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PaulSnowcat: Real Pro Photography? Really? Are you kidding? Tell me honestly, who you would ask to make your wedding photos? A guy with a "outdated" DSLR and a bag of lenses or a guy with an Iphone 12?

What we have to thank smartphones for is that 10 years ago all that "pros" went around with DSLRs and were looking the same are real photographers. Now that "pros" switched to smartphones and so you can easily tell who is a real photograph and who is just enjoy pressing the shutter button and nothing else.

Ehhh, no one is a pro doing a pro job nowadays. How often do we see photos that we look at for more than a passing few seconds? Who even cares that someone took hours to find good light, or spent time in Photoshop to make the pic look perfect only for most people to just skip through it while scrolling on a website?
The most successful photos these days seem to be filtered duck faces on Instagram taken by some celeb-wannabe who just had to take a fancy trip to bring home a few pics (and spread a virus) to place a few products and please their sponsors.

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OhMyGod: I wish an effort like this was ever put in porting their whole suite to Linux as well.. obviously they can do it and rewrite stuff for new architectures...

People in Eastern Europe use cracked Windows (7?), not Linux.
Canonical has a deal with Steam and two thirds of games are already available for Linux, and the number is growing. Someone is obviously paying.

Anyway, happy with Gimp or RawTherapee, if people need more I'm afraid they might need to learn how to take better photos instead.

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entoman: hahaha - I've always found is incredibly funny that the people who try so very hard to be anti-conformist, all end up looking exactly the same. Before long all the beardy guys will realise that, and in 10 years time the whole world will want to be bald.

In their defense (not hat I'm defending them) non-conformism isn't about the looks. The look is just a sign that you might be an interesting person. As a musician I can testify that the most interesting ones actually look like musicians, with some tell-tale signs on them... But those that look too much like musicians, almost as a living advertisement for their genre, sometimes make the worst music. Hipsters? No idea what they do except look after their beards and tattoos.

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divasdesas: Yep I want to be different just like you

Reminds me of a guy who tried to convince me he's original because he had a tattoo (name of his ex, I think). While I'm here, on a foreign-language website, commenting about one of many interests I have that he has never heard about. I do have a "subculture" look, as a combination of many influences I have, but not one of them hipster.

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Roadrunnerdeluxe: Hi-larious!!

Hipsters are people who lack the personality, imagination, courage or energy to be actually truly unique. It's kinda like the tribal tattoo of subcultures.

(at the same time not even a subculture)

Seriously. I'm hearing about them all the time, but no idea if any of them ever did something unique. No idea what they're about. At least when you see, for example, someone in black with long hair, there's a chance he's a musician, nerd, photographer, programmer, designer, writer etc, someone with something interesting to say, and the "look" of many subcultures is just sort of a sign that the person might be into something besides the obvious (metalhead, goth, punk, techno, folk, whatever). But hipsters? Zero.

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Some incredible comments here. A few guys (I assume) post "looks like sexual assault" and a bunch of triggered know-alls attack them. No wonder your country elected a similar-logic nationalist.
- He didn't know or ask her if it's OK. She said it afterwards.
- So, he saved the women of your country from getting ravaged by the enemy. He has the right to ravage them instead?
- And yes, I've been in a war. It makes you sick, disappointed, tired and stressed. And it makes you respectful, unless you're a war criminal. If you see dead bodies and blood, you aren't exactly happy about touching people, dead or alive. That guy was probably a cook or something irrelevant. He had a fiancee too? Real warriors and heros don't do that, now, then, WW2 or WW1.

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(unknown member): After owning the Note 3 and Note 5 and returning the Note 8, I am very satisfied with the LG V30 in the two weeks I have had it. Not a phone to impress the hot chick sitting across from you at lunch, but, for a daily driver it really gets the job done.

RadPhoto - not sure if you're trolling but anyway... For example, iPhone has 4 HUGE icons in each row, why not have 5 normal ones? Or 6? Where you can reach them? And change the icon set? Add a widget? Change the launcher to have more options for more efficiency? Re-assign the hardware keys and add more functions to them (long and short press)? Add gestures? Change the default browser, player, viewer? The only thing you can customize on an iPhone is the wallpaper, but you can't actually see it because there are icons all over it. :-)

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mick232: Great idea! Then models will have to be thinner right away already.

"We're terribly sorry, honey, but you can't work here. You look Photoshopped and we don't want trouble."
There, solved.

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justmeMN: I don't need to know anything about any iPhone.

