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jmmgarza: Walmart, Best Buy and Target... prepare to sell thousands of these new entry-level Nikons. If I wasn't such a camera snob, I would buy one too. For me it is FX or nothing.

Right on 'target', and perhaps tens of thousands of sales per vendor (don't forget Ritz). Many novice and home-style camera users will find this the answer to several perceived needs. FX or not most users won't know/care. I AM a camera snob, and I may buy one (to replace my D200) as my haul-along digital to compliment my Mamiya medium format and Sinar view camera 4X5. Film below 400 speed trumps digital hands down at 8X12 and up prints.
I take film for framing prints, digital to send in email. Yeah, I'm a snob.But I sure like Nikon stepping up and bringing an amazing 24MP to the masses.

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