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I have been using a Galaxy SII for about six months now as my main camera. The best feature is that because it looks like a phone, no one takes much notice of you even if you have your camera pointing directly at them. For candid photos it has worked a treat. And I have found the software apps excellent and evolving. I do three shot HDR, timelase, all kinds off effects and even cropping. As I come within range of a wifi, it starts automatically uploading my photos to Google+ ready for me to send.
Where it fails is in the mechanics of the camera itself. Although better than an iPhone, it still has a large pink tinge at the centre of the each shot--you only notice it against a strong white background. When you are taking photos for publication this is a serious matter. Any camera/phone combo is going to be flawed at the current level of technology but what we have in this seems to be the best available at present.
Question: how much and what is the battery life?.

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