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JE River: Reading the comments it's obvious people are wanting cheaper software than Adobe's subscriptions. But I think it's a bit of hyperbole to claim it's equal or better than Photoshop. A lot of that has to do with workflow speed with the tools. While Affinity can end up with a similar result, it's like working with a very old version of Photoshop from the late 90's or early 2000's, which takes a lot more time and manual workflows to get the end result. There are some complicated processes you can make very easy in Photoshop that are just a huge hassle in software that isn't as full featured and fine-tuned.

I think anyone happy with Affinity is getting what they need out of it just fine, but once you start getting into the really advanced photo processing it's just not even in the same universe as Photoshop. I have Affinity and ran into far too many dead-ends where just a couple of clicks in Photoshop would get me there, but in Affinity it's a much longer process if even possible.

AP is not like late 90's early 2000s. I have used those and it you are way off. Adobe's killer feature is not in their software but the vast amount of training material available. I can adapt some PS tutorials to AP but it takes time and some things are just different. AP is powerful. As for myself, I am a fan of PhotoLine which has some features that are just great but again they do not have the training material.

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mjc1: Come on....seriously....no one else sees Nevada....just outside of Sparks in this image. Actually not too far from where I "Parked" with my prom date not a whole lot later than 1969.


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dan_darkroom: Looking at Darktable it sometimes feels like "we can not do it this way, this is what they expect from us".

They renamed "white balance" and the 'channel mixer'. So people that jump in from other software for a look will jump out as quick. There is absolutely nothing intuitive about darktable. You need to sit down and learn it.

It has few weak points IMHO too, the monochrome module is quite terrible. There is a HDR multi-image function, but it does not align images. IMHO since it can't do layers that function is pretty pointless (better use any software to create a TIFF and then use darktable).

Lots of stuff it can't do, or can't do well. But what it does well (masks i.e.) it does really well. I will stick to it.

The software is not for you. Many open source projects are not trying to be consumer Apple products, it is usually developers trying to scratch an itch. DT is ok but I prefer to use RawTherapy which is not easy to learn but the results I get are worth it. If you want to go deeper into what your RAW files can do then you may have to go beyond LR or C1P.

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panther fan: The big comparison would be Capture One Express. Like Sony and Fuji, Nikon has now a deal with C1, which gives Nikon users free access to C1 Express. C1 is obviously an incredibly powerful RAW editor so the real question for Nikon users who want a free RAW converter is C1 Express or Nikon NX.
Obviously, C1 vs Nikon NX would show C1 clearly superior. But C1 Express is limited in some ways so it would be an interesting match

C1P never had access to Nikon's demosaicing secret sauce. That code is Nikon's secret weapon.

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Epson Scan = why bother shooting film?

SilverFast = you have the money and want good color when you hit scan.

VueScan = inexpensive, best hight quality RAW scan, color is not as great, but when paired with ColorPerfect you get the best results from your film.

Side note, SilverFast and Color Perfect are both German. Interface is ugly but the results are beautiful. CP is a plugin that woks with Photoshop or PhotoLine. I found that I get better results when used with PhotoLine (also German).

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mick232: It's a shame. Instead of working together to create one raw converter that kicks ass, they start creating yet another one from scratch so we have now several mediocre open source raw converters.

I use RawTherapee. If you actually take the time to learn how to use it is way powerful.

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f1point4andbethere: I wanted to try it, as our studio (theeastcore.com) is VERY invested in delivering the classic feel of film to our clients, but we are full-on Mac.

If you want a film look then take a look at a app called Raw Photo Processor (RPP64). There is a learning curve but it can deliver a good look.

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Optics and Light: Very interested and would be willing to pay. I currently use a mix of Digikam, FastRawViewer, and XnView MP to manage my collection. I was never able to justify the price for Photo Mechanic but if Plus is as fast as PM and the feature set are useful this may be a great buy. Wonder if this integrates with 3rd party apps. I will have to give this a test drive.

Tried it and for what I do it is not worth it. I still shoot film and this is terrible with large scans (XnView handles just fine). I don't shoot enough events where I can justify the cost. If you are already use PM you would probably benefit from this DAM.

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epambos: Thank you Blackmagic Design for democratizing non-linear-editing use...

DaVinci Resolve offers so much professional abilities as a free download
and runs on all major OS -Linux, Windows, Mac OS-. It is literally above 'n
beyond even paid professional programs, especially for video colouring.

Getting the free version to run well on Linux is no easy task. If you go the Linux route you are probably better off paying for a license.

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I'll give it another look when it hits 3.0. I tried it out and I much prefer the results I get with ColorPerfect.

