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  • Hello, I have a Canon EOS 600 film camera that needs some attention. Tried a roll of film recently but it was blank....  There was previously thought to be a problem with the shutter, when it was ...
  • Thank you very much for all the information. Sorry, life got a bit hectic, as it often does, and I hadn't time to check back here. Will be catching up now and will reply in more detail if ...
  • Created discussion thread Z6ii and lenses...
    Good afternoon! I was recently looking at Nikon mirrorless cameras at B&H in Manhattan. Very interested in the Z6ii. Not sure whether to wait and see what Nikon release next, or go for the Z6ii. Me ...
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    Here's your former president making his most powerful speech
  • Hi Aaron, thanks for this. Yes, a couple of spots show up in skies from time to time.
  • Thanks very much, Stevenj2. Will follow this advice...
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    Indeed. Take, make, capture, shoot...
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    That sounds American to me. Here's the Japanese:
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    I'm more familiar with the British pronunciation as "Niss-Ann". At least, that's how I say it. The British pronunciations "Nick-on" and "Niss-Ann" are are least consistent (and closer to the ...
  • Created discussion thread Sensor cleaning in NYC and / or London
    Hello, I once had my Nikon D80 sensor cleaned by Photo Tech Repair Service in Manhattan. At that time they were down near Union Square. Later had the shutter replaced when they were somewhere on ...
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    True! You mean, Americans say "Nigh-san"? :-)
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    I heard it during the 1980s from a USAAF veteran who had been based in England during WWII.
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    Good point. I'm pedantic, too, and so I appreciate this precision!
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    Ah, yes, "photo shoot" of course. Hadn't thought of that. Sounds normal. But "shooting people in the street" still sounds bizarre.
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    Aha! Interesting :-) U's are good, but it's definitely an 's' and not a 'z'. And if it were a 'z' that would be a 'zed', of course :-)
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    Snapshots, absolutely. Shooting people and shooting cameras? Seems new to me. :-)
  • Hi John, interesting, thanks. I say much the same as you – "take pictures", "use a Nikon". But I've caught myself using "shoot" more... even if when thinking and not necessarily out loud. :-)
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    Sure, the analogy is obvious. But I never heard "I shoot people" and "I shoot Nikon" in the UK until the YouTube era, as far as I recall.
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