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On article Canon PowerShot G7 X Review (457 comments in total)

I still can't believe that I can hand-hold the G7x at night and shoot steady video with digital zoom and it's stable at concerts.

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carmeld: Hi,
I am about to buy a new camera to replace my recently stolen 500D.
I am tossing up between the Canon 700D and the 70D and would appreciate advice regarding which direction to go.
I take a variety of subject matter from portraits to landscapes, but not usually sports.
I don't usually take video either, but I am thinking it could be something useful to consider in the near future, for family events etc.

Just tried the 650D (Basically a 700D in disguise) and the 70D - hands down the 70D wins.
Best features: Wifi+live-view remote shooting for portraits where you can change your focus point and shoot from where the lighting is, mirror lockup + wifi remote for macro shooting and damn good critical focus in live-view for portraits with STM lenses - v. good with USM lenses.

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On article Canon EF 50mm F1.4 USM review (6 comments in total)

The data and the shots don't match what photozone reports with the 350D in terms of sharpness by a long way. Also the dreamyness of the f/1.4 shots is because the lens is front-focusing in most of the samples.
Here's the obvious thing that you should have reported - it's a tough lens to get to focus right especially wide open.
This indicates the DPreview botched the test and botched the review failing to take correct measurements by focusing manually or on a rack and failing to report the AF shortcomings.

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On article What is equivalence and why should I care? (2469 comments in total)

There's a neglected aspect to equivalence hiding here -background blur equivalence. the same lens on APS-C due to magnification of the final image produces more background blur than on full frame - akin to greater magnification of final prints highlighting focus inacuracies.

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On article Editorial Lighting - The Minimalist Way (89 comments in total)

Nice work. I'm sure this image could sell product like perfume in a men's or women's magazine along the lifestyle lines - especially using the back seat reference.

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hammerheadfistpunch: Im not sure i understand the benefit to coming out with a smaller (15.9 mm diag.) proprietary sensor system instead of adopting a standard like MFT or even DX. I guess they were worried about it stealing sales from their larger offerings? This could have been a great addition to the MFT family, why Nikon, WHY?

The way I look at it, every generation of sensor competes with the larger sensor from the previous generation anyway.
With Nikon's larger market share, splitting r&d over higher sales volumes leads to greater profitability.
Next, factor in that smaller sensors are cheaper and you have a small gamble.
Looking at the language used, this camera seems to be for bloggers that want to go to the next level with a product that is designed specifically for their needs. Blog, digital camera, video uploads are the postcards of today used in higher volumes than ever before.
Ultimate blogger tool? surely.

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On article Nikon 1 System First Impressions (248 comments in total)

I like the idea - I think the execution with motorized everything is not so great.
The thing I see missing is the physical control of zoom and focus that an ILC should have - otherwise it's a P&SILC - and a very good one at that. 2 lenses and 27-270mm equivalent isn't bad but where is the portrait prime and Macro lens?
A separate flash battery would have made it larger and reduced cycle times. No worries - 3rd party solutions will certainly crop up.
Price it just above G12 and it should have some takers although looking at it, I might just think Leica should do this and improve on it.

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On article Why make a small-sensor mirrorless camera? (271 comments in total)
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djsphynx: First sentence seems to be missing something... roughly what?

I don't think many of you understand the buying process all that well.
I'm a canon man and bought a G12 to replace a A95 - that's a huge upgrade. Now I'm thinking that if Canon came up with something like this, I'd have certainly considered it.
If you look at sensor size alone, this lashes out against the G12s and the micro 4/3s. A sensor refresh would bring it one step further to beating 4/3s but more importantly, people will have more confidence in the system being supported for longer.
The interchangeable lens market is a nice one to be in as accessories make a good portion of profits.
Bravo Nikon. The difference between enthusiast p&s and APS-C has been bridged successfully with features that joe soap will like.
Now for the proof of the pudding - no serious flaws...

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Photato: To be honest everybody was late.
Why nobody saw the potential of the mirrorless market back in 2004?
All were busy doing me too SLRs.

Mirrorless = big sensor p&s with interchangeable lenses.
It costs money to create a market segment and since N&C seem to be selling the most lenses, I think it's only natural that in the event of this segment growing, they will be huge beneficiaries and you'd hardly describe them as late entrants if they're making most of the glass.
Technically, it looks like a dropped feature than innovation.
My thoughts center round handling and how to make a very lens-heavy camera usable. Probably the way forward is a shutter release/handle that attaches to a tripod mount on the lens with a quick-release shoe.

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On photo BusinessTravellerHell_dpreview in the Rule of thirds [read everything] challenge (1 comment in total)

I just don't see the appeal of this photo. Seriously, would you print it? I've seen and photographed more attractive toilets so asking me to vote for this?

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On photo Snad Play in the Child and Youth Portraits challenge (1 comment in total)

Very dark exposure

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On photo Cute in the Child and Youth Portraits challenge (1 comment in total)

There's not much happening here. Surely, there was a better background than a bright orange Jacket?

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