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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III review (1550 comments in total)
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Bigsensorisbest: It’s still like choosing a 110 camera over a 35mm in the old days, doesnt make much sense with today’s small, light full frame cameras. I had three E-M1s a while back seems a long time ago

OK. You have the experience to know what you're talking about. Did you find something to find fault with in the sample gallery for the EM-1 Mk3? https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/olympus-om-d-e-m1-mark-iii-initial-review/5
Looks good to me. If the eyelashes in the portraits are not sharp enough for you, what samples can you show us that are significantly better? Samples so much better that a casual observer would notice the difference in an 8x10. Oly is good enough for me.

Link | Posted on Mar 6, 2020 at 02:56 UTC
On article Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III review (1550 comments in total)
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Bigsensorisbest: It’s still like choosing a 110 camera over a 35mm in the old days, doesnt make much sense with today’s small, light full frame cameras. I had three E-M1s a while back seems a long time ago

Fellow 43ers, beware of Bigsensorisbest. His profile shows no gear, so I doubt if he has ever used the format. I'm really, really tired of all the hype about full-frame. We lose, maybe, one stop of IQ in the noise department: compare cameras in the DPR studio setup. I doubt you can see much difference in dynamic range, either. What does this mean in the real world? Not that much, even in giant prints. Only photographers peep pixels at 200 percent on screen or place their noses to the print. Please look at your results, not the specs. Be glad you can get incredible images, far better than film ever was, in such a compact package. How do I know? I'm a prepress professional who processes images from EVERY source. When the ink hits the paper, no one can tell the difference at normal viewing distance. What else counts?

Link | Posted on Mar 2, 2020 at 19:10 UTC

I'm seeing a lot of smearing that I don't get with my EM1 Mk2, which supposedly has the same sensor and processor. We're looking at jpg in-camera processing, or minimal post, which to my eye is unpleasing. I downloaded a RAW file, but ACR/LR can't read it, so I can't really apply my workflow to these images. See Robin Wong's review and sample images; they are what we can expect. https://robinwong.blogspot.com/2019/10/olympus-om-d-e-m5-mark-iii-review.html. Robin probably has a pre-release version of Olympus Viewer which can read the Mk3 files. My OMD files can easily go 36x24 inkjet or 12" high in offset printing, but these samples are misleading.

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stevevelvia50: Sensors have pretty much levelled off, with incremental improvements that really don’t matter that much to almost everyone out there. Besides, the sensor in my EM1 II, is hardly “old” haha. Most of us, myself included, don’t need more than 20-24 mps. I make highly detailed 22x30, and borderless 24x36 inch landscape, nature and abstract prints from my EM1II, on my Epson 7880, that I can’t distinguish from those made from my Nikon D750, or my D7200. My landscape shooting technique is generally well thought out; for comparison shots, I have tripod mounted, carefully set apertures, mirror up on DSLRs with remote, silent shutter or shutter shock correction with the Olympus, etc so my comparisons are valid! I find that these cameras are all in the same area of tonality and resolving of detail. I really enjoy the compactness of my new system, knowing the I can print large, and travel small. The 12-100 and 75-300 I can carry all day in the city, or on a very long hike.

I totally agree. What would help skeptics understand would be to post a few examples with 100% crops. I sold my Nikon equipment in 2013, when I switched to Oly.

Link | Posted on Sep 25, 2019 at 16:46 UTC
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UllerellU: Attention, this is a message for all the clones of the forum, YOU CAN SHOOT WITH A SMALLER SENSOR THAN FF. And not only that, you can get great results, there are people who value the speed above the IQ, there are people who use long lenses and appreciate the M4 / 3 zooms, there are people who benefit from the extra DOF that provides a smaller sensor for certain types of photographs, such as macro, or landscapes by hand in low light, there are people who prefer an incredible IBIS .... Do not be so limited, with the typical "bigger is better", I would like to see the photos you take with Your great FF, I will gladly show you my shots taken with M4 / 3, 1 "and even 1 / 1.23" sensors.

I defy you to tell the difference between captures from a FF and M43 and even smaller when printed 8x10 (or even larger) or especially on Flickr or other websites. Assuming all have been processed to maximize the subject.

