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  • My guess is that Auto Adjust Colors sets the Black Point and White Point, and removes predominant color-cast.  Hence a good starting point for other edits. No mention of this in Tutorial
  • Created discussion thread Faststone Vignette, Color-Cast
    Looking for a simple, lightweight program that can add a vignette to my image.  Preferably a way to do this from Faststone, or a free program that can be called from Faststone. Same question ...
  • Not surprised to hear of your difficulty.  A real negative in dealing with On1.  If you do get an answer it will usually be "boiler plate".  Almost kept me from pre-purchase of On1-PR (Ironic that ...
  • On second look I see that these tools are available (under Win10) from the top menu bar when not in Full Screen mode. Too bad -- less convenient this way.  Is there a way to add them back to the ...
  • I just happened to take a look at the latest FastStone (Vers 5.9) under Windows 10 .  When I opened the left editing panel I noticed some missing favorites under the Colors section -- notably ...
  • Thanks.  Very useful -esp since PS does not have a direct way of doing this.  Interested in hearing more as to why this works.
  • Wondering if anyone has actually used this procedure for FZ1000 ? Looks simple enough but it would be a real bummer to pry off the front bezel only to find no mounting-screws underneath.
  • Can easily do this in (free) Faststone Viewer using the Canvas Size tool.  Just add a black canvas to (the back of) your photo.  In the "Extension Mode" set the top and bottom "Add Space" size for ...
  • At the top left of the Forums list -- right above the Canon stuff
  • Forun seems to be working as expected once again.  Hope it stays that way. Must have been a DPR problem ???
  • Seems that several folks have begun to see this --take a look at "Site Feedback and Help" forum.  Might be Browser related.  I'm using Firefox 48.0.2.
  • Created discussion thread DPR Display Problem ?
    As I recall in the past, the latest threads in this forum would be tagged NEW until I exited the forum.  Then the NEW tag would be removed. Has something changed?  I now have threads that are a ...
  • FS is not a RAW converter ! It processes RAW images by extracting the jpeg image contained within the RAW format (similar to the way most cameras display RAW images).
  • Replied in Simple Solution
    If you have access to PS, the solution is simple -- use a two-step process to set the canvas size. Begin with adjusting the canvas  so that all 4 borders are equal (three of these borders are ones ...
  • Created discussion thread Off Topic - Evaluating My HDTV
    A bit off topic, but anyone know a (free) set of lcd evaluation tests or some test images that I can use to baseline my new 4K Ultra-HDTV ? Nothing as complex as a complete calibration procedure.  ...
  • I'm enthusiastic. I'd like to be the 1st customer for the 2nd release. Past On1 products have not done well on their initial release.
  • Amazing! Sounds like you might have even had a conversation with Support.  How did you manage to do that?  Help Request form?  Telephone contact?   I have at least two Tech Requests that have never ...
  • latest release 10.5.1 seems to be better than prior releases.  Still some some annoying interface bugs and omissions remain, but speed is much improved. In addition to the above, I recently ...
  • Based on past experience the initial release of most On1 software was awful.  A point release quickly followed which fixed many of the most serious problems, but still left some bugs around (still ...
  • I've been a user of On1 (stand-alone and PS plug-in) since vers 8,  Now using 10.5 which generally works fine -- except for some annoying bugs that have never been fixed. Of late, On1 Support is ...
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