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(unknown member): Great potential not only for a camera with some interesting new features, but also for the implications on lower models seeing some of the same strategies and technology in the future.

I hope so, then I can afford one. But my guess is the
pixel race will continue in the cheaper lines. They have
answered Nikon at he high end.

Link | Posted on Oct 22, 2011 at 00:47 UTC
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DioCanon: great camera,
great sensor and
great new AF (of course we'll wait for the tests)

if I can really dare to make a note, we are in 2011,
even my grandmother $115 Nokia has GPS and for $20 more you get a phone with wireless...
Is that possible that in a pro dslr you have to buy 2 extra pieces of equipment and carry them in the bag, after you already spent $7000???
In 2011...

Yes Mitchell I was also thinking that RF noise could a consideration and removing it from near the analogue circuits
may help IQ as well as the other reasons already stated.

Good to see Canon is back with clean high iso,DR and even
more pixels than Nikon's flagships, what's not to like, only
the price, I hope this tech or attitude trickles down to the cheaper lines.

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On article AVCHD 2.0 expands to include 1080 50p and 60p (40 comments in total)
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Lupti: AVCHD standard is useful as a 2nd hole in the butt. Really. Who needs it? Manufacturers should integrate video-modes regardless of standards like AVCHD.
Canon don´t has DSLR with AVCHD. Nikon, too. Both can make good videos.
Sanyo already had a camcorder with 1080p60 recording capability before the first AVCHD cams with 1080p50/60 came out.

Panasonic crippled their GH2 just for the standard.

Unfortunately codecs such as H264 cost royalities to use, Apple
being a big shareholder with a few other huge companies.

That's why Apple wants to destroy Flash, more H264, more bux.

If you can `roll your own' such as AVCHD, you reduce costs.

Long live competition in the marketplace.

Link | Posted on Jul 15, 2011 at 13:31 UTC
On article AVCHD 2.0 expands to include 1080 50p and 60p (40 comments in total)

James Cameron's into it -

It was very shortsighted for the digital cinema standard to pike out
with ony 24fps and 48 (3D) only.

When film was invented it ran at 48fps, but too costly and more demanding
on the mechanics so it became 24fps.

I find progressive video / cine cameras judder at lot more at 24 / 25p
than film did. It might be the training cinematographers had to minimise
the judder.

There's a good reason why 720P50 is a standard, sports broadcastiing
or go 1080i50. 1080p50 finally becoming available, it's been part
of the HD spec for years.

Think of all the edit decision points you would have every second !

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On photo Rainbow Cocktails in the Elementals: Water challenge (12 comments in total)

Yes indeed, real art. Order, randomness, depth, colour, just superb,
it really caught my eye and makes me feel good. The best I've seen here
for a long time.

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