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On article Throwback Thursday: Olympus E-10 (163 comments in total)

The E-10 was the camera that made me transition from film to digital.

Link | Posted on Dec 2, 2016 at 21:49 UTC as 23rd comment
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fmian: $599??
Haha.. okay.. More expensive than better cameras that come with more tech inside and are standalone.
You can get an:
RX100 for half the price.
RX100 II for a bit less than this.
RX100 III for a little bit more.
The size advantage of this is made irrelevant when you consider it needs to be attached to an iphone to uncripple it.

This was my initial reaction as well. I really wanted to like this and was even willing to overlook even a short range zoom until I got to the price. At $599 I'll probably still pick one up to play with, but for people who don't own OP10 Elite and DXOs Film Pack already, it suddenly becomes a much better value as both are included with your purchase.

Link | Posted on Jun 19, 2015 at 04:47 UTC

Sorry I haven't returned. I spend more time shooting than talking about it on forums.

Canon is an excellent body, and certainly excells at certain things compared to the Nikon (frame rate and video come to mind) but the D4s's image quality is superior to the 1DX in just about everyone's tests. You may like the Canon better, but beyond that your comments are questionable at best and I'm done wasting time with them. I should have known better than to even bother when someone refers to either a Nikon or Canon flagship body as a "turd".

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Wubslin: You can't polish a turd.

Yet Nikon keep on trying...

We get it...you don' like Nikon. Thanks for your valuable contribution.

By the way, have you ever owned/shot a D4s? Never mind. I know the answer already.

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Richard Franiec: Great, candid interview. Mr Iida breaks the mold of typical, cryptic responses to the interviewer's questions once again. That takes a lot of guts and determination. Truly remarkable. No wonder that Fuji have so strong and faithful following. I wish Fuji all the success in achieving their goals.

I was thinking the exact same thing. Glad to see I'm not the only one.

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On article onOne Software's Perfect Effects 8 available for free (113 comments in total)
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mdmiataman: Its a scam. Nobody in this day and age gives away free software unless they want to get something else back from you in return. You get a very pretty page stating you are the proud owner of a Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition and showing you a long series of numbers as your License Number. Then when you go back a second time to open it up it asks for a sign on, prompting you to add your license number. That page won't accept the numbers that you're given.
Bottom line is you have a 30 day trial program,..
DPREVIEW,... you should be ashamed of yourself for letting your readers this this is a free software,..!!

So you can't figure out how to make it work so it must be a scam and DPR should be ashamed? Amazing how many other people have been able to make it work just fine.

For people complaining, good GOD, it's FREE. If you don't like it, delete it. Many of us find it works just fine, especially if you take a few minutes to actually learn how to use it.

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On article Sample Gallery: LG G2 smartphone images (48 comments in total)
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jcmarfilph: If you really want to shoot using smartphone, don't force yourself or just eat your pride and buy pureview phones and not an overpriced mediocre iPhones.

And if you're buying pureview phones because of the camera, why not just buy a decent camera? It's a CELL PHONE first, a camera second. The day pureview phones come with a decent operating system, they may have something but until then, their OS is what keeps most people away from them.

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On photo Buzkashi8 in the Manly macho men doing manly macho things challenge (10 comments in total)

I never comment on people's images. Absolutely outstanding.

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On article Sept. 10 looks likely for Apple announcements (11 comments in total)

"And I hope the new iPhone will have a better camera now. Not a mediocre camera with sensor smaller than a pinhead. And optical zoom too so we will no longer see horrible trying hard accessories to make it look like a decent phone.

Basically, a phone with larger sensor (similar to PureView), a handgrip, an EVF, an optical zoom lens with which you can attach physical filters not insta-crap filters and 4G and WIFI capability."

So basically you want........a camera instead of a phone. :-)

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Photo property of Bob in Ky.

Posted on Aug 15, 2013 at 11:02 UTC as 1st comment

I see it still has that ridiculous bundled flash that Oly insists on using. God I hate that flash on my E-Pl5 and prefer the pop up of my E-PL2.

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