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Dpr has been changing for quite some time now. They have become a gear photo site with several bad reviews, they haven't been really listening to the users / readers. A lot of people who don't do their research on multiple pages / sources and they trust the #old# dpr have made a lot of mistakes trusting and buying wrong gear. But all in all it has been a long existing page with some great photographers in different forums which have a lot of knowledge and expirience and useful tips and informations. I wish to Thank all of them. Beliveing that a similar page will get started from scratch is a big no for my knowledge. R. I. P.

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I agree with some statements / comments here but majority shows where this page and it readers are going to. The most important thing in photography is the latest gear, the fastest focus, focus tracking, high iso, low noise, bigger lens, etc. It's all about gear and money spending. I wonder how some years back the photographers with one camera and one or two lenses have captured such amazing images, documented great moments, shown people important stories,... They sure deserve respect and we can learn from them a lot. There where times when passion and knowledge meant something, now it's mostly copy paste without real meaning. All about gear. For me personaly the only gr I like is a normal black one but I do respect different wishes, tastes.

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I guess art can be crazy. I simply don't get it. I guess if someone used a decent compact or other camera for something like this than maybe. But this I don't get it. Worse beeing the article gets published.

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M Chambers: Carrying around this kit makes a lot more sense they just buying a real camera.

But that makes you unfashionable. Many people using Mobile phones and kits like this don't know how to use a real camera.

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This is ridiculous if the brand is going into this direction it's a shame.

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Man living his dreams, what is there more to wish for. And with leica of course :)

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