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Ok boys and girls, it is 8:00PM UK time. Where's the announcement DPR? we're waiting...

Link | Posted on Mar 12, 2012 at 20:01 UTC as 13th comment
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Porcytree: X10 Announcement

I have been told that the announcement will be made at 8:00pm UK time!

Hope it's a good one...

It is now 735 UK time. Lets see if your'e right in 25 minute amigo.

Link | Posted on Mar 12, 2012 at 19:36 UTC

Look, this site claims that an announcement was coming today, so I'm expecting one today. If no announcement comes today, that will prove to me once and for all that...well, you know.

No pressure DPR, but your credibility is on the line. All eyes are watching. Be careful when you claim to scoop something.

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SeeScape: No Blooming or White Disc problems with my X10.
I am a scientific.biological photographer with over 36 years experience in cameras, optics, macro, micro and digital imaging systems, etc. I have followed this discussion and have owned an X10 for several months now, as a walk around pocket camera. I have not had a blooming or white dics problem, nor have I been able to create the problems if tried. I have extensively test the X10 against my main Canon 5D Mk II and Canon 40D with a variety of lenses and in many low light and super highlight situations. I have no more blooming with the X10 under extreme conditions than with the DSLR Canons. Otherwise the X10 is a great camera, vey well made, good exposures, great sharp lens and excellent IQ.
So, I guess I am a lucky SOB or perhaps some of the X10's made it though the quality control gate in good shape. I will be interested to see how the 'X20' compares.

Could be, because if the incident medium has the larger index of refraction, then the angle with the normal is increased by refraction. The larger index medium is commonly called the "internal" medium, since air with n=1 is usually the surrounding or "external" medium. You can calculate the condition for total internal reflection by setting the refracted angle = 90° and calculating the incident angle. Since you can't refract the light by more than 90°, all of it will reflect for angles of incidence greater than the angle which gives refraction at 90°

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night shooter: Oh, no! is Fuji going to discontinue the X10? ;-)

perhaps a 1/2 price x10. X5 if you will...

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Has anyone been able to find a separate confirmation other than DPR about this so-called announcement?

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Thinking about getting the X10, but will wait until Monday to see if there actually IS an announcement. I did some extensive searching, but find it strange that this is the only site mentioning Fuji's contrite view of this issue. We'll see...

Now stop checking out my girlfriend's orbs...ha ha ha ha ha

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