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Txoni: They managed to advertise in DPR for free. No prize nor payment (?) required

How do you know it was for free?

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Bengeo: re "That's 375-1000mm F11 equivalent" - no that's F5.6 as far as aperture is concerned and the increased DOF will be welcome too.

So Richard has single-handedly destroyed the scientific credibility of DP Review.

Well done mate, kudos to you.

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Michiel953: On the interesting subject of equivalence and amount(s) of light, why not conduct the following experiment.

Take three different format cameras, and point them - tripod mounted - at a stationary scene, all with a 35mm (ff equivalent!) view angle. Now take a reflected light metering with a separate lightmeter and, this is the important bit, don’t tell the lightmeter on what format camera the read out will be used. It has to be a secret to the lightmeter.

What do you think the read out will be?

I saw this article in the news section of DP Review, with over 200 comments.
I wonder how much it will cost. I guess it's intended for professional photographers and wealthy amateur wildlife enthusiast photographers.

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