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mwhyte: Brazil must be a really tough market, for even large and powerful Sony to not be able to make a go of it...

Exiting a market does not mean exiting a business entirely, I am sure Sony's consumer camera division is fine for now (in regards to other markets)...

I mostly feel bad for Brazilian photographers...I have no knowledge of the Brazilian camera market, but who is left...Just Canon for FF, does Fuji sell camer's there, does Panasonic?...Maybe Pentax? ...I mean Canon makes great cameras but I would hate to live in a market that only had one brand of camera to choose from...

People already goes to grey market even with local representation or buy when they travel abroad. I got my first DSLR during a vacation trip to NY. One year later I got some good lenses during a business trip, again to NY.

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The Silver Nemesis: Anyone from Brazil here? If yes, any potential explanations, please?

* = later edit: of course it can be contextual (e.g. global impact on local), but I would be more interested on the local key impact factors.

Several reasons lead to it. Inequity means that the true consumer market is way smaller that the population. Tax levels and complexity makes prices of “luxury” goods to be twice the prices you can find in other markets (some people just travel to buy abroad). Poor education makes labor costs high because it is hard to find someone prepared to complex jobs. Infrastructure and logistics suck. Sony production plant is thousand of kilometers far from Brazilian main consumer markets.

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jthomas39: I don't have lens corrections available for most of my Nikon Z6 lenses. That really limits my darktable usage. Are there alternatives to the lensfun database, or will lenses start getting added to lensfun quicker?

After a little experience with it, darktable works great. Like any powerful software, it takes a while to know where controls are located and how to efficiently do the processing steps. I really like the many different ways that the sliders can be changed, both for big changes or precise adjustments.

@jthomas39, lensfun is a community supported database. If you are not willing to submit by yourself, then we have to expect that yours lens is popular enough among lensfun users. You can also try this Rico Richardson video in the mean time - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD-wTE2KrLw

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FrithjofA: What a magic. Sales psychology 101 with no effect. The store can charge 100$ the state charges (lets say 5% sales tax) 5$ and the store gives you a 5$ "tax rebate" (B&H way). Or the store charges 95.24$ the state charges 4.76$ sales tax and at the checkout you pay 100$ (european way).

Question: what do you play at the end? Exactly: 100$. In detail: the dealer price is enlarge by the implicit sales tax such that you can get the rebate and be happy for cheating the state although B&H complies with the law!

Sales taxes are used for roads, law enforcement, courts and infrastructure which make even a mail order store operating to begin with since without road, there is no shipping of the warehouse. People always misunderstand "taxes" as state robbery instead for appreciating what service is provided to the community.

He means that B&H would increase prices to allow such rebate. Not sure if they will but I really would like to know the viability of such rebate in the long run if B&H doesn't increase prices.

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