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On article Lensbaby rolls out Composer Pro II and Edge 50 Optic (19 comments in total)
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Shake Reduction: Why doesn't Lens baby make a shift lens for architecture instead of always focusing on tilt?

Lensbaby is focusing more on an artsy, lo-fi look. Their lenses are often pretty poor optically, but in ways intended to enhance the dreamy tilt-shift look. Think about it like the lomo camera of lenses.

Architecture lenses need to have good optical qualities, and while Lensbaby is probably capable of making a decent lens it's just not really the point of their lenses.

I agree that it's a shame tilt-shift lenses are pretty rare and expensive, and it would be great if one of these third-party manufacturers stepped up to the plate to make one.

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Samuel Dilworth: Does anyone know if this has ZERO rolling-shutter artefacts?

At some point I’d like to record bicycle rides from the handlebar. Something like this might work, but I can’t stand the wavy weirdness of electronically stabilised video of moving objects, from a moving platform, with rolling-shutter artefacts – as seems to be the case of about 90% of on-bicycle footage on YouTube.

The GoPro doesn't have a global shutter, like the other commenter said. You might be able to avoid some of the jello by using a shock/anti-vibration mount. Putting something soft in between your bike and the camera will dampen the vibrations that cause extreme jello, without the cost of a full stabilization rig (which usually has some vibration-dampening qualities anyway).

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I'm definitely intrigued by this idea, as the power drain of 1440p and 4k screens is pretty high. But how does it determine it needs to go into 4k mode? Is there a way to force it to switch modes?

Either way, I'm glad they're trying something different and I hope it works well.

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On article Sony brings uncompressed Raw to a7S II, a7R II and... (555 comments in total)

Fingers crossed for this coming to the A77II. I got the XAVC-S update when it came out, so it's not impossible...

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