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Potemkin_Photo: Anyway to download just lightroom 6 trial and not all the cloud nonsense?

Yes the link given by @KingofAtlantis works.. but is a little bit confusing because it doesn't work with Safari, with Firefox it's ok !!

We have to admit that ADOBE don't want to SELL LR6 as STANDALONE Application. It's quite impossible to find a direct link to Standalone trials applis except "Elements".. That is another point which convience me that LR will not remain a Standalone application, in perhaps 2 or 3 years. I bet with hope I'll loose !
The link I've indicated in previous post is ok if you want to BUY the upgrade.

Link | Posted on Apr 23, 2015 at 23:09 UTC
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Potemkin_Photo: Anyway to download just lightroom 6 trial and not all the cloud nonsense?

YES ! Here : http://www.adobe.com/uk/downloads.html

just have to change the country at bottom left-hand corner.. I got it on this page. Choosing the software, then complete or upgrade.. All this is working easily.

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El Pix: "Adobe has confirmed that all the non-connected features will be included in a standalone software package called Lightroom 6, which will continue to be available as a perpetual license for $149. It's also available to existing Lightroom customers for $79 as an upgrade to any previous version."

Sorry, but I live in Finland and this option does not exist anywhere on Adobe's web pages. So, how about correcting that statement? The only standalone upgrade I can access is version 5 (which I already own).

Here's the link for all Adobe trial softwares.. on footnote, left side, you'll find other countries to choose if necessary :

NB : my feeling is that Adobe don't want to promote "standalone application" for the near future.. I'm not sure at all that LR will be available in this form in next years, although Adobe's management promise it !
If you have an account for Adobe site, you'll get the LR CC instead of LR6 as trial for the first month ! And this even if you have a serial number. Here's no difference concerning features but Adobe PUSH LR CC with subscription. If you 'unconnect' from inside the LR Help menu, you keep LR working, which is not the case with standard LR CC subscription release of course !
The situation of LR6 / LR CC is a little bit confusing if you have a closer look.

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kodos: This is one reason I will never use Apple software. They seem to get "bored" of it easily. Look at how they also nerfed Pages. I only use Adobe and Microsoft software now. Cross platform and as software companies we know they are in it for the long haul, so it is unlikely they will move resources to work on $17k Gold Watches.

Apple is looking at "large general purpose customer base" where the business is easier to gain. They won't develop any specialized software for a smaller market segment, particularly for consumers who are demanding higher quality ?
Pages aso.. from Apple : even free applications from Sourceforge and others (NeoOffice) are better and more pleasant to use.

Link | Posted on Apr 20, 2015 at 16:37 UTC

Answer to this question is IMHO : NO !

For people who doesn't need any "Pro or Enthusiastic Photographer application", PHOTOS from Apple will be enough. Perhaps.. Photos is NOT no pleasant to use.

For all other users and those ones coming from Aperture, there should be no discussion : Lightroom or C1 v8 !!

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Niko Tod: I got my copy today with a SN starting with 202... and I don't have any issues on D4s at any shutter speed. But I'm curious - what could be so specific with the 8 series circuitry?!

With a 12 or 16 Mpix camera, if the lens has a very little blurred zone you'll probably not see it, simply because of the sensor resolution related to the final result on paper or screen. With a 36 Mpix, the same blur will result in a much more bigger "blurred" zone on paper or screen : the number of pixels contained in this blurred zone is greater and at 1:1 view, you'll see it without any effort, especially with a 300mm. Same with "vibration" you could get if your lens is not absolutely firmly hold in your hand or on tripod.
Problem with this "blur" here is that you can't avoid it !
The fact you have to return the lens means that it's a "lens issue" which is not calibrated and not well adjusted or at least not good enough.

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On article CP+ 2015: Canon shows off new EOS 5DS and 5DS R (124 comments in total)
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Cliff Whittaker: I started reading the comments below to see if I could find some interesting or useful information coming from the posting heads. I didn't.

Same for me. As usual, it seems DPR comments, particularly those concerning Canon's DSLR (?), are since a long time only complains about things Canon should do and don't should do..?
Here is the point where I merely stopped to read comments because constructive and significant ones are actually very rare..

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(unknown member): The haters are out in force!

Walter Sr.

Yes, difficult to read a positiv and argumented criticism here.. a pity. People want all possible features but of course for a lower price than the previous camera.. If not perfect they switch to Sony, Nikon aso.. They will really get ALL what they expect ? Not sure. Good luck !

