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Over the decades since 1977 I owned and used most of the canon lenses relentlessly all over the world - probably my favourite was the 70-200 f4L IS BUT 2 years ago I sold all my Canon gear - 3 bodies (5D Mk111 x 2 and 1Ds MkII) and all the lenses - why:-

1. Too heavy
2. Olympus lenses are simply MUCH better - try the 40-150mm f2.8 (80-300 equivalent). I've done back to back tests with two friends who shoot with Canon 100-400 IS zooms and gone home and printed all 3 shots of the same scene to A3 (on a Canon 9500) and blindly all felt the Olympus on the old EM1 was better.

3. The Olympus 7-14mm f2.8 - an amazing lens. Their 12-40 f2.8 - superb against Canon's 24-70 and with longer reach.

4. Prime lenses - the Olympus 75mm f1.8, light as a feather and blows the Canon 135mm f2 out of the water in day to day use.

So yes they made great lenses BUT they also made mediocre ones (24-105 f4 - aaargh what an irritating lens with vignetting as a feature).

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What's happening, first the lens was due in March, then definitely April, now not sure when??

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Great camera with ONE SERIOUS FLAW

I have used this camera for 11 months and taken over 10,000 images using 7-14, 14-40 and 40-150mm f2.8 lenses - all of which are superb. I used it down to minus 5 degrees celsius on the Bernina Pass last March - no problem. So I brought it to China this week - not too cold BUT minus 15 degrees C at dawn.

YIKES - the shutter jams below minus 5 - I have to take the lens off and push the shutter down to carry on.

Now I know Olympus, Canon and Nikon all say their cameras are for use between 0 and 40 degrees BUT I have had 34 previous visits to China with my Canons down to minus 35 degrees and not a hint of trouble. This trip the guys with Canon, Nikon and Sony - NOT a GLITCH - just the OLYMPUS.

How can this be a serious PRO camera for nature, sports or in my case steam trains? If it packs up around minus 5 it is quite simply FATALLY FLAWED!

Has anybody else had this issue?

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Wonderful stuff!

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adam3544: How do I setup this new feature on my camera.

could you explain to me what you mean by "press play mode" - I can't find that anywhere on any of the menus and I can't upload the software - any self respecting computer programmer would make the camera automatically detect an update on the SD card and ask if one wanted to down load it would they?? Or am I just displaying my age?

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Sounds a great idea - I have just spent 2 hours with my GH2 plugged into the computer and totally failed to get the new fiirmware onto it! There is an error message K:\DCIM unavailable, so being canny I decided to load the update onto the SD card and then put it into the camera - still can't get the new firmware onto the camera!

The process is very poor and as a Canon owner who has never had any trouble updating the firmware for my EOS cameras, I am really put off panasonic by this poorly supported update with instructions that do not work!

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