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I switched from the Nikon system to Olympus/Panasonic MFT. I am an experienced amateur who probably spends too much on equipment. I have come to realize after considerable thought that the glass is more important than the bodies and I spend a lot on lenses. I have upgraded when there was a significant increment in function- I am a birder and had issues with the Olympus EM-1 and tracking - the Mk2 model fixes most of this. I am happy for my choices. Sounds like you need a new camera in the foreseeable future because there are some significant incremental gains in the new models. For the type of shooting you do why wouldn't you stay with Nikon, especially if you like the lens set you have? (Personally I can't lug around all that weight.) I can't believe that any of the other systems are that much better than the Nikons, at least for now.

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Ah, life goes on...after 55 years of reading POP Photography, my skills and tastes have evolved. I get most of my photography news and info from the WEB from sites like this and blogs and PODcasts.

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All of these look razor sharp on my graphics monitor....yet at monitor resolution I don't think you can make any true judgments about the lens. Generally speaking my Panasonic 3.5 14-140 isn't the sharpest lens...but the 35-100 is astounding as is the Oly 12-40 and new Pana 25. I need to see a lab test! I expect the Oly 12-100 to live up to the Pro label. It will be my new travel lens.

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Thomas Traub: this lense does not look sharp - or should I buy glasses?

Buy glasses!

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tbcass: I was about to say my 150-600 focuses fast with my Sony A77ii when I read that it focuses better with a 7Dii. Poor AF is often a camera problem. Not a lens problem.

Amen! Focusing on the a77ii is unbelievably fast in decent light. The a77ii balance extremely well The photos are as sharp or sharper than what I was getting from my Olympus EM1 with the pricey and almost as heavy 50-200 SWD iWITH 1.4TC. I was surprised how manageable the lens/camera combo was. I got good results using a monopod - almost as good as with a tripod/gimbal..

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...but I don't shoot video, I revel in customization, IBIS is essential offering both Oly and Pany lenses (I have both!) and the smaller the better! WINNER: OM-D EM-1!!!! Hello???

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I respectfully disagree. I too have an unhealthy knowledge of Olympus menus having survived ownership of the an OM-D EM-5 and P5. Customizing this camera is child's play for me. I've used it for birding trips, scenics and casual Grandpa photography. What concerns me is that the sensor behaves as well or better than the EM-1. It is so easy to use and carry around. Pictures using the unlikely combination of camera+ Pany/Leica 25 mm are scary good. As a second camera of a MFT system user this is the best PEN yet!

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Sdaniella: interesting tripod prices for Manfrotto's 2.4kg 055PROBX have dropped over the years while the 1.85kg Benro C-297 i got awhile back for (CNY 1680 / CAD 234 / USD 223) in PRC, may suffer price increase due to weakened USD and CAD against CNY... sign of the times :(
i don't know if Benro's quality has caught up to the west or not with their newer models:
and this spinoff related company:
are these any good?

This also my experience. The Travel Angel has performed quite well.

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