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Very interested and would be willing to pay. I currently use a mix of Digikam, FastRawViewer, and XnView MP to manage my collection. I was never able to justify the price for Photo Mechanic but if Plus is as fast as PM and the feature set are useful this may be a great buy. Wonder if this integrates with 3rd party apps. I will have to give this a test drive.

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fuego6: Holy Cow... is it April 1st?!!? Camera Bits has been promising a DAM attachment for PM since forever... no way is it actually here now?!?! Oh well... sorry Pm - been happilly using IMatch for almost a decade now.... you are too late for me to the party.. but welcome aboard.. finally!

There are a few different companies promising some sort of DAM solution (Affinity anyone) so maybe it not as easy? Also, DAM is just not as sexy as other type of apps though it probably one of the most important.

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MinAZ: Yeah I mean, I am not thrilled by the prospect of having to re-keyword my 400,000 or so photographs from my LR catalog(s). And anyway, LR is not actually that slow, its just that it needs to build the image previews. PM uses the embedded jpegs which are essentially small jpeg image previews, and that is the reason for its speed. So in the long run, since I have to use LR anyway, it's not like I am going to need a second faster DAM on top of the DAM I have to use anyway. I think I'll stick to the regular PM for culling which is one thing PM does do very well.

You can save XMP files with your images very easily. I did this when I moved everything over to Digikam and DK brought in all the metadata. I hope PM will do the same.

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derfotograf: I'm using XnView MP for Mac (also available for Windows and Linux). It is blazingly fast, you can scroll through any amount of (very large) images, be it RAW, TIFF, JPEG, PNG or any other of the gazillion formats it covers. XnView costs a fraction of PhotoMechanicPlus (29 US$), features a built-in converter, free scaling, a print module, and much more. So I don't understand the hype about PMP. Don't you guys look over the rim of your coffee cup, or do you simply ignore French software?

XnView MP is fast but I do run into issues from time to time where I am required to blow out the catalog meaning I have to re add everything if I want to use it to search all my photos (10+ years worth of RAW photos). It is fast and has some great features but not super solid.

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ChristianC1975: Digikam is (for Linux) definitely the best photo organization tool I have ever used. The editor is okey for jpg, okey-ish for raw.
but the tagging, date search, etc etc is just wonderful.
Too bad it is heavily based on KDE so the ports to mac or windows are not working very well.
It is quite ironic that while I really dislike KDE in terms of appearance and workflow, kdenlive and digikam are miles above anything else in the linux world for video editing and photo organization.

The Windows version is much better than the Mac version. I am using on both but will admit my Windows setup is much more powerful than Mac. I still use it for Mac because it is the best DAM I have used. There are some gotchas in there but I'm willing to deal with issues for what I get.

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Samuel Jessop: I'm struggling to understand dye based in 2020, but presumably this is perfect for someone.

Better for gloss prints. Some people like it.

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Don Sata: The controls didn't make sense and I'm an experienced graphic designer having used a variety of graphics and photo software. Any good UI must be self explanatory.

@Entropy512 Yes it is. I am a happy RT user but I do like the Filmic module and what he has going on in there. There are a few other features I like in DT over RT but I love the simplicity of RT and how much power you have with each of the modules.

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jthomas39: I don't have lens corrections available for most of my Nikon Z6 lenses. That really limits my darktable usage. Are there alternatives to the lensfun database, or will lenses start getting added to lensfun quicker?

After a little experience with it, darktable works great. Like any powerful software, it takes a while to know where controls are located and how to efficiently do the processing steps. I really like the many different ways that the sliders can be changed, both for big changes or precise adjustments.

Not sure about Darktable but in RawTherapee you can download and use Adobe's lens correction profiles. Would be worth looking to see if this is a DT option.

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Don Sata: The controls didn't make sense and I'm an experienced graphic designer having used a variety of graphics and photo software. Any good UI must be self explanatory.

Of the of the main developers wrote a great post on how artist must learn their tools. I have jumped around RAW processors over the years and to get the best out of any tool there is a learning curve. I'm a RawTherapee user. RT has a steep learning curve but for me it has given me some of the best results I can get with any of my RAW files. Darktable's Filmic tool is really really cool and I say that tool alone is worth my time to learn DT. LR and other products are a bit less confusing but then my options are limited to what those apps offer. Yes these tools do have a steep learning curve but if you want the best results out of you photos there will be some work to be done.

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steelhead3: I am not familiar with this SW...what are upsides & downsides & what does it compete with?

I would say DK is more like Adobe Lightroom's Library module than Bridge. It can do a lot but I personally use it as a dam. You will have to go int and tag images to make the most of it. You can do some cool searched, such as find images tagged with my Girlfriends name, and my dog, between 2015-2018, taken with my D7000 and a 50mm lens and then I can save the search. In this case it will use both my tags and exif data from the files.

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