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Rodger Kingston: I've been reading the posts here with interest, and I've learned that the lowly Fuji X30 - and my beloved X10 and X20 - are not very good cameras. (I'm the guy who wished for an X100Z - for zoom - here in a recent comment.)

I've learned that the lens is just OK; the sensor is outdated; the retro style is downright silly; the price is too high; the IQ is only modest; and the whole damned camera is out of date.

By now I'm just amazed that I've managed to produce anything usable with such miserable cameras.

But then I go back and look at the photographs I've made with them, and I like what I see, as do many others. I like the way I can reach out through these little cameras and bring back interesting pieces of the world. And I love the way they fit my hand and my eye. (After all, as I'm credited with saying, a camera is a save button for the mind’s eye.)

I'm sorry, but some of the comments here seem to me like arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

Rodger, almost every discussion on this site turns into a technical argument or point scoring. It is the "nature" of a review site, I suppose. Your comment was refreshing, thanks. Enjoy whatever camera you are using and be happy :-)

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Ophicleide: The Fuji X100s is very disappointing. I bought this camera to shoot like a digital rangefinder camera. The f/stop ring is nice but works in full stop increments only !!! Where have these Fuji guys been for the last 40 years ? The shutter speed dial is perfect, Bulb, T, and 1/4sec through 1/4000th sec. plus A. Then there is that exposure knob to the right of the shutter speed dial that allow 1/3 f/stops from -2 to +2. Perfect for dialing in that exposure that full stop increments wont give you, except is doesn't work in the manual mode. You have to use that rotating thumb wheel that I hate because if you press it just a tad too much you go into different modes.
Fuji had an excellent idea, a digital rangefinder, fixed focal length lens that could have been a perfect digital replacement to a Leica rangefinder of yesteryear - and they screwed it all up. I played with the camera trying to get used to the myriad of options that are all unnecessary. Sent it back.

Hi Ophicleide - I realise that it was not the camera for you but wanted to make 1 point for other people reading this.

If you are working in manual and want increments of aperture - the command dial where your thumb is will jump in 1/3 increments on either side of your current exposure to + or - 1 stop. In spite of your inference - it does not take you into different modes when shooting in manual. If you push it in all the way you cam jump between evf and ovf but the exposure mode is unchanged.

I actually find it a very big improvement over adjusting an aperture ring, especially in ovf - which is quite fiddly.

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Shashikant: Ihave Nikon D7000 and Nikon lenses.I am facing focussing problem with Nikon micro lens 105mm, f/2.8 G IF-ED VR lens in Auto mode. Can you please tell me in general which method will give best results - Auto focus or Manual focus. All the Nikon lenses included.

I would suggest that you never want to shoot macro in auto-focus mode. On any camera - not just a D7000.

I am surprised to hear you say so many people are having issues with the D7000 focusing system. I have used a few of them and they have proven to be great cameras.

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Jen003: Wonderful shot - how I wish it was mine!! Lucky you even being there and Congrat's on a deserving first. Jen

What a lovely picture. I am not sure I would be brave enough to try and attract the bears attention! It must have been a great experience to see them so close up and uninhibited.

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