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On article Hasselblad responds to Lunar criticisms (613 comments in total)

This news makes me think of the besieged launch of Sigma SD1, Pentax Q.
So much money for so ugly design and/or under-performance.
Can someone please tell me if the sale for Sigma SD1, Pentax Q has taken off?

Link | Posted on Sep 21, 2012 at 05:44 UTC as 86th comment | 1 reply
On article Nikon announces D600 24MP enthusiast full-frame DSLR (235 comments in total)
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Retzius: $1499 would have had me pre-ordering. $1999 I would have been very tempted.

By Christmas or Easter, I think the price will drop to sub 2000.

Link | Posted on Sep 13, 2012 at 05:22 UTC

Why this instead of NEX-7?

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On article Just Posted: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V review (131 comments in total)

In Canada this nice camera is only available at Sony Style store and the price is WOW $550.00. This is the same price as Canon T2i's or Sony's A35's.

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On article Just Posted: Nikon D3200 preview samples gallery (499 comments in total)

This camera looks prettier than the ugly D800 or D5100.

When the hell will Nikon remove the red triangle piece insert just above the hand grip? The rubber below it is too easy to peel off the grip area. Look at some of the used D200 models. It is very common that the rubber gets away from the grip.

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Sergey Borachev: I suppose there is value in an almost pocketable camera, assuming that the blurry image problems of that 14-42mm X lens has been fixed, but $750? If you add the Panasonic EVF at $240 so as to be able to shoot in sunlight, it is nearly $1000.

I have been thinking about the same scenario as well. I also think about the Sony NEX-5N plus the viewfinder.$600+$350.

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On article Pentax K-01 Hands-on Preview (376 comments in total)
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Pakio: I think if it was a bigger Pentax Q with same specifications of the K-01, K mount, sensor, etc... would sell definetly much better. The Pentax Q is much prettier and intelligent design.

Yes. I want the Q's look and K-01's sensor. But now nothing is available.

Link | Posted on Mar 27, 2012 at 12:36 UTC
On photo The S.S. Coot On Lake Washington in the Mirrorless only (Capture date rule) challenge (3 comments in total)

Very nice capture.
I can't imagine what a mess it would be if this photo were taken with a FujiFilm x10.

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I was opt for the Sony A580. This one even is cheaper by $50 compared with A580 at B&H.
Well done SONY!
Now Canon T3i price is falling.

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On article Just posted: Our Canon Pixma Pro-1 printer review (69 comments in total)
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Edmond Leung: The constraints to print photo by a home-use printer are:
1. Cost - variable cost is too high (ink and photo paper);
2. Speed - too slow (who would wait 3.5 minutes to print a photo?);
3. Not environmentally friendly; and
4. By experience, no home-use printer is reliable; very short life.

I think the cost of ink has almost the same price as that of gold traded on the international market.
My local shop offered 26 cents for each 8x10 print the other day.
Why bother with this Pro-1?

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AbrasiveReducer: I think the real villain in this fiasco was the person at Fuji who published the literal translation "the camera performs within specifications". Obviously, this meant that all the stuff in the back of the instruction manual-- shutter speeds, focus, exposure were working properly. And that's all that it meant(!) The technician could just as easily have said "well, we don't have a specific test for orbs". But Fuji misread the consumers, some of whom flew into a rage, saying that Fuji was denying the existance of these orbs when nobody has ever said they don't exist. I personally doubt they were even aware of them but I am quite sure that before any new camera is released they will take lots of photos of car headlights.

And anyone that takes photos of street lamps will be imposed an ORB tax.

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On article Just posted: Our Samsung NX200 in-depth review (175 comments in total)
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King YONG: Finally NX200 review is out. Being waiting for this everyday. Reasonably fair review too. Agrees with the conclusion. Good ergonomic, good build, good UI, superb resolution, slow RAW write time, very good high ISO noise with RAW but poor noise control with jpeg.

Its a camera of compromise. Shoot RAW to get best image quality but need to be patience with write time. But given how much price has fallen since launch, its becoming good value vs cameras like Sony NEX7/NEX5n/Nikon V1/Pana GX1

Could you indicate how much the street price is now, please? Can't find one in Canada. Thanks.

Link | Posted on Feb 29, 2012 at 08:52 UTC
On article World Press Photo announces 2012 contest winners (168 comments in total)


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Canon should really look at Sony on how to design the look of a product.

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On article Preview: Canon PowerShot G1 X large sensor zoom compact (767 comments in total)

Large sensor cameras?

Would like to know how this Canon G1 X holds up to Sony's NEX-5N.

Canon USD800 (28-112mm)
Sony CAD600 (28-82mm)

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Steen Bay: The IXUS 500 don't have a 1/2.3" sensor (5.6x crop) like the specs say. Its lens is 4-48mm, and the equivalent FL is 28-336mm, meaning that it has a smaller 7X crop sensor.

Only center area of the same sensor is used.

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HowaboutRAW: Nice of Sigma to remember the Samsung NX cameras, not.

Really? Even the Samsung TL500(Ex1)? Are there any Korean cars in Japan? Like Hyundai or Kia?

Link | Posted on Jan 10, 2012 at 07:39 UTC
On article Nikon launches AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 G (135 comments in total)
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Jogger: i bet the price in Canada will be $599

Why don't you buy it from B&H in the US? For every hundred dollars saving, you get another 13 dollars in your pocket. I mean savings on tax.

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On article Fujifilm unleashes FinePix SL300 and SL240 (7 comments in total)

The max aperture? I am afraid that this could be the only aperture (hole) available to photographers. In other words, the aperture is not variable. What a nice cost cutting step!

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