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On article Is the snapshot dead? (70 comments in total)

I would argue the snapshot is alive and well. The fact that it is a cellphone is immaterial. In fact I would say a lot more folks are getting better photos than the old 110 and pocket film cameras ever could. Now the content is quite a bit more diverse as with film each frame was thought of in terms of cost to develop and print while digital costs nothing. So we get a lot more "selfies" and pictures of weird stuff that folks in the pre-digital days would probably never have taken.

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ulfie: Film is almost dead. So is Kodak.

Kodak will live on - Chapter 11 does not mean that it will completely go under. It will reorganize, sell off parts and maybe have a large investor buy into their company.

Kodak is still the 800 pound gorilla in the print business. I work at a photo lab and people still want Kodak. Their paper and chemicals is a mainstay for their company. Others have hit on it though - they went thru what many companies did in the 80's and 90's - buying products that were somehow related but not in their core competency. After floundering with these other products they jettisoned them at a huge loss . Big bloated companies get their belts tightened when lean times come on. Add to that their lack of competitiveness in Digital and it is going to be a rough future - but one they will endure, I hope.

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