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My question is... what page/link etc. will this regular feature be located under??

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mjolnirq: [Off-topic] question about language :)

I am a non-native English speaker, and the sentence

a) "Currently these screens utilize the fairly rare metal, indium"

caught my attention. Is it grammatically correct or should it read either

b) "Currently these screens utilize the fairly rare metal indium"


c) "Currently these screens utilize a fairly rare metal, indium"

? Both version b) and version c) would have an exact correspondent for the use of the comma in Italian, my native language, but the use of the comma as in a) would be unusual/wrong in Italian, hence the question.

Grammar aside, what makes Indium "rare" anyway? From what I recall, Indium is about 3 time more abundant in the Earth's crust than the silver Fuji is talking about using. But if the silver is effective, it's got to be in concentrations that allows for monetary savings.

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On article Fujifilm releases X-S1 premium EXR 26X superzoom (383 comments in total)

Has there even been a price range announced for this yet? What did the S100FS list for when it first came out, $700-800USD? I can't expect that this would be much cheaper.

Too bad this still has that awful Tonka Toy zoom grip seen on the earlier mockup. It would be nice if you could peel that thing off and fit something better.

I'd have liked to see what the included lens hood will look like.

460-500 shot battery life out of an NP-95?? I doubt it, sounds like typical Fuji pipe-dreams. Granted, in the small F30/31 that battery is great but I can't see a battery that small doing that well in a camera like this.

Dimensions and weight - I kind of thought that with the smaller filter size compared to the S100FS, the SX-1 might end up smaller and lighter, but the specs are surprisingly similar, unzoomed. Only 2 grams heavier and a bit taller.

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