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Hard to get the words "twitter" and "intelligently" in the same sentence. :)

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NowHearThis: MacGyver has built bombs with less parts.

MacGyver can build bombs from Bisquick. But not at Newark :)

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photoholiko: Those Leica snobs are not going to mount any lens under $1K on their overpriced cameras.

I'm certainly not putting one on mine :)

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What on earth could possess a Leica owner to want a budget lens :)

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So, if it becomes acknowledged as a true affliction, I wonder if my city insurance will pay and I can take a sick day :)

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I wondered how long it would take this thing to crash and burn :)

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This such a nice piece of software I'm glad to hear that it is again supported. I originally purchased the noise reduction plugin separately, and they shortly after began giving the entire thing away.

However, having enjoyed the original version for rather a long time now, they would really have to make some major improvements to induce me to part with any money.

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I believe I understand why they made it a limited run :)

Although, it might help with theft resistance.

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gameshoes3003: I decided to take a gander on eBay for the 645Z, and its associated lenses. Looks to be relatively affordable. The most expensive part appears to be the body alone; it's not common to see it go under $4000.

I'm wondering about the older lenses though. I wonder how well they do because many of the reviews I've read usually only use the new 55mm, or the 90mm. They don't have many newer lenses for the 645Z, and it's hard to not notice that you can buy the older lenses, listed new at $2000, for just $400. One big caveat here is that none of the older lenses have any stabilization (I think two of the new ones do though).

I mainly shoot hot air balloons so... dropping the D800 to for this does seem tempting. But, the wise choice would be to just keep what I have ('cause I ain't rich).

Gameshoes, I have 8 Pentax auto focus 645 lenses. Only my 55mm is of the newest vintage. While a couple are very good indeed, I find that for my purposes most do not measure up to the world class standards of some of the current Fuji and Hasselblad offerings. Nonetheless, I find them quite useable and am willing to make the tradeoff of slightly lower IQ and paying $400 for a good lens rather than $4000 for a truly great one :) Poor folks got poor ways :)

If you are interested in some user reviews of the older lenses, you might check

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If they're not going to review it that's their decision. But they should say so instead of continuing to put it off.

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T3: Well if they aren't selling at their current $129 price and they have hundreds of thousands of them sitting in warehouses, they should just put them on fire sale. I'd pick one up if the price were right.

$5 sounds about right :)

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Scottelly: Someone should be fired for that name. A name like that makes me wonder how creative the programmers can possibly be. I think I'll stay away from this crapware until they can come up with a decent name for it. At least then they'll give me a little reassurance that their software might be good too. Did they also use a .cc domain name or something stupid like that?

Sounds a bit too much like Asylum. :)

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There are now, I have read, technologies to allow security personnel in restricted areas to take control of or force down drones. Considering the seriousness of the issue and the tendency of some people to ignore regulations and common sense, I suspect the use of such technologies will become common place. And I hope soon :)

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And they STILL haven't reviewed the Pentax 645z.