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On article Fashion Shoot: Tips from a Pro (83 comments in total)

Interesting reading and thanks for sharing.

I sort of got a chuckle out of the models not working until midday or later, aside from the $10K to even get out of bed. An 8AM makeup and hairstylist call is way more than some can handle. Waking up at the crack of noon is more like it. Some seem to change agencies almost weekly. Maybe they flake out as "No shows" and get let go. Worse is some agencies do not update their online talent folios, but leave what they have online "forever" and keep adding to it even though some have long since left. Looks good to have 100 models verses maybe 6.

I do wonder how much longer the fashion photographer will be around though without branching out into teaching, blogging, writing books, weddings, or whatever. I find more magazines are paying less, or none at all, for any model fees and doing more CGI and computerized art stuff instead. Paying much less for articles as well since "free blogs" are prolific too. Sign of the times I guess.


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If Canon thought their gear was that much better, they'd add a better warranty on their $10,000 lenses than only ONE year. The have to have the worst lens warranty going for a major player right now.

Nikon USA has FIVE years and Tamron USA has SIX years, if you avoid the gray market ones. Of course, either could claim "Impact damage" and stick you with a $500 bill too to circumvent it.

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An 82mm filter is going to mean this thing is huge! Don't know if I'm willing to buy another round of B+W filters for an 82mm lens when most of the Nikkor f/2.8 lenses are 77mm filter sizes. Have to wait for the IQ tests to show too.

However, another nice thing going for it is that Tamron USA has a 6 year warranty on their lenses over the 5 year Nikon USA versions. Good luck with the gray market on either as neither will get fixed by the US importer now under warranty. Sadly, Canon lenses are only one year still which is screwy on some $10,000 lens of theirs. Not much faith in them it appears. I would expect more out of Canon by now.

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Nikon could address it best by saying: "We heard what out customers have thought of our service methodology and decided to change it. Instead, we will hire a person whose sole responsibility will be to the independent shops, common parts procurement from Japan, serve our retailers with parts requests, and to our loyal customers out in the field to provide them with personalized service should they wish to buy or need a part for their Nikon camera. We agree that a pro should not be without their gear for a month or more and endure needless shipping and downtime for a $1 part and think this is the best way to serve our customers."

"And Mr. Dentry will take calls from customers who wish to speak to the head of customer service too and not have his secretary respond with Mr. Dentry does not talk to customers."

** Taken from Canon's service idea where a individual can get any part from them sent to their home with a Visa payment. Their parts people talk to their customers.

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Asoshkin: I really had such a bad experience with Nikon repair that I needed to get in touch with David Dentry to try to get the matter resolved and the receptionist at Nikon told me that he doesn't except phone calls from customers. Which I found very odd since he is manager of customer relations. I was left with no one to turn to. I was waiting for someone to call me from the customer service department for couple of days. I was really thinking of selling my gear and going with canon. But I thought to myself if their customer service is the same. I called canon and asked to talk to a manager of customer service and after a minute on hold I was connected with the manager of customer service. I can not believe how different the support is. It has been a few months now and no one from customer relations ever got back with me. I had to deal with other reps from different dept. To get my issue resolved, which took weeks. I still shoot with Nikon, but when I decide to upgrade, I will think twice.

So the head of customer service won't take calls from dissatisfied customers eh? Tells you what they think of their customer base. If you Google his name and Forrester, you can find out the mission statement is ROI (Return on Investment). To log complaints makes the service stat numbers look bad for him. Expect no response = "No complaints seen here, so we must be doing really good." Amazing.

On the other hand, look at what Canon service is like.

Canon will sell you almost anything to fix your own gear without needing to be without it for a month. Even a LCD screen for your compact! That's how service should be run.

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This is Nikon USA stupidity to its finest.

Why not close all independent auto shops too? Bust a radiator hose? No more car parts places either as "They are unqualified and lack the knowledge." Really? Put your car on a flatbed and haul or ship it off to the factory in whatever country it was made for a busted radiator hose? Genius thinking, and how many would stop buying that brand of auto?

Really 'smart' move by Nikon USA and I would hope Nikon Japan intervenes as it will hurt the brand. Pro gear and no support for some measly part that an independent or retail dealer cannot get or order while you can still use your gear instead of shipping it off for a month. I can tape a battery door shut and wait for one to appear and keep using the equipment. No more with their idiotic policy.

Does sound more like greed by Nikon USA against the gray market though and them wanting 100% control of it - meaning "No Support." Follow the money.

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On article Kodak sells Image Sensor Solutions business (69 comments in total)

I thought the USA patents ran out in 15 years? If so, the Kodak patents may be lapsing very soon anyway so they would seemingly be worthless to a buyer - or Platinum Equity in this case.

I smell some money flowing to the wrong pockets someplace. Too bad for the MF buyers like Hassi, Leica, and Phase One who, if the imaging sensor manufacturing part remains, will have to raise their prices even more to cover the buyout. This might be their demise in the digital MF camera arena unless some other sensor manufacturer steps in. With the 36MP Nikon D800 supposedly on the horizon, the FF 35mm sensor may be the new MF sensor of the future and kill off the MF line entirely. If some 100MP FF sensor appears in another 10 years, bye-bye medium format.

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On article Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG Macro now available (94 comments in total)

Say what? $1,400! Thing is grossly overpriced by more than twice the price they want for it.

Nikon's 105mm macro f/2.8 is $949 at B&H Photo.

Ridiculous unless it is so sharp it puts the Nikon lens to shame, which I doubt.

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