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10-22 EF-S wide angle
17-55 2.8 IS
18-55 EF-S
28-135 IS
50 1.8 II
85 1.8
100 2.8 USM Macro
200 2.8L
135 2.8 SF
70-200L f4
70-200 2.8L
75-300 IS
100-400L IS
400 5.6L
500 f4 II IS

30 1.4

Canon TC II 1.4x and TC II 2.0x
Canon TC III 1.4x
Tamron TC 1.4x (2) and TC 2.0x
Kenko 3 piece Tube set
Canon 500D

Canon 40D, 300D, 30D, S400, SD700 IS, G2, G7
Fuji F30
Panasonic LX-7
Panasonic FZ200
Canon 7D MK2

Canon 420ex Flash
Canon 580ex Flash
Canon 580ex II Flash
Canon CP-E3 Battery Pack
Better Beamer
HyperDrive Colour Space 160GB
Hyperdrive 80GB
Spyder ColorVision monitor calibration tool
Various RainJackets
Hoya Pro-1 filters
Moose Warm Polarizer
Hoya Polarizer
Tiffen Yellow/Blue polarizer
Graduated ND filters
More bags than anyone should have
Sekonic L-358 light meter

Kwik Camo blind
Kwik Camo blind II
Ameristep Outhouse blind
Amersitep Doghouse blind
Ameristep Chair blind

Gitzo 3530 LSV 6x carbon fibre tripod
Gitzo Traveler carbon fibre monopod
Gitzo Leveling Base
Markins M20 ballhead
Benro B3 ballhead
Benro TMA28C tripod
Benro TMA38C tripod
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Adobe Photoshop CS3
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Elements 2.0


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I noticed Amazon did a copy (AmazonBasics) of the Canon Deluxe 200EG. I bought one but the quality is not the same. Cheaper zipper pulls that broke and outer layer is ripping. My original Canon 200 EG is still solid. No rips and no broken zipper pulls.

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Roger is a great addition to this site. Have always enjoyed reading his articles on LensRentals. I have a story along similar lines, having to depend on others to do a great job for you. Mine has to do with bicycles. I was poor and could not afford to pay for bike maintenance too often. Sometimes it seemed the bike store mechanics didn't do a good job. I got fed up and decided to learn how to maintain my own bike including truing wheels. Bought a couple of books (this was before the internet) and some cheap truing stand and dishing wheel. Before long, I was truing wheels for friends and doing a better job than a bike repair shop. I can spend more time doing it and really paying attention to detail. The bike shops had to do things fast. Bike repair came in handy as I did long distance bicycle trips and needed to fix any glitches during a 200km one way trip, I had very little money so could not afford to stay in a motel, therefore even more attention when maintaining my bike.

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Canon Canada website affected as well, obviously.

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There was talk that the 90D could be a replacement possibly for the 7D MK2 as well. A sort of amalgamation of features found on both the 80D and 7D MK2. Not really. The new 90D does not have the high-precision centre AF point found on the 7D MK2. It only has 1 card slot and 45 AF points versus the 65 on the 7D MK2. It is not a replacement for the 7D MK2.

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On article Flip to flop: the pocket camcorder flash in the pan (51 comments in total)

Same here, I have a couple of the Flip cameras laying around. Not used much but I bet they still work. I bought them to use as dash cams many years ago. The GoPro form factor and attachments worked much better so these Flip cameras just sat on the shelf.

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I had the GoPro Hero3 Black and now the Hero5 Black and GoPro still can't seem to get the video Looping feature to work. I had the original Hero (can't take battery out) and the one that replaced it and both ended up with the USB port coming loose. The camera still worked fine but it was pretty much useless because it could not be charged due to broken USB port. Built-in obsolescence. Had a bunch of extra accessories which ended up not being used because these GoPro cameras did not last long. Now I read that the camera may be redesigned so all those old extra GoPro housing cases, will they fit anymore?

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The photographer must have thought he was entering a photography CONtest. :-)

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dbronson: Bitcoin is the biggest pyramid scam ever.

BitCoin will never be widely accepted or trusted. Well, you cannot trust a "currency" that is so unstable and fluctuates so much. It is more like a stock. Here, I'll give you 3 shares of this stock valued at $$ to buy that product. Mind you, that stock may have a different value tomorrow or next week or next month. BitCoin is for those who like to gamble. You may hear from some people who are encouraging its use but likely they have money already invested in BitCoin and want to drive up the value.

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On article Throwback Thursday: the Canon PowerShot G1 (171 comments in total)
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numerix: Canon G1, the worst camera ever !
G2 was much better.

I had both. G1 was ok but with more purple fringing. Still have my G2 with corner crack and all. Think Canon was going to repair that for free but I never bothered sending it in. I should charge up a battery and use it for old times sake. I shot some good memories with it. Only thing is I tried to keep it under ISO 400 or so.

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Let's take this to the extreme. A truck passing by spits up a small gravel rock which hits the shutter button resulting in a photo being taken. Who owns that photo? The rock? The tire of the truck that sent the rock projectile toward the shutter button? The truck driver? Yes, ridiculous :-)

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The fact that it escaped Nikon Asia's notice before it was published is eye-opening in itself.

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What is the battery life? Can the battery be powered by an external source (say, via micro USB cable, etc.)?

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Time to rewrite that clause. I'm fairly certain when they drafted it, they didn't have in mind the possibility that a non-human would ever press a shutter button by accident and be entangled in a copyright issue.

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My first ever camera was a Polaroid. It was cool back then to see the film develop slowly in front of you and a print ready to go. Still have a few photos from the camera. I did sell it to a neighbour way back then. But it was a neat camera to use.

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I'm still using the GoPro Hero3 Black and the plain old Hero. One thing about GoPro cameras is they're so darn reliable. I have the original GoPro Hero (can't change the battery) and use it every day as a dash cam for over 2 years now and the thing just keeps on working. I get the occasional glitch where the GoPro freezes for some reason but is easily fixed. Other than that, it doesn't seem to break. I may consider the new GoPro 6 when it comes out after skipping 2 iterations (Hero4 and Hero5).

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Gesture: Would a Vivitar 283 do the same thing?

So, would you need one of the units to attach to the hotshoe first for this Amazon Basics flash?

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Justme: What was that amber coloured flash of light on the rock?

You may be right Torsten. But would the beam from the lighthouse be amber in colour? I was thinking about some light on the drone but that would ruin night videos like this so no point for doing that.

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What was that amber coloured flash of light on the rock?

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babart: Nice video, I must admit, and I can only imagine how nice it must be to afford $8000 worth of camera equipment.

OK, call it envy, but just once I'd very much enjoy seeing photos/videos of some spectacular place or event made with equipment most of us could afford to own.

There are many beautiful photos and videos out there made with equipment that not many of us can afford. Photos of "Earth Rise" taken from space. Photos of deep space taken from the Hubble Telescope. Videos of the first moon landing, NASA's Solar Dynamic Observatory filming a massive solar flare, videos of the wreck of the Titanic, just to name a few. Etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFT7ATLQQx8

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On article YoCam is world's smallest waterproof 'life' camera (28 comments in total)

I have GoPro. They're reliable. Battery life is about 2+ hrs. The question for me is what is the battery life like for the Yo Cam? The looping seems to be limited to 5 and 10 minutes. Also, are you able to use a USB charger (for use as a dash cam) since the cam is water-proof?

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