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"Articulated LCD Fully articulated".
None of the product photo's shows the articulation of the LCD.

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rich889: After using the E-M1 with it's fabulous grip and button layout, I found the E-M10's lack of a proper grip and the close layout of the top deck's F2, Movie Record button (which I reassigned to ISO), and the F1, to be too awkward to use. I don't have large hands but found that I had to twist fingers and shift my hand position in to order to activate those controls, especially in using the camera with manual focus lenses, which meant using Magnify. All in all, very disappointing handling. I found that Allison Johnson also complained about “grip” issue in the Handling section, so I see that I am not alone. I did find the image-stabilization to be very effective though. And image quality was excellent.

Nearly always I have the 12-40 lens on the camera, a relatively heavy lens. For that reason I bought the accessory grip; it is a great help. My fingers now come to rest in exactly the right place and I can hold the cam-lens combo in a comfortable and steady grip.
- The ON/OFF switch is in an awkward place.
- I wonder why all camera's have this mode dial with so many options; for 95% of the time I use A. I guess I could do without the dial and rather have the options available in the Super Control Panel; a simple press of the OK button would make the options available when needed. It would save considerable 'space' on the top deck of camera's. - Any comments?

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CaPi: It isn't the Sensor - it's the whole package that makes the camera for me. Add lens and direct access controls. How else would eg a Fuji X10 still do a reasonable job?
Answering your question: dream camera? 4/3 and above please.

I'm still using LX5 whenever I want/need to travel light;
it gives me perfect images and a lot of shooting pleasure.
[CaPi: LX5 forms such a complete 'package']

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Straps with [quick] release buckles: disasters waiting to happen in my view
When I carry my camera over one shoulder, across my chest,
someone coming from behind would be able to press the buckle to pinch the cam and make a run for it...
Why would we want to have release buckles, when we can simply lift the camera, strap and all, from our neck/shoulder to put it into the camerabag?

Can anyone explain?
- Tamrac N-45 -

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The GPS function: how good is it?
How accurate, how fast?

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Welcome, a photographer's camera!

What I miss at first glance: I have come to appreciate three-by-four aspect ratio for many (most) photographic subjects, but the X-Pro1's and X-E1's specs only say 1:1, 3:2 and 16:9.
Firmware update could fix that easily, thus to appeal to many more customers [without disappointing 3:2-lovers].

NotaBene - Why do so many camera models have a name with X´s in them; surely they're not all X-perimental...?

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- Another camera with its own RAW-format; why not simply DNG?
- another camera with a name that has an "X" in it [cf. Canon's new G1x]; don't they have any imagination in manufacturer's land?;
- button marked as AE has nothing to do with AutoExposure, but with metering options; userunfriendly unlogic;
- no four-by-three image ratio - which would have been the optimum efficient image ratio to fit a lens's image circle.
No thanks!

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Model Mike: Thank you for an interesting and informative use- focused review! I already had my suspicions about the UI having looked at the (pretty awful) manual. Seems that the EXR modes sit rather uneasily with the usual PASM setup - it's not clear which modes work together and which are mutually exclusive. Or how EXR modes work with Raw.

I agree that having to reset ISO between modes would be irritating - most photographers will place a higher priority on ISO than shooting mode. Also not sure having a dual resolution camera will impact on my workflow.

Shame as in most other ways it's just what I'm looking for.

I disagree, Denis,

I cannot just buy a camera -and a rather expensive one at that- just to find out if the reviewer is right [and my suspicions justified].

Other matters of discussion:
- degree of distortion of the lens;
- incomprehensible button text "AE" - which in photography normally means AutoExposure - while the button is for metering options;
- all 'intermediate' ISO-speeds above ISO 200 available, but oddly none so between ISO 100 and 200 - let alone any ISO speeds below ISO 100.


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On article Fujifilm announces X10 high-end enthusiast compact (279 comments in total)

Just a few + and - comments "at first glance":
+ great: zoom lens operation manually: this reminds me of the Contax Tvs, one of the finest comapacts ever made IMO;
- Contax's Tvs too had an OVF (naturally), but it showed exposure, focus and flash information; the X10 finder does not show any such info, so for me its OVF is of limited value; the camera cannot be worked like a LeicaM;
+ three-by-four has become my favourite image ratio;
- the lens hood is an "optional accessory" - it should be in the box;
- another camera with its own RAWprofile; why aren't manufacturers willing to use DNG as RAWstorage?
* I would have preferred a zoom range of 25-100 eq.mms; this better suits the camera's profile as a street shooter;
* with its larger sensor size it should perform better than the LX5 and XZ-1 in terms of dynamic range and low noise qualities...
lichtloper / litewalker

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On article Nikon V1 and J1 - hands-on first impressions (245 comments in total)

Not for me:
- quick changes from A to M, S or P are impossible if one has to dive into menus;
- three-by-four aspect ratio has become my favourite, V1 nor J1 offer it;
- lenses are slow, so narrow DOF is nearly impossible;
- lenshood for 10-30mm and 10mm lens should be supplied with these lenses.

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