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Just a Norwegian that have photography as a hobby.
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NJOceanView: If Instagram really wants the focus to be on content, they should eliminate likes AND followers. People do all kinds of tricks, gimmicks, automation, bots, and everything else just to have a good number.

I'd rather just look at others' good work and present my own for anyone interested.

They should b hidden from the public view, not completely removed.

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Charcoal silver!
Maybe I will upgrade just for that, I dont really care that much about the other stuff.
(Only better AF and lower delay touch screen)

I probably wont tho, because money and X-T20 is good enough. Maybe I will when X-T40 comes out?

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Inukim: Ever since the take over, I have only been having trouble with Flickr. Images not loading or not loading at full resolution. Not sure if anyone else is having the same issues but its quite annoying.

Only problems I have personally noticed is the same ones that was before they took over.
Aka relatively slow compared to other sites and once in a while showing bad panda.

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Mortal Lion: Maybe they will now have time to get the site working properly again in Google Chrome and finally get rid of the Yahoo login. And while they are at it make the android app less buggy and redesign it according to material design.

They have said they will do that, but if it actually happens, or how fast it happens, we can only wait and see.

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brilliant sunsets: Have seen no posts pointing out the lack of IBIS in the XT-3. I don't understand why the XH-1 has IBIS while the newer XT-3 doesn't. Are they intended for different types of shooting? Panasonic, Olympus, Sony, and now Nikon offer IBIS. I find lens or body image stabilization normally results in sharper images, regardless of manufacturer.
Only my Fuji zooms have IS, the primes I have don't, thus having IBIS could drive me to replace an XT-2.

Well, The exstra bit of height on the X-T2 over the A6500 is used for dials.
And a6500 have a bigger grip that can have stuff in it to make space for IBIS around the sensor.

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(unknown member): What software was used and what do you mean that the editing was complex compared to the GH5? :)

Do Video software have to support X-trans? It isnt RAW. (I am curious)

I havent found any luts, I am curious too.

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On article Sony launches new line of rugged SD memory cards (338 comments in total)
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James Wages: Sorry but this is how robust every SD card should be! Also, why the launch in Europe? Is the rest of the world that poor?

Japanese people work so much that they are less in nature where there are no roof and more in the cities :)

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hikerdoc: Interesting that this recall apparently did not include pulling the faulty stock at large dealers. You still find version 3 for sale at Amazon, B&H, and Adorama sites.

Well, I think they shouldn't pull it, but should send those packs of new ones for free to stores to send them with the v3s whenever anyone buys them with a small message about using them.

Cheaper for peak design but those that buy v3s would still get the new anchors.

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