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With Canon's glacial pace of innovation with respect to mirrorless, I doubt I will live long enough to see the CEO's projection come true. I just moved from Canon to Sony and as I packed the Canon gear, I became so angry that such well-made extensions of the artists hands had to be given up so I could use the most current technology with all it's miserable compromises (Sony). Sony's equipment pales in comparison to my 5d II and it's logical controls. But one can't wait for equipment promised that is still out in the ether...waiting to be released.

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Merely keeps with Apple's ongoing policy of "give you less for more". After being an exclusively Apple user since mid 80's, I am finally ready to move away and consider Windows hardware again. Steve Jobs I'm sure wouldn't be as blasé about customer's bitches.

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Absolutely amazing but expected comments in the interview.
I don't suppose Canon management has ever considered conducting a "focus group" where actual users (and purchasers) of their equipment are queried about their needs and issues with Canon equipment. How many of the commenters in this thread have ever filled out a response or been part of a focus group by Canon?
About 15 years ago I chucked my old Leica, Hasselblad and Nikon stuff to get Canon optics that came with the digital revolution - and for the most part I am happy I did so. But what about the NEXT generation of hardware? Canon doesn't seem to have any clue about what the market needs to face the last half of this decade. If you want a small pocketable high-quality camera, you have to buy a Sony RX100-III…….which I did. The M3 could have been tweaked to fulfill that need……but then, it isn't even marketed here. The emperor (Masaya Maeda) has no clothes.

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