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  • The reported limitation is for 4K HQ. From what I understand from Gordon Laing video (see the menu display at 15:05), the 4K HQ can be disabled.

  • For the limited info on the matter, what I understand is that the limitation is for 4K HQ at 30p, which is an oversampled 4K. The question remains for true 4K 30p (no oversampled).

  • Replied in G1x IV options
    (1) Keep the shape, use a brighter and/or longer lens. The G1x3 is not really pocketable anyway with its big EVF hump, so move toward more ambitious but bigger lens.
  • May be it is wiser to wait and see. That said, Sony does change the mark on the lens (9.4 instead of 8.8) and the optical zoom ratio specification (2.7x instead of 2.9x)
  • No, it does not. FL is not fov. Approximation means 9.4 stand for something between [9.35;9.45[ Given I talked already twice about distortion and fish eye... I will not contradict you about the RX ...
  • Can’t find anything valuable. If you have a link to provide, please. Note that the FL written on the lens do not depend on crop, stabilization, image ratio, optical correction, or whatever. So the ...
  • A 24mm equivalent lens. See, the RX start at 8,8mm, the ZV start at 9,4mm. And if 8,8mm stand for a fov of 24mm, then 9,4mm is closer to 26mm. Unless Sony tuned down distortion correction...
  • Thank you for the amount of data. For judging sharpness, you should not use f/11 aperture with 2,4um pixels, as it is well beyond diffraction limit. Something around f/4 should be close to optimal ...
  • I would say, your choice of aperture seems good to me, as a narrow aperture allows here to create the rays from the sun, and you had enough shutter speed headroom to shoot ISO 125.
  • You don't tell about your shooting habit, so it is hard to help, but, assuming you shoot jpeg, one thing I like to advise is : took some shots in raw and process them in camera. Then, you can play ...
  • Thank you. That is disapointing. That means G7x has better max magnification. I am not saying better macro ability as it is a mixed bag : G7x has better magnification and perspective at 5cm is ...
  • If I may allow myself to participate, as a lockdown distraction :-P This is not in relation to Peter search of a camera, but only a remark about high end compact evolution, taking advantage of ...
  • If it is like the G7x2, using the zoom lever, the minimum focus distance is displayed below the zoom bar indicator. If not displayed, may be on manual focus, set at the minimum focus distance, you ...
  • Thank you for your answer, but it is not the data I was looking for. I want to know the focal length where you have the highest magnification. On G7x, it is at 16,5mm, where the camera is still ...
  • Sorry for the out of topic, but since you are into macro and have the G5x2, can you tell the longest focal length where the closest focus distance is 5cm ? On the G7x lens it is around 16.5mm ...
  • deleted. sorry, my mistake
  • Please, provide data. For what I can see, cameras are, mostly, only moderately up in price these days, the RX100 line being the exception. Also, note that inflation is not taken into account ;)
  • You need to lock exposure first.
  • Regarding the first image, I don’t see bandind, but there is some kind of posterization. You shot in jpeg : What was your jpeg compression and your Auto Lighting Optimizer settings. About the noise ...
  • from FL, no change, and the UWA is about the same as x2 module.

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