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Very niceā€¦ thanks for the lighting tips and loved these images!

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If this happened to me I'd be tearing my hair out and screaming, so I have a great deal of sympathy for this poor guy. It is nice that Canon provided him the gear to do his job in Rio. Hopefully he had insurance. But I wonder, how big was the bag? $40,000? I carry around a D5 and three f/1.4 primes (24, 50, 85) and that is like 14 or 15 or maybe more pounds, and I carry it on my shoulder and it's worth about, what? $11K?

He must have been packing a ton of stuff. Hard to believe he didn't hear anything when the thief hefted this kit.

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Wow. These are incredible updates! Can't wait for 30 minutes of 4K video and personally, I'm keen for flicker reduction, seems like an obvious thing for such a high end camera, and I am a true believer in 9 point AF. It kind of bridges the gulf between S and d25.

Thank you Nikon!

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On article Readers' Showcase: Scott Matthews (44 comments in total)

Very nice images and I like the story too. Good read!

My favorite photo is the last one. Very compelling.

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Love these...

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This is not a composite image. It was wet and drippy outside, and I went to the kitchen door. This was a few years ago, before we added a deck, so beyond the door there was nothing but a mossy slab of concrete about 3 feet below the door. I was kinda looking at the moss, the water, the droplets, the leaves... then I saw my feet reflected in the door (which was full glass), and I started taking pictures, from inside, looking out through the door, at the wet moss, leaves, etc. I was kind of stunned at the ethereal result. This is one of my favorite self portraits.

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On photo Don making an impossible face... in the Extreme Facial Expressions challenge (1 comment in total)

Also, I love the Buddha in the background!

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I made this image IR using Photoshop.

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