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On article First samples: Leica Thambar-M 90mm F2.2 (222 comments in total)

Leica is trying to find out to what depth in quality its die-hard fans are ready to follow it! Surely it's just a test. A joke. A...

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On article First samples: Leica Thambar-M 90mm F2.2 (222 comments in total)
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Sam in Hawaii: so, blurry is good? Am I missing something here?

Yes my friend, Leica!

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ivan2001ve: LOL, and can't stop laughing at these samples over processed, photos, the worst thing is that some people really fall for this. Samsung Phones have way better photo quality in low light than apple, (i own an Iphone FYI). Good try apple.

Are you talking about the Samsung S7 Edge?

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joyclick: LG is quietly delivering excellent phones compared to overhyped samsung and apple

"Overhyped", maybe, but there are tests to prove that the companies you are mentioning deliver a notch better quality cameras than the rest, which, by the way, doesn't mean that the rest deliver bad products, but a notch lower anyway.

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xMichaelx: Nice. So now I can use the same type of controls that I've had on Android for 2 years, on the same size devices that Android has had for 2 years.

As much as one can hate Samsung and their Touchwiz, since over 2 years now, on their Galaxy Note 2, they allow control over white balance, exposure value, iso, metering mode, burst shot, etc...

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Paulyd0021: On one hand I like how Apple is focusing on improving the sensor and image quality rather than just bumping up the megapixels. However on the other hand I don't think 8 mp is the sweet spot for a fixed lens. If you can't crop in much without distorting the image, which means you'll need to get a lot closer to whatever it is you're taking a picture of to keep the quality high. I think 12-13mp would have been a better choice and make the phone slightly thicker for increased sensor size. Phone thinness is as thin as it ever needs to be IMO. I'm all for weight reduction, but ergonomically I'd rather have something to grip on to that fits the form of my hand. A wafer thin phone isn't that. I'm still excited to see what the image quality will be for the 6+ with OIS. I hope it helps with low light shots. Still, I don't think I'll be switching any time soon from my Samsung K Zoom. With manual controls, 10x optical zoom, and xenon flash, its the best P&S replacement out there right now.

Apple made the smartphone, which already existed, really a joy to use. As Henry Ford made the automobile a joy and popular thing to use with his Ford T (far from me the idea of comparing the iPhone to a Ford T). But I can't help to think that since the Ford T, we saw Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Bugattis... But, no denying it, Henri Ford opened that door.

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On article Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II: a quick summary (524 comments in total)

Off the subject, if I may, but what is Panasonic doing, with no news whatsoever about any update to their excellent LX7?

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Photato: Ugh! people don't get it
Guys this is a revolutionary design !!
No replaceable battery or memory card!
All in an uni-body design. ;-)
Its called Dysfunctional Minimalism.
If you dont know what that means try to unplug those notoriously slippery Apple USB cables!

No, someone with clear sight!

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panpen: I've seen people with Canon 5DIII's taking horrendous pictures of their cats using 85Ls and countless people that could take better pictures with a box and a hole in it. It's all about the human behind the camera. Spending tons of money doesn't make anyone a PRO

However absolutely true what you say is, on the other hand, one cannot deny that the author of the article gives the impression of discovering "compactness" in picture taking. Any brand, Panasonic, Olympus, Canon, etc..., they all have all compacts that fit in a pocket and which take far better pictures than an iPhone, or any camera phone for the matter.

For serious photography (photos with good detail, that can be seen at, say, 8x10, etc...) camera phones are absolutely useless.

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On article Roundup: Enthusiast Zoom Compact Cameras (416 comments in total)

The LX7 has also another interesting function worth mentioning: Time lapse.

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wilsonlaidlaw: I just hope the lenses are better than the rubbish fitted on the front of recent Kodak digital cameras, to which they put their name. Given their reputation for wonderful large format lenses, I was amazed they were prepared to risk their reputation on these awful plastic blobs.


Let's not forget also that Leica and Zeiss make lenses for point and shoot cameras. Does this minimize the quality and excellence of their products? This is called diversification and this kind of energy is keeping the Germans ahead of the other European nations in international commerce.

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On article The 15 Minute Makeover: Photoshop Beauty Retouching (168 comments in total)

Thank you for this great demonstration. However all this discussion about the angels' sex makes me smile and reminds me when they first colorized the old black & white movies. Purists were, rightfully, scandalized and denigrated the whole idea, while others just pushed the "no color" or "b&w" button on their remotes and continued to watch the movies in their original b&w appearance.

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On article Roundup: Portfolio Apps For iOS (29 comments in total)

As an Android user, guess I'll have to wait for Adobe, following their Photoshop Touch for Android, to come out with something interesting.

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pedroboe100: Nikon should still try to make the digital equivalent of the old "35 Ti" , with a slightly larger sensor, or APSC. It would kill everything out there... (and I don't own a single piece of Nikon gear)

I still have my "35TI", a great piece of engineering. However, Nikon has left users of compact cameras behind, and all what they are been giving us in this field is very common, uninspired cameras. To think that before the digital age, Panasonic wasn't even in the field of cameras and now they are capable of giving us a "Lumix LX5"!
Pity! But I guess I'll wait for the new X10 from Fuji to come and give it a try and hope it will live up to its "specifications".

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