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On article Season's Greetings from (85 comments in total)

Merry Christmas and thank you, Simon, for all the good work. I keep coming back to the site because of its quality. It will always be nice seeing your signature in a review in the future.

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absquatulate: I'm looking forward to the Democrat "Trump is helping Russians spy on us using cameras" outrage.....

The Canon F-1 was of high quality, it cannot possibly be compared with the Zenit's of the seventies ... Of the East Bloc cameras, the Prakticas were more useable.

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pwmoree: I miss picasa.
No idea where all my shots went when Google stopped and have a strong feeling I completely lost control of my own pictures.
Lightroom seems to complex for me.
Would love a stand alone system on my own PC and only share my best shots.
What to do?

Presumably your Picasa web albums went to Google Photos which should be accessible with your Google account.
Like others I still run Picasa locally on the PC, that software might not be "professional" but it's pretty good at what it does and how it does it. The price was right, too.

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On article Video: Photokina 2016 wrap-up (151 comments in total)

Thanks for the wrap-up.

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Jefftan: Is it better than DXO Prime or not?
I think DXO prime has the best NR of any software, is that correct?

I found Prime is good, when you really need strong NR. The rest of the time, I feel normal DxO NR is a bit heavy handed by default - ACR often produces a better compromise at least to my taste.

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Thanks for the article.

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Thanks for this article.

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Thanks for the article. The basic Nikon answers I found a little dry, so it's great that you added the analysis - this gives an welcome elaboration about the interview and your impressions based on the off-record information you got.

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On article Opinion: The myth of the upgrade path (1621 comments in total)

Thanks for the piece Richard. I am one of those who are happy with APS-C and enjoying the "reach" of teles (I also like 50mm on APS-C ;). So your piece articulates a lot of thoughts that I and others share. However, another thought that I have is "what happens when my APS-C body finally dies ?"in addition to "If circumstances are good and the funds are finally available for upgrading, what do I do ?". I am fortunate to shoot a D300s and I feel the current top of the line DX bodies are ergonomically inferior despite their superior IQ. I fully understand a "D400" may never happen, so the "replacement" path would be: sell the DX lenses, get a used D800/810 in order to get the body style I really enjoy.

Have a good day.

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On article Happy Holidays from dpreview (125 comments in total)

Thanks to the whole team for the great work and informative content. Looking forward to what you have in store for us in 2015 ;)

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Most interesting, thanks.

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On photo A Beer in the Sun in the EVIL Equipment - special rules; read carefully! challenge (1 comment in total)

Pana GF2+14-42. Raw to JPG by DxO 8.

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Yep, this is going to be a good one, but as I prepared my entry the last slots were filled in a minute and GRRR ! could no longer participate ! :(
Oh well I'm going to be merciless in voting now ;))))

Posted on May 2, 2012 at 00:51 UTC as 1st comment
On photo Reflection - Nostalgia still today 2 in the Veni, vidi, vici challenge (1 comment in total)

Where was this shot taken ?

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