LR5 for me) and PS CC. But, I abhor the little CC app. The thing often stops working and requires a reinstall. It goes through periods where it doesn't want to connect. And with the latest version it tries to connect each time my computer wakes up and it feels compelled to leave the menu bar applet window open. I also don't like that it's an upsell tool. I don't plan to download other Adobe products and I won't ever be purchasing the clipart and assets and such.

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On article B-grip launches Uno holster for compact system cameras (110 comments in total)

Looks over designed with all the levers and locks and offset mounting and such. The Capture is a more elegant design and still has the locks. The Spider has less frills, but works really well as long as you don't mind a ball sticking off the base of your camera. I also suspect that the use of the u-bolt and belt coat hanger could lead to sliding on a backpack strap and pressure points on a belt.

I generally prefer a wrist strap to a neck strap or sling and I find these clip systems complement that nicely. Much faster than dropping the camera back into a bag when you need to free your hands. The best setup I've found is the CapturePro with the ProPad on my belt. I like how the ProPad allows the camera to sit a bit lower than it would if directly mounted on the belt. Plus it positions the CapturePro for drop-in use.

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