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ad800: Is this a new update to the existing versions I have installed?

Can someone who downloaded the unified trial version for Windows post the build numbers for the individual products please? I checked under my Nik Software account and the individual products seem to be at the same old build versions.

There are a few changes, including support for Windows 8.

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fyngyrz: I own Viveza 2 and DFine. I went to the site, but there's no mention of previous owners qualifying for the entire suite. There's a 15 day free trial button, and a buy now button. Nothing else. As I'm not interested in a trial version (the implication is my current versions would be replaced with trials... ugh) or in buying... what to do?

Sent this to Google/Nik as well.

Wait for email.

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WT21: Also note -- when Google bough Nik, they sent out an e-mail saying you needed to allow your account data to transfer to Google. If you said "no" then you likely don't get this deal.

If you're in Europe and didn't opt in, Nik/Google is not allowed to send you emails to get the new software.

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fpessolano: What a robbery for me. I took the ultimate collection beginning of February and I feel like they stole 300 bucks.
I guess they will get many customers now, so they do not care about loosing a few who are like me ... feeling somewhat robbed.

You should probably call Nik sometime this week.

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guyindasky: Am trying out the demo version in LR4...keeps crashing. Don't think I'll be paying the upgrade fee for this buggy software.

Sorry you're having some problems with the software. We'd love to help out. Sometimes it's a video card driver or something simple. Contact us at niksoftware.com/support and we'll get you running. Kevin (from Nik)

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cricketfan: Just went through the order process and it FAILED! Some rote response indicates their system is down and they'll get back to me during office hours. From what I see that would appear to be at least 15 hours away.
Now I don't know whether to reorder or wait.
I might mention that I am a long-time Nik user and I have most of their software.
Hardly satisfactory e-business!

I'm seeing orders in the U.S. shopping cart every 5-9 minutes, so it seems to be working. Are you in the U.S. or EU? Kevin (from Nik)

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dgeugene1: I am always fascinated by new software that will unleash my unlimited "creative potential". Sadly, I am usually not creative enough to take advantage of it.

This new program looks like a complicated and expensive way to do what I already do with HDRtist.

Some of the samples I saw on their site still show a "glow" around contrasty objects. This is a problem I have had with various HDR programs.

Does anyone know how to avoid this?

The tone mapping engine was completely re-done and there was a real emphasis on enabling a realistic/natural look with the new software. If you have a chance, download a free trial and try it on your own images. Kevin (from Nik Software)

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