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I had this camera for a short period of time but took two trips with it: one to Avila Beach (near Monterey) and another trip to Disneyland in Anaheim. I had it paired with the Panasonic 20mm f 1.7. I was really impressed by how well the image quality turned out and how sharp the images were, too. I have owned several m4/3 cameras (Olympus EPL1, Olympus EPL6, Panasonic GX1) and this combo (GF3 + 20mm) outperformed them. I absolutely regret getting rid of both the camera and lens.

BTW, the EPL6 is a clunker; do not buy it.

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tjbates: Anyone know the specifics of silent mode (beyond what's already been written above) Specifically, I'd lke to know if the silent mode produces higher resolutioin images than the silent mode on my GH2. The GH2 can shoot 4MP in 4:3 ratio but only in the SH burst mode - 2-40 shots per burst. It is truely silent.

I, too, would like to know the specifics of the silent mode. Can I shoot RAW in silent mode?

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I've now had my X100S for about 2 weeks and have been rotating its use w/ my Panny GX1 and Canon 6D. So, I've been able to do some comps of similar shots. Some thoughts: 1st, I note the painfully slow AF in low light conditions. The GX1's AF does very well in low light; I've owned 2 other m4/3 cameras and they have also had a pretty fast AF.

2) the incredibly noisy images at ISO 3200 and above.

3) the images appear very soft at f2 in low light.

That said, I really enjoy the X100S. I've overcome the slow AF and soft image quality (in part) by switching to manual focus. The manual focus ring is very responsive. I feel like it's just a matter of time/use before I get better at manual focusing.

The ISO problem, however, remains. Is it for daylight/bright interiors only?

The shutter is quiet. The only thing quieter would be an e-shutter or the shutter on the Sony RX1/100. This is the best feature of the camera.

And, it is extremely low profile (fits in my bag easily).

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Ah, the R1. That was a fun camera to use but the shutter lag was the killer. My brother had the F707 which he loved. He took it to Europe and took some amazing pictures with it.

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