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Hiskrtapps: Banding problem is present at any iso, not only 6400 or higher.

High isos only make it more evident.
Like exposure time do.
Like aperture very close do.

Obviously in optimal conditions problem is not noticeable and disappears.

I tried many long exposures last night and even a lower iso (500) problem was evident while increasing exposure time.

Hope in a fix.

Alas, I noticed this too.

However, an even greater disappointment...

I am just waiting for Fuji to return my X10 with a replaced sensor that will supposedly sort the WHITE ORB issue and now to my shock and horror I found that I can get the same issue with the OM-D E-M5 using the M.Zuiko 40-150mm


Is this just an odd one off or has anyone else noticed this?

Otherwise, after just a few days of playing with it I am quite happy. You can see the results here:

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On article Is Instagram 'debasing photography'? (291 comments in total)

Debasing is a rather strong word.

I have used 'Instagram' and other apps that have such filters.

I am however not kidding myself that there is anything creative about changing something with a few clicks.

Its a fad, it will pass.

I am sure there are users out there who can produce creative work regardless of methods or technics. I am thinking David Hockney and Polaroids.

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JacquesBalthazar: Am I the only one to think apps such as these are making so called "creative photography" increasingly easy, trivial, gimmicky, lazy, boring, repetitive and ultimately irrelevant?

At least PS and the like require some training and knowledge, and benefit from an understanding of the mechanics of photography. But the new generation of apps are too brilliant for our own good.

Basically, within 6 months from now, nobody will raise an eyebrow for any similar output, and, unless you live on a desert island with no Internet, the only reaction facing a "creative" image will be to yawn and deride the Snapspeed filter that was used. Even if the picture is in fact truly a 19th century wet plate print or a 40s Kodachrome slide retrieved from a sunken ship or the outcome of a complex experiment at sophisticated cross processing.

I might be overly elitist, but the only way forward for meaningful photography might be in going back to the basics.

Re the previous two comments...

when Picasso was asked "What is Art?" he replied
"What isn't"

Moving away from photography when visiting a Modern Art Gallery do we really know what is or what is not ART?

For me the answer is relatively simple. If I respond emotionally to it or not. Stuffed sharks don't work for me regardless of what the crits say.

Ultimately, the medium may or may not be the message however, the 'message' is the operative word and if there is one it matters not a jot if its SOOC with a pinhole cam or using a Noctilux or even a cheap effects filter.

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