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On article Nikon publishes Nikkor lens 80th anniversary video (32 comments in total)
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Backstage: I never imagined it as such a manual and industrial process. Nice.

youtube "how to make a camera lens" there are a couple of extraordinary videos on the full process

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On article Nikon publishes Nikkor lens 80th anniversary video (32 comments in total)
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marike6: I started a thread about this video on the Nikon SLR Lens forum (after reading about it on NoFilmSchool) and the thread tanked big time.

There was zero interest in the thread and not a single person bothered to reply or AFAIK, watch the short video. That was surprising as if Nikon users aren't interested in a short like this, who is?

Anyway, filmed on the D800, it's an nice inside look at what it takes to create some of the finest lenses in the world. Thanks DPR.

most people cant be bothered replying unless they are insulted. I wouldnt worry too much, the video is done really well and you can see why they cost so much. I have seen a video on utube which is worthwhile watching too on how cameras lenses are made.

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On article Hands-on with Nikon V2 (455 comments in total)

Somebody didnt pass maths ?
Quote from above "the 1.4 million dot display (800 x 600 RGB pixels)"

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On article Pentax launches smc DA 50mm F1.8 for APS-C cameras (108 comments in total)
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nicolaiecostel: This is a crop lens, meaning no future FF model from pentax. At least they cleared that one up. This lens has small optical elements because it only covers a crop sensor, it hasn't got aperture controlled by a ring so it will not work on the majority of film cameras, (except the MZ-S ?), and has a plastic mount, and a screw driven AF. So in all honesty, apart from it's nice design and aperture blades, this should be even cheaper than the Nikon 50 1.8D. I hope it will be a nice lens but it sounds more like a rip-off, at least at this price.

You obviously havent bought a nikon/canon/zeiss/leica lens lately !
Gimme a break. Its not expensive at that price at all given the spec.

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On article Just posted: Nikon D800 test samples (423 comments in total)
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Edmond Leung: Quality not bad when compared with 5D Mark 2, but far behind Pentax 645D.

I saw the same thing.
The detail on the 645D is fantastic and it goes to show that the pixel level detail is real and that the hoo haa of AA filter or no AA filter (D800e) with Moire being an issue is a none issue.
They are plenty of possible instances in the test image to bring out moire on the 645D and there is none, not a even a whisper of it.
It also shows that even at 1600iso the NR on the canon and nikon is noticeable or it is the AA filter that reduces and softens the detail. 4mp diff between the 645D and D800 should be very very close, but the 645D still out resolves it.
Which makes me think that D800e is still the better option.
Its great to have choice !!!

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Neil Morgan: Doesnt sound good for the olympus camera division if its posting such huge losses.
If any of the other companies buy olympus, they would surely close the camera section or sell it off to keep the medical section with these sort of massive losses.

Quote from above -The camera business, which makes up just 15% of the overall company, is forecast to contribute a loss of around $114m this year (down from a loss of $190m in 2010/2011), on the back of a 7.2% rise in sales, mainly in the Japanese market.

The camera business is running at a $114million major loss. Olympus as a company like any company, will dump the loss part of the business. It how businesses survive.
Of course if they deem it necessary like a form of advertising or they can regain the profit back then thats another story.
Unfortunately though, with losses and scandal, it may get sold off and become another minolta.

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Doesnt sound good for the olympus camera division if its posting such huge losses.
If any of the other companies buy olympus, they would surely close the camera section or sell it off to keep the medical section with these sort of massive losses.

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I didnt think anyone was overlooked ?

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On article Pentax reveals K lens roadmap for 2012 and 2013 (101 comments in total)
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twenty200: If I were to buy a mirrorless, I'd buy a Sony. But I'd lust for this. I never imagined myself becoming a fan of Sony, but their NEX cameras are really impressive (and their a77 SLT is the most photographer friendly camera I've ever used).

...But this? This Pentax is sexy.

They can't and don't.
While the a77 is a reasonable comparison i'm no fan of the NEX system's ridiculous lens size to camera size ratio. If the lenses were as good the pentax and similar sizing then it would be a totally different equation, but they're not close.

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On article Pentax reveals K lens roadmap for 2012 and 2013 (101 comments in total)
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kryten61: Hey didn't Pentax release a 645D about 2 years ago?
How many lenses have they gotten to market since its release?
Maybe they should make this a priority?
Also What advantage does a Mirrorless system really have when it still has the retrofocal elements that allow a mirror to be there, But they just leave the mirror out? Surely the MAJOR reason for a Smaller mirrorles camera system is that its smaller? I like Pentax, but really? an adaptor would have been a more elegant solution to backward compatibility? No?

It hard to compare and almost unfair - to compare the K5 and the K-01. The K5 is smaller than all DSLR in the same range and has a great unique set of features and the K-01 is still smaller.
Compare them to the D7000 or whatever and you will soon see there is virtually no way to go smaller without having to resort to a smaller sensor.

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If they get the price right, then leica will have a real fight on their hands or it will create a lot of users they may go to leica as an upgrade. Either way this is what a lot of mirrorless users have been looking for, a leica style - japanese price.

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On article Nikon D4 overview (839 comments in total)

Thank the Lord !
Finally an end to all the threads about when the D4 will be announced !

....what ...who said that... I'm sure i heard some ask when is the D5 gonna be released....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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On article Variation Facts and Fallacies (231 comments in total)

On top of this is that people on forums who have a bad copy of anything will make the most noise and really make thing seem far worse than reality.
For instance if 90% of people were happy with their lenses then they just use them. Another 9.99% get on a forum and show images.
Then 0.01 percent of people in the world get a bad copy, look on the forum to see if someone else has a bad copy too and then others start pixel peeping and pretty soon everyone gets paranoid about getting a bad copy or the lens now has this baggage "did u get a good copy?"
So also then there is a totally false truth because if most of those people who have a bad copy go to the forum and post and are vocal about how bad things are and the rest who have a good copy dont care, then this vocal minority suddenly becomes overwhelming.
In reality 100x1000 of lenses have been sold and there are many happy people with just a few duds.
Not too mention the forum trolls that seek to enhance a bad rep for their own gain.

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On article Pentax Q Hands-on Preview (281 comments in total)
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Ibida Bab: I would've bought this camera if it was Japanese made quality product. I have a ZX5n film camera that bought 15 years ago, Made in Japan quality, still as awesome as it was that first time I took it out of the box. On the other hand I own 2 Pentax digital cameras that are already showing signs of wear and problems, needless to say they were not manufactured in Japan. Forget Pentax, I am in line for the x10 as well, as long as the production models are made in Japan.

you wont say that after youve handled one. Very well made.

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Are the lens bodies Alum or plastic.
I held the oly pen and was thoroughly disappointed in the plastic lenses.errr At least the were shiny.
No where does it say whether these are plastic or metal

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On article Nikon J1 real-world samples gallery (336 comments in total)

Its amazing that a camera can generate so much hate before its even been released?

Well there are a lot of people saying bad things about this camera and not one of them have a photo gallery and most have only posted to bag a product.

How about letting people vote with their money before you write it off, more photos and less talk, we might take you seriously then.

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On article Pentax Q Hands-on Preview (281 comments in total)

People are writing it off before they have even tried !
IT may not be for everyone, but this will be huge in Japan and China.
It takes quite decent images too.
Only your mind and imagination will hold you back.

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