Oh, I just check them out once a year and forget about them. Boring phones. I borrowed one to try it, and after a week literally forgot that I have it. Not much to do with them apart from dumbed-down basics, can't connect it to computer (Linux here) or headphones, and the UI looks like it was designed by someone on acid, and that's without counting how many times I had to tap just to get something that any other phone gets right away. Or seeing 4 huge icons in one row on a big screen... There's enough space for 5. The camera was OK, that's about it.

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antares103: Hold on. Every iPhone I have seen has a broken screen. Now they are making the ENTIRE phone out of glass?

Like iPhone 4. I have a friend who had each of them since the 3G, and broke the screen on each of them. And then a relative who used to work as a phone repairsman and iPhones were the most often broken ones, usually by drunken owners falling somewhere. Maybe that's how they sell so many phones? As replacements?

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ozturert: Conflict? It is an invasion by some "unknown" countries.

Let me help you: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, USA, Turkey, Qatar, a million sects (Assad's Alawites plus foreign Shia vs population of 74% Sunni majority) and tribes, everyone is invading everyone.
If you're taking sides I'll assume you're posting this from the "internet research agency" in Savushkina street in St Petersburg.

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Jakub Ostrowski: Just another idiot. I meant Macron not the photographer.

Nice Polish name. Coming from a catholic fascist country and feeling threatened, eh? As well as the other guy. When you can't even bother to learn how to spell, everything around you is a Bilderberg - masonic - satanic - illuminati - Soros - flat earth - liberal - zionist - lizard people (...) mess. :-D

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The Name is Bond: Isn't it two years security updates for premium Samsungs? And one year for the rest?

One of the most compelling reasons to only use iphones, sadly, with 5 years updates. Far too expensive.

A recent android bug, associated with a common broadcom chipset, means that even mere contact, not connection, with an infected wifi device means total control of your android. FFS!!! If that weren't bad enough, my own android gets no updates at all. Thanks, Alcatel.

Google urgently need to address this catastrophic security flaw in their Android model.

Anyone know of the Google Pixel updates situation? I can't afford that either, but it would be good to know.

My S5 had a 120 MB security update two days ago, so it's not quite as you say. Of course I will not be getting an update to Marshmallow, but still, a security update for a 3 year old flagship, and I didn't buy it for a premium price because I didn't buy it 3 years ago. ;-)

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Unsubscribe me please: Excellent work! ..... It's good to see talent + drive + effort being rewarded.

Then sadly, we see the usual lowlife couch potatoes throwing mud as usual. These RedFox88 types plague all good work accross the www!

.."I have never seen a Statue erected to a critic" .....

Exactly. Or the guy saying "find the poetry in your own neighborhood" - sure, and get beaten up. :-) The kid is lucky and talented and now I have a few more desktop wallpapers. :-)

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tbcass: Other than DOF I think this could have been taken with a cell phone.

It would probably be more interesting to look at if it was taken with a cell phone. This DOF craze is getting on my nerves. Let's pay more just so we can have more than a half of an image blurred? They are using bokeh like a crutch nowadays. But when the dynamic range is low-ish so a part of an image is too dark or light, even if it's intentional, they complain. Humans...

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To everyone talking about "shady" Chinese companies, maybe you should consider that Huawei is the 3rd largest phone manufacturer right now, in 2016? Just a thought.

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Magnus3D: When a Android device is on top of the list, people scream that DxO is overrated and useless. But when a Apple devices tops the list, then DxO is the best thing ever..

Cameras mattered for everyone way before Apple made a mobile phone, ever since phone displays went color. The first few iPhones didn't even have autofocus, LED, front camera or video recording, and a bunch of people were saying that nobody needs those anyway. Check out old Nokias (N73 or earlier) or Sony Ericsson K800 (Xenon!) or Samsung D900i, etc, etc. When Apple released the 4 my Nokia N8 had Xenon, 12 megapixels and HD video with stereo sound (which iPhone still can't record for one excuse or another).

Posted on Apr 17, 2016 at 17:33 UTC
On article Erez Marom: On the importance of naming images (111 comments in total)

I think there is a place for both naming or not naming them. For example, nobody complains that "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" has a name, just as nobody is trying to give a proper name to 9th Symphony... Sometimes it works, sometimes not, and it is up to the artist to choose. Right now I can't remember what the 4th or 5th symphonies sound like. Also, artist's view should be respected. As a musician I get annoyed when someone tells me "I loved the 4th and the 7th track of your album" - I have to mentally count them to know what they are talking about. They have names, which are also open for interpretation. Some bands do name their tracks I, II, III and so forth and in that case it's completely acceptable.
Enjoyed the photos! \m/

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DotCom Editor: Chinese government spyware included for free!

You forgot the news where NSA was actually infiltrating Huawei?

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