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deluk: Looks like fun but all of the colour schemes more suitable for girls. How about a camo version for boys?

Why? Can't girls be backwood hillbillies and like camo stuff too?

Where's my spittoon ?

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TimAZ: To be perfect for class the D7100 needs three things:
* Tiltable touch screen (ala D5300, EOS 70D, EM1, XT1, et al)
* Onboard WiFi
* Onboard GPS
Will we see D7200 at Photokina 2014? Got fingers crossed...

Fluffy junk that I'd rather not have if it means they can pack more high end features to take better pictures. The 70D has all those "cool features" and has worse low light performance, isn't as crisp, and has lower Dynamic range... So your "perfect for the class" list should be on the Canon 70D review saying

"To be perfect for the class, the 70D needs three things
*Better low light performance
*Crisper pictures, (Lets get rid of the filter)
*Better Dynamic Range"

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Help taking the next step: Hello guys.

Do you find that exposure problem in live view annoying?

I think that you will find that most people don't use live view (and SHOULDN"T use live view) to take photos. Using live view while taking photos really slows the camera down with focusing, taking the picture, and displaying the picture after. The viewfinder has an exposure indicator within it. When you look through the viewfinder, it tells you if the shot will be (according to the meter on whatever you happen to be exposing off of) will be exposed properly or not.

I'm not being a smart A%$ but if you are using live view to take photos on a regular basis, chances are you shouldn't be buying a DSLR, especially one of this quality / price. A point and shoot is probably where you want to be looking.

And if you plan on mostly taking videos with a DSLR, then get a Canon 70D, not the D7100. Or better yet, a $300 camcorder for videos.

Basically what I'm saying is that I don't notice it ever, because I'm never in live view.

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So from this review it seems the auto focus on the lenses is the culprit on the Auto focus "problems" not the camera itself. Are there any other reviews out there that indicate that the Pentax Auto Focus is substantially slower than those on Nikon?

I am up in the air between this and the D7100 and really the ONLY thing throwing me for a loop and preventing me from buying the K-3 right now is the problematic slow auto focusing lenses available for the camera.

Is there any other reviews out there on the interwebs that can verify or refute the claims here that the slow AF on the lenses are to blame for the issues with the Cont. AF they see here?

This is a deal breaker for me really if this is true. I want fast auto focus lenses, like those available for the Nikon D7100... Any body with some thoughts or links to shed some light?

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