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(unknown member): Would have been nicer with a higher speck camera.

Yes, because let's face it, photography is all about being trendy.

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Just how good a quality can a 30x lens this size be?

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ThePhilips: MFD (min focusing distance) of 45cm? Ouch.

One of the reason I went with the m43 was that the Oly lenses have relatively short MFD. Helps enormously in tight corners and on social outings.

Just buy a macro lens if you want to shoot that close.

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Felix E Klee: For today's light weight compacts and system cameras, wouldn't it be possible to create an advanced tripod that just weighs about a pound / 0.5 kg, and that is extensible to a variable height of up to 5 foot / 1.5 m? No market?

Bilora used to make the Biloret, which comes close, and which can be had cheap. However its technology is roughly half a century old. I'm willing to pay up to 200 USD / EUR for a tripod matching the above specs. Of course light weight tripods are not great in wind, but it's not always windy.

Carbon is an incredible material. I used very thin carbon legs for a fun table tripod design:

I have the Sirui T-025x, a carbon fibre tripod that weighs in at .6kg, which sounds like what you're after.

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Gimmicky and ultimately uninteresting.

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vscd: Interesting, but it has no real advantage because you just use an old lense on your NEX. Maybe a Tilt/Shift Cam can give you some new possibilities.

It's lens, not lens.

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Actor Dennis Hopper gets first London exhibition - 4 years after death

What bad taste this title is. They guy has been dead for 4 years, for god's sake!
It should be: The Hopper Art Trust is showing an exhibition of the late Dennis Hopper's photos.

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Artistico: It trolls the web? Really? I thought there was enough trolling just in the DPReview forums for starters. Why would we want anyone else to start trolling for us as well? =P

Ah but this is trolling for a good purpose ;)

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What size hard drive does it come with?

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jira: YAMC - Yet Another Mirrorless Camera

Do you say YADSLR every time a new DSLR comes on to the market?

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On article Never lose your lens cap again with HACkxTACK (165 comments in total)

Pockets will also do the job and are free.

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Rupert, of course ;-)

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These photos would be so much better if they had been taken with a decent camera. They're not bad, but these instagram type filters have just become so cliché now. If only she'd used something like a Sony RX100 or Panasonic GM1 (small, compact cameras with good image quality).

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On photo The Walk in the high heels (legs only) challenge (2 comments in total)

Invisible high heels?

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On article Classic photographs recreated in Lego (117 comments in total)

Most kids grow out of lego by the age of 10.

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Allen Yang: I prefer Nikon D7100 to this!

George, why can't you just call it the EM1? Seems simple enough to me.

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Wildbegonia: Here is an idea: instead, why not a 'vocabulary' challenge? It seems that participants do not know or care to check in a dictionnary the meaning of the word boudoir

Please check the word dictionary in a dictionary.

Posted on Oct 9, 2013 at 10:03 UTC
On article Fashion photography with the 41MP Nokia Lumia 1020 (123 comments in total)

You'd get a better result from a Holga.

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