Link | Posted on Feb 7, 2015 at 01:18 UTC
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Nuno Souto: Ho-hum, another week, another megapixel "war".
As if anyone can use that for anything!
When are these idiots gonna realize that photography has NOTHING to do with camera resolution?
Oh, BTW: that goes for Canon and Nikon.
Their marketing both suffer from early dementia.
Good luck selling lots of that to surveillance camera users.
Like Laforet and others of the same ilk.

Yes, I agree with that. D3s and D3x too are REALLY very good cameras. The only discussion, stupid and related to nothing but imagination of what should be the best photo, is about "resolution". What about use of their lenses on a specific camera and how they use them ? Nothing, curious, I hear nothing..!
That's likely the reason why they have to change all time and are never satisfied ?!

Link | Posted on Feb 7, 2015 at 01:03 UTC

Really, reading most of comments here I would like to sing the Stones song "I can't get NO satisfaction..!".

Link | Posted on Feb 7, 2015 at 00:35 UTC as 19th comment
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enemjii: Big deal. Tiny light wells, and hence limited to ISO6400. We just went back 10 years.

I don't agree, ten years ago so in 2005 we couldn't get 6400 ISO for a printable A3 photo. Nikon D2x aso..

Link | Posted on Feb 7, 2015 at 00:29 UTC
On article Canon's Q4 earnings report shows camera sales are down (316 comments in total)
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dofkop: This is soo unsurprising after the string of disappointing DSLR releases - 7DmII, 6D, 5DMIII. So disappointing in fact I am considering trading in my entire camera bag and swapping to Nikon.

Just hoping you'll be satisfied and not disapointed after a complete knowledge of their offer and some annoying issues with last cameras..
The "neighbor always has a better garden.." ? Yes ? Sure ?

Link | Posted on Feb 3, 2015 at 14:02 UTC
On article Canon's Q4 earnings report shows camera sales are down (316 comments in total)
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cubicbert: Canon has not answered NIKON's Hi-Res supremacy in full frame cameras. This has probably created poor sales in professional cameras and lenses. It may be the least dumb, but it needs some game-changing technological breakthrough photo products to rev-up its sales and image (pun both intended and not intended).

Some years ago, we had an opposite situation, Nikon was behind Canon in DSLR of photography segment.. Now Nikon seem to have a better sensor (but with other technical issues), but how long will this be true ? Tomorrow morning these things could change suddenly, because market and leadings are changing very fast.
On the other hand, depending of what you're doing sensor alone is NOT the only parameter to take into consideration. If you own 10, 15k$ or more lens and camera gear, you'll likely not switch to another manufacturer just because there's a better sensor and/or a mirrorless camera ?
For FB, Twitter aso publication.. of standard "consumer photos", a good smartphone is even sufficient and the certainly the best choice today. If you have to print your photo with best possible result, game is not the same.

Link | Posted on Feb 3, 2015 at 13:51 UTC
On article Opinion: The myth of the upgrade path (1622 comments in total)

There's no myth, only some preconceived ideas and from manufacturers pushed marketing considerations. Moreover, a lot of people commentaing here are trying to change physical laws concerning photography area..
The real question could be "what kind of photography are you usually doing and how often ?". After that it will be possible to know what kind of possible gear you could buy, related to available budget, for YOUR need. This choice is related to the quality level you'll define for yourself. As Photography is NOT an essential activity for most people (99% of users), it's only a life pleasure so we will also find here some emotional attitude.

NB : Of course, some Pros use simple APS-C cameras and some amateurs expensive FF cameras (here's the preconceived idea Pro use heavy expensive gear and amateur light and cheap one !). So what ? Everyone have to make his PERSONAL choice with his personal photography experience, period.

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On article Opinion: The myth of the upgrade path (1622 comments in total)
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toni2: Full frame it's the best because have best image quality. That's all. It's so simple as why some photographers use fixed lens (not zoom). Best image quality. That's all. Do you want best image quality? go with full frame and fixed lens. It's simple!!
Do you think that aps-c or m4/3 have good enough quality? it's ok. But it's not the best. Your thought it's not a fact, it's only an opinion.

Agree completely. If you go a little bit further, with medium format cameras you'll get even better images, certainly (same subject, same light conditions aso..). Choice of APC cameras and FF is depending of what you're looking for, advantages are not the SAME, why should they be ?
@Matt Kolberg : IMHO, the mots important for the "best quality choice" is a good camera and more important : the best possible lens quality !!! It's the real and relevant choice you have. The differences on field between different formats and cameras (same class of course) will be done by LENSES and not mainly by cameras.
Nowadays, people are choosing mainly their camera with all possible "geek features".. the choice should be done for lenses which will be used.
Of course, not all people (actually few !) need and/or wish the "Best Quality" with expensive, heavy gear.
@hifimaclaner : APS-C camaeras improved with time.. FF cameras too you know ? Tell us what APS-C could compete with a D810 ?

