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Chinaexpat: The difference between the D800 and the S3 is not sensor size. The differences are
A: One sensor which is optimized for low light and another optimized for low ISO. and
B: More expensive lenses, if the japanese camera companies could get $2,000 for a 50mm f1.8 they could EASILY design an amazing lens fully the equal to anything from Leica. Just look at lenses like the oly 150mm f2.0 or nikon 200mm f2.0
C: The D800 has 2 user groups, 1) Professionals who use it as a workaday tool and 2) Amateurs who are (sorry don't mean to be insulting) posing by using a tool which is bigger and more expensive than they actually need.
The S3 has just one user group: Professionals who are posing by using a tool which is bigger and more expensive than they actually need. Not to say that an S3 is not a better tool for certain jobs than a D800 but the primary function of an S3 is to announce yourself as serious.

Sorry, but you don't get to define an amateur's need. It is decided only by said amateur and is completely valid, whatever you think of it. (disclaimer: I do not own a D800)

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jerrycambuk: Does a gorilla glass smartphone style screen cover mean it will break easily like my iPhone? :)

I dropped my iPhone and it works fine. Now what?

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Mssimo: CMOS sensor now. Sony?

I'm guessing they are responsible for the design, but not the fabrication.

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kikiriki: 1 cross AF point? Incredible!!!

I like mine. I's no 1DX or D800, but atrocity seems harsh. Oh wait, I get it now: you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Phew.

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mosum: Intervalometer? AF micro adjustment?

Lol @ the people who actually thought this would cost $1500...

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dark goob: Selling books much?

Yep, owned by Amazon.

Barney Britton 1-0 dark goob

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jcb9001: Maybe next time they should put a 4x5, film, a minilab, and an Epson V750 flatbed scanner on the rover.

Seriously, if this Cameron fellow wants 3d movies, he can build his own rover and send it to Mars. What is stopping him?

The Soviet Union used this process before, on early moon probes, Luna 3 being an example. Not with 4x5, though :-)

I think NASA did too, though I don't recall which spacecraft used it.

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Mathias Japri: Just wondering, mars is full of snad dust particels etc, how does this camera manage to get it's lens clean from dust and etc.

imagine a 4x4 travelling in desert, the whole car would be covered all in dust...

does in mars have strong wind also?

In addition, its top speed is about 1.5 inches per second, so it won't be kicking up that much dust.

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simon65: Fixed non zoom lens = no sale.

When will Leica wake up?

Of course, with this camera you have only one prime.

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skebe: I own leica X1. It is of formidable caliber camera. Picture quality is uncomparable with any camera of similiar size. In fact it would benefit from only some technical improvement and engineers in Solms did just that. X1 is not camera for every one. You are talking of technical sides caring little about the joyful exprience you get by operating such state of the art instrument of newest digital technology at its best in such strightforward and simple way with breathtaking results only the Leica is capable of.
X1 requires from you development of truly close relationship to be enjoyed saying nothing about the best workmanship. It is sheer pleasure to take photos with X1 and even more more to watch the results. Bravo folks at Solms and thank you for dedication and wonderful exprience and joy you provide me with every minute with my Leica X1.

"only Leica is capable of..." lol, right. Well, there certainly is a lot that only Leica is capable of. But none of it has to do with making images.

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Peter Bendheim: Lots of derogatory remarks here - by people trying to be too clever. Yes it's really expensive, and no I will never own one. But I can look it the same way as I look at a Supercar or the finest handmade Swiss watch - as the pinnacle of design and craftsmanship - not made by underpaid people in a Chinese or Phillipines sweatshop, but by people who get paid for their skill and go home to their families at night with money in their pockets. That's why craftsmanship costs more, because labour costs more. And sure there is the Veblen factor, which adds to the price. There is an irony here in that in days gone by, when watches were automatic and cameras had film, people bought things to last. Now all those here that criticsize the rich are probably the same people upgrading their DSLR's every year and spending their lives on forums saying they are going to jump ship cos there has been no new Dxxx or mark24 for 18 months. Just appreciate the craftsmanship and design! No need to be ugly!

Pinnacle of design? Lol....not even close.

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Lupti: Ok, I say take an ordinary DSLR, set it to B/W and take the same shots. I doubt that most people can distinguish them from the Leica shots if not told from what camera they are. Really. I also would go as far as taking an ordinary P&S with B/W mode and compare them with these.
I don´t see the point of this camera aside from being a new toy for people with too much money. I also never understood what´s so great about the Leica system, the cameras and lenses cost megabucks for what reason? Handmade in Germany, a red dot? But the parts are so expensive there isn´t money anmyore for a higher resolution display? Okay...there are still too much people with too much money.
And no, there is no envy at all.
Now I think some people will tell me I´m trolling(I´m not) or that I don´t understand the special art of photographing with a Leica, but really, I couldn´t care less.

I've heard of 'em, and I'm still curious to see if there is any noticeable difference.

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