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Oly E-1
Oly E-500 (silver)
Oly E-620
Oly HLD-5
Oly FL-36R
ZD 8mm fisheye
ZD 9-18mm
ZD 12-60mm SWD
ZD 14-42mm converted to reverse mount
ZD 14-45mm
ZD 40-150mm Mk.II
ZD 50-200mm SWD
ZD 150mm f2.0
ZD EC-20
PL 25mm f1.4
Sigma 50-500mm
OM 135mm f3.5
OM 100mm f2.8
OM 50mm f3.5 macro
OM 50mm f1.4 ser. 145,***
OM 50mm f1.4 ser. 1,017*,**
OM 35mm f2.8
OM 2x TC (Kenko)
OM 2x EX (Sigma)

Panasonic DMC-GH1
Olympus E-M5
Olympus HLD-6
Olympus 12-50
Panasonic 14-140mm HD
Panasonic 7-14mm

Epson R-D1s
Zeiss Biogon T* 35mm f2 ZM
Voigtlander Color-Skopar 35mm f2.5 P II
Voigtlander Ultra Wide Heliar 12mm f5.6 Asph.
Canon 50mm f1.2 screw mount
Steinheil Culminar 135mm f4.5

Konica Hexar 2001 Limited
Konica Hexanon 50mm f1.2

Canon 7 (times 2)
Canon 50mm f0.95 bayonet mount
Canon 50mm f0.95 m-mount converted

Sigma DP2 w/ viewfinder, lens hood, case

Sony DSC-T100

Canon S95


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On article New image viewing options for forums (152 comments in total)

does this improve upon the image resizing / size-reducing algorithms? I've noticed lately that certain downsized images are very poorly processed and at first glance the photos appear to be terrible. only by observing the original that the poster used can I get a glimpse of what was actually presented.

Link | Posted on Jan 5, 2013 at 01:49 UTC as 76th comment | 1 reply

will there be more samples added as promised? seems like not much has changed since the initial major overhaul.

Link | Posted on Jul 7, 2012 at 10:09 UTC as 11th comment
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oscarvdvelde: I had a great Toshiba laptop with 17" screen of 1440·900 pixels. Now I have a laptop with 15.6" screen with 1600·900 pixels, it is more dense but frankly, I prefer the former. Images should be displayed larger, not smaller. I'd rather have 2880·1800 pixels in a 34" screen. On the other hand I suppose one could enlarge images 200% and get the same quality and size as before.

this new display should be great for you then. things will be the same size as on a 1440x900 display, but a pixel on the former will be represented by four pixels on the new 2880x1800 display. if there is enough information (like a multi-MP image that has more pixels than either and has to be scaled down), and given proper software support, things will appear sharper on your screen.

Link | Posted on Jun 11, 2012 at 22:48 UTC
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Armando J. Rodriguez, Jr.: What prices? I don't see how much they will cost.

there are prices at the think tank website.

airport essentials $175.75
airport commuter $199.75
airport accelerator $279.95

Link | Posted on May 4, 2012 at 05:52 UTC
On article Just Posted: Olympus OM-D E-M5 review (572 comments in total)

regarding this bit on page 3:
"Adding just the grip section results in pushing the tripod mount ever further off center."

isn't the tripod mount on the vertical grip about in line with the lens mount? why is it ever further off center?

Link | Posted on Apr 30, 2012 at 13:15 UTC as 109th comment | 3 replies
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