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Please have a look on Flickr if you have time over 20,000 photos are there for your perusal. SteveT


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igoriginal: Amazing zooms that these newest SX series have, no?

A little tip for "astro-photography", specifically when it comes to photographing the moon: a full moon is the absolute WORST time for taking a photograph of it. That's because contrast and detail is maximally washed out, given that sunlight is hitting it straight-on (just as high-noon is the absolute WORST time to take outdoor photos, generally speaking).

For the best and most detailed and striking moon photos, many astro-photographers concur that a quarter moon is usually the best phase for moon photos. At this steep angle of sunlight, shadows are much more pronounced, and contrast and detail is at its best and crisp (for the same reasons that early morning and and late afternoon on EARTH are also usually the best times to take outdoor photographs).

I'll be putting up my own photos, soon, as I have just joined dpreview. And will then send you a link to an ideal moon photo example (quarter moon), using a Canon SX30.


Thank you Igoriginal for your comments and curtainly with give the quater moon a try once the opportunity arises. I also took a picture of the moon with recently purchased the Sony A77 and the 70-400G lens and is posted here
I took it using the 2x teleconverter at max zoom and I've got to say for an expensive bit of kit the SX40 by comparison does do rather well on occasions.


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