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inaudible divisionstiffin timeMary's Bowerrunning grouprunning behind the groupthe harsh truthif all the dawn light radiated withinthe early branching of your growthhiding something from everyonewith such economy of emotionan audience gathers for the seaseeking safetyawaken with an empty mind yet full heart----the words of those unwritten letters form their own talesand grains flowed without timehad I thought my expression was not clearwrapped reflectedwrapped IItouch of marblea different form of adorationthe only way backhours spent counting felicitywaiting for the returnthe beast of South Dykehe promised so muchfathers day IIIif I could take your torment for just one daycherrieslone tree near Malham-the felled will not record their historythe felled will not record their history IIthe felled will not record their historyone dry kiss would be enoughto stem the tide of your tearsthe disipline of balancewe still owe your cunning smile respectI'll find one moment of stability for youstill for just a second the urban movementtouch something new everydaythose that make it don't come backgetting dressedfollowing the theory if it was done quickly it would hurt lessany affection was tentative afterwardslisten to different voicesI'll sail away across the fieldsfathers day IIthe darkest hour