Link | Posted on Sep 24, 2019 at 18:37 UTC

I've been a Topaz plug-in user for years, but with this product I'm locked out. I use Macintosh computers and the GPU in my computer does not meet the hardware requirement of the software. I'm surprised that Topaz has chosen to depend so heavily on the GPU; Adobe doesn't. Most Mac users will no longer be Topaz customers. Yes, I can purchase an eGPU, but I don't want the expense, loose the desk space and increase my power consumption. Disappointing.

Link | Posted on Jul 30, 2019 at 00:28 UTC as 18th comment | 6 replies

Impressive new feature. But, it's unlikely to be as flawless as the sample images they present. I doubt that the Skylum robot can select sky without leaving gaps and other artifacts, like between the pillars in the temple ruin here or in a landscape with tree tops extend into the sky or the ridge of distance peaks. Having retouched hundreds of similar images to suppress noise in the sky I have to experience it to believe it.

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Verto: It’s interesting that Nikon has had the most issues with their professional bodies in the last few years. That’s one of the reasons I stay away from Nikon cameras. Nikon Z610 and Z710 are on their way... lmaoo

...issues with their professional bodies in the last few years ? Ha. You must be too young to remember the F3, a film camera introduced in 1980 and the first Nikon with an electronically timed shutter. Which in early production units failed. I guess poor quality control is a feature of Nikons that early adaptors have to tolerate. One of the reasons I shoot Olympus, now, after 40 years of misplaced Nikon loyalty. I did make a living with the cameras, but I had enough.

Link | Posted on May 20, 2019 at 19:57 UTC
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Birdyconnected: Yeahhhh ! Another software to steal your money !!!
IA will NEVER replace the editing YOU chose to do in your image.
Lr and Ps are powerful tools, stop the laziness and learn the damn thing, for Christ sake !
AI is the new trend ^^ now they add it everywhere as the “must” but all it shouts out loud really is : “you suck ! Buy me so I can do it better than you could ever do” when it’s really about moving sliders and understanding a software you’ve already paid for but never took the time to try to understand...
Did your parents ever told you the easy way is never the good way ?

Agreed. Most of the plug-in market seems to be a crutch for those who haven't learned Photoshop. Though, I will say there are "looks" that the plug-ins achieve that go beyond what Photoshop can do. I'm thinking of some of the adjustments available from Topaz Studio, specifically the Impression, Clarity and Simplify. I don't use them on every image, but I can't get Photoshop alone to produce the same effect. I suppose there is a place for Flex, and plug-ins like it.

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Rick DeBari: I never fell for the subscription-based Adobe option. I never will! I knew full well this price increase would happen eventually. I'm still using RAW in CS6 and, when I soon upgrade my DSLR's, I'll either use Nikon's free Capture NX-D or Adobe's free DNG Converter for the raw conversion. I will continue to use my Photoshop CS6 64-bit forever for photo-editing. As I have stated numerous times before, camera manufacturers should offer a a DNG RAW file-saving option built into firmware. Then constant raw conversion software updates become unnecessary. We need an industry-standardized raw file option anyway. It may as well be DNG. The only thing subscription-based software is good for, be it from Adobe or Microsoft or whoever, is as a constant flow of monthly-recurring revenue for the software companies. I will also say this-> If Adobe ever offers a new perpetual-license version of Photoshop again as an upgrade I will be FIRST in line to purchase it!

What will you do when CS6 will no longer run on your OS?

Link | Posted on May 3, 2019 at 16:35 UTC
On article Olympus E-M1X vs Nikon D5: shooting tennis (654 comments in total)

I'm not going to read 640 comments to see if someone else made a similar observation. The reviewer is a Nikon user, using his own equipment. The Oly is a new camera, and new to him. Perhaps the lower keeper rate with the Olympus is more a factor of his inexperience with a new camera and not the shortcoming of the design. How many complaints about cameras, software, or vacuum cleaners can be attributed to operators misunderstanding the equipment and not the engineering? Would his keeper rate improve after a few months shooting events and a firmware update?

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Will Sukmiof: What is so special about this street? Maybe for someone from a different culture. But for me its just another street...

Agreed. From the photos here, it seems pleasant enough. But, the Instagrammers should go to Dublin, Ireland, Guanajuato, Mexico, maybe Cappadocia, Italy or Santorini, Greece to find a proper background. Like so much in photography, the herd instinct supersedes creativity and originality.

