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Digitall: $1160?Ok
Buy a real camera.

2 minutes ago I shot a photo with my samsung mobile, because the sun set is beautiful, my DSLR is at home, and I'm at work! If I had the CM1 with me I would be much more satisfied with the result!

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brdeveloper: Awesome. Panasonic always promoting new tendencies on photography. Remember LX3, GX1, GH1...

Hopefully other brands like Samsung and Sony will bring something in this line.

I think other brands in the same line would be Nikon canon and sony!

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Jostian: all this wowness and they give it an LED flash!! what were they thinking? LED flashes are useless at freezing any movement, so unless the scene is static you can forget about getting a decent photo!! XENON, come on Panasonic!

What are you guys talking about? how did you guys determine the shutter speed without knowing the light available?

if with iso 200 the shutter speed is 1/20 you can freeze a moving person with iso 1600 easily!

I don't use flash often anyways, specially around fire at night when the light is low, I take photos with iso 1600 (even 3200 at times) and shutter speed at 1/30 with aperture f2.8 nicely. yes it introduces noise even on a DSLR and I have to time my click better to capture at the slowest movement of the person, but the quality still puts pictures taken with a small sensor phone cameras with xenon flashes to shame! On this phone, I think the sensor and the glass is much more important than the flash!

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Blokatos: I guess its time for Canon to make an Android powered camera smartphone, priced at half the price of Panasonic. That would make things really interesting...

Or Nikon for that matter!

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bigley Ling: hmm wonder how much dropping and shock the Cm1 can take with so many moving optical elements.

very true! I was really looking into this phone/camera. but I intend to drop my phone alot, but never my DSLR! Never thought of this point before! It does look robust, Hope it also actually is though as well.

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On article Compact Flash Association announces XQD card format (84 comments in total)
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Pho3NiX: After reading some comments I gather than XQD will be like converting current SSD drive technology to a CF form factor. And many people ask what are the benefit.

The thing is that the rated speed is not the speed you get (in general). It may be the speed you get when when writing the first file on a fresh formatted card.

But from that point on the card have to do housekeeping operation a bit like a Tetris game to continue writing. When doing that, nothing new is written on the card so the effective speed is slower. If you decide to erase some photo, or change them on the card (ie rotate) then there's even more Tetris work to do in future writes.

All in all the mean effective real-life speed have almost nothing to do with rated speed. This is why there's different in real life speed against similar "Class N" SD card.

Again there's the question of cost to achieve said storage and speed. In general smaller means higher cost.

This is mostly used for top professional cameras that need the speed when shooting, rotating and other editing works usually happens when you do have more time. but when shooting away on a camera such as D4s, you're usually working on a card that you format each time you off load previous photos. My camera uses SD cards and I do that all the time.
Even on editing the speed of the storage really counts, and its not just the speed of the head, but also the speed of data transfer. When I work on raws saved on my external hard drives, the speed really changed when I moved from USB 2 to USB 3. Not because of the speed of the Hard drive rps but because of the speed of data transfer between the hard and my computer.

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On article Raw processing on Android devices with Photo Mate R2 (75 comments in total)
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ChrisKramer1: I don't believe tablets can be used for fine-tuning raw images on the go. I personally find processing images on my 13" laptop in a hotel room using Lightroom or Photoshop extremely trying. Screen reflections, washed-out colours and severe eyestrain all make it a nightmare. I have a 27" monitor at home but I would still like something bigger - like the 40" Lenovo IPS monitor for about 700 Euros.

On IPad I find Artstudio works just fine. Photoshop Touch offers better selection tools - and I like its interface. But it is sadly under-developed. It could be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more....

I think it would be an awesome product to be used with this tablet from wacom:

good screen good hardware.... just needs a great software to go with it :)

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On photo Crab Spider in the Where's Wally (Waldo)? Camouflage in the Insect & Spider World challenge (6 comments in total)


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On photo Mommy & Daddy & Baby makes 3 in the Ad campaign: Holding hands challenge (1 comment in total)

Nice capture :)

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On photo A different focus in the Concept Gone Awry - Nice Shot! challenge (3 comments in total)

nice :)

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On photo one foot short in the Concept Gone Awry - Nice Shot! challenge (1 comment in total)


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On photo Moon's closest encounter in the Concept Gone Awry - Nice Shot! challenge (7 comments in total)

interesting technique and awesome result :)

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DMGoldie: Can we use lens attachments like the Olloclip?

but that's basically just a lens not a post processing... I was all about taking this closeup with my clip on micro lens!

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On photo Thought Variations in the City of Tehran - Iran challenge (2 comments in total)

good capture. thanks for sharing

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