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On article High-end full frame roundup (2014) (610 comments in total)
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TLD: There is definitely something about full frame. My seven year old 1DsMK3 is still my go to camera, while my 1DMK4 only comes out for the occasional shot where high FPS and decent follow focus are required. The 1Ds3 is rubbish at follow focus.

Curious, I don't had this behaviour with my D3s.. very fast and reliable, but perhaps now in comparison with a D4s a little bit old on the "focus side" ?

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On article High-end full frame roundup (2014) (610 comments in total)
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TimR32225: Translation: They did not include the Canon 1DX and Nikon D4s because those are the two best cameras available and it would prevent them from touting the Sony offerings that DPR is so fond of.

Since this article is entitled "HEAVY HITTERS" doesn't it seem strange to anyone that they omitted the 2 heaviest hitters of all?

@Donny : you're probably right when saying D4s / 1Dx are not to be mentionned here. These cameras are for pure professional use or special use like sport, wildlife.. areas where they are absolutely unbeatable (reactivity, speed, sturdiness). NO other standard camera, even at these Pro prices, if available, can compete if you consider these features. I had D700, D800E and D3S : no discussion possible.
If you have REALLY used one of this Pro camera you'll understand what is meant here ! If not, don't make any non-relevant comment please. Comparing a Sony a7 or D750 or so with these Pro cameras has NO sense. Use is different, built is different, price too of course. A Ford Focus or similar is different from a Porsche 911.. Both are useful of course but are intended for different uses and people.

NB : 5D MKIII is still today a very good, fast and reliable allround camera. Supposing right lenses and RAW software are used (not ACR). A camera is never used without a lens, no ?

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On article High-end full frame roundup (2014) (610 comments in total)
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Ramjager: Love the contradictions and hyperbole in this write up.
What fantasy world does the reviewer live in pointing out the camera has more cross type sensors yet somehow it cant hold a candle to the 810??
I mean come on just cut the rubbish.
The Mk3 has the same tracking module as the 1Dx the best along with D4S sports camera in the world and somehow its "lagging" behind?
Sophisticated AF system yet its lagging?
Rather than writing hyperbole rubbish just stick to facts please.
And please show me how it cant "hold a candle" to an 810!!
Because of face recognition?
If thats what you consider important with a camera i think the reviewer shoukd stick with their Iphone.

Agree completely.. DPR reporter is joking, really. Not serious at all. They have here to forget their "Geek" position some time, make some pictures and then try, if possible, to rewrite a "serious, relevant and real user" report !
Another thing which is not mentionned in all these reports is the big and important relationship between camera and lenses..! I don't choose a camera not only for it features but also and mainly for the available lenses. This point is certainly as important as camera itself.

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rob Ernsting: Having used the latest versions of LR, DPP, DxO and Capture One I can affirm that none is perfect.
But since a year I use without exception Capture One as my prime source for RAW data conversion as best suited in all cases. I have now ver. 8.1 and love the result. I dislike the archive system but that applies to LR as well.
The best of all options is Capture One in my opinion.

Same for me, C1 seem to be one of the very best and powerful solutions today, even if there's some things I wish to be added : i.e more lens corrections. Some important and most used lens are not in C1 list !
DPP v4 too is great for Canon users but need an additional solution to get final best result.
NB : with C1 you can also work with "directories" and not use "catalogs"..

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Marty4650: There seems to be two extremist schools of thought on camera design:

1. Buy the black version. Cover all the logos and markings with black gaffer tape. Make it as discrete as possible to avoid distracting your subjects, or tempting thieves. Form must follow function.

2. Pimp it out. Give it gold highlights. Add exotic wood grips. Make it eye catching so it will attract attention. Dazzle all bystanders with your good taste and and your ability to pay for luxury goods. Make it a fashion statement. Sometimes you can even rebadge it to draw even more oohs and ahhs (like the Brikk).

But most people want something between those two extremes. A nice looking camera that doesn't shout "LOOK AT ME" or "STEAL ME."

Well analysed and said ! IMHO the first case seems to be the best to take pictures in various conditions, particularly if you won't to be seen (street photography, wildlife and secure travel conditions with your gear..) and in some areas where you could possibly leave your gear...inevitable to leave in fact.

The second case is simply a proof of narcissistic autosatisfaction for the user and an additional business for Nikon. Nothing to do actually with real photography. Even if this camera is pleasant to look.

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