Link | Posted on Mar 26, 2019 at 16:10 UTC
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Lucas_: I still use ImageIngesterPro for automatically renaming photo files in my cards and downloading them to internal HD directories / folders organized by dates taken ( year/ month/ day ) plus a back up copy on an external HD. My photo files add up to around 100,000 originals at this time. Unfortunately, that excellent and simple software is not supported anymore and I just can't find a similar substitute to my liking. It's already showing some "hickups" on Windows 10 latest versions. If anybody shares my concerns and knows of a simple app ( free or low-cost ) that does that job, please let me know! Thanks!

Adobe Bridge is free and cross platform.

Link | Posted on Mar 26, 2019 at 12:00 UTC
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ZeroGravitas: The Olympus cameras always look brilliant, but how long does m4/3 really have left.

As long as they sell...

Link | Posted on Feb 25, 2019 at 20:44 UTC

As a current Olympus OMD EM1 mk2 owner, my work doesn't require a super-sports camera. So, no the M1X is not for me.

However, I think the Carey hasn't worked with a m43 sensor as I have and I think he overstates its limits, especially with RAW captures. Yes, the DP Review studio set up can show as much as a two stop deficit for m43, but only in places. And, real-world processing using just Lightroom makes this difference insignificant, even when pixel-peeping. I don't have a Nikon, so I could be blowing smoke, but the images I work with look great and print great. I know it really shouldn't be that good, but it is.

Link | Posted on Feb 25, 2019 at 20:04 UTC as 49th comment | 2 replies

Desperately searching for a true DAM to replace MediaPro for Mac. DK has the feature set, but I'm frustrated by the learning curve. The 6.0.0 version crashes, has bugs after imported a few hundred images--only 30,000 to go! The DK community seems responsive to my queries, but I'm not close to making it work. Are there tutorials? Is there a way to enlarge thumbnails, for instance. Any other Mac users out there with experience with digiKam? Thanks. Jim

Link | Posted on Feb 25, 2019 at 18:01 UTC as 1st comment
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Alfred S: Hmmm,... toggling between the 'enhanced' file and the normally processed file at even 600%... I see absolutely no difference for my Nikon D850 files.

I tried a couple of files from my Olympus OMD and OMD MK2 with similar no difference results. What are we missing?

Link | Posted on Feb 13, 2019 at 16:52 UTC

Why are we even discussing film? Toxic all the way from the silver mine to formaldehyde and other nasty chemicals during manufacturing and processing (though I'm sure camera manufacturing is not without pollution). The expense, the storage, the dust and scratches, loosing moments during film change, the time to process and scan. OMG. All that to get fixed ISO, color balance you can't control, plugged shadows and blown highlights. Unless. Unless, you're seeking a gimmick to get noticed. I will not consider going back to film, even in my nightmares.

Link | Posted on Oct 23, 2018 at 16:24 UTC as 11th comment | 5 replies
On article Panasonic S1 and S1R: What we know so far (893 comments in total)
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HP1999: I will venture a prediction since Panasonic is getting into the full frame game. Micro 4/3's will be old technology as a whole. Why pay almost $2000 for a MFT's body from Olympus or Panasonic (current flagships) when you can most likely get into full frame. The idea of a small camera will either be your smart phone or a p&s.

The camera market will start to look like 35 mm film days. everything was full frame or larger format with p&s and yes the p&s shoot cameras were all full frame using the same film stock as the SLRs

It may take another 5 years but Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic all with full frame micro 4/3's does not make sense IMO. Maybe APS-C will be here for a bit longer.

If I owned micro 4/3's and wanted to recoup something on the used market I would sell it all in the next 8 -12 months tops if not the short side of it.

Ahhh, the voice of experience. I ditched Nikon in 2013 for Oly M43. I'm not going back and certainly not to full frame. Quit peeping pixels, look at the moment you've captured and your prints and website. Nothing else counts.

--It's not the camera, it's the photographer.

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User1256087694: Not sure what to think of this deal.
I'd like to think that this will benefit contributors somehow, but I guess thats just wishful thinking.

Sensible photographers should boycott Getty and the other disreputable RF agencies. The company I work for, Ziga Media, doesn't do business with Getty, and never will, even if they gave images away.

Link | Posted on Sep 11, 2018 at 17:52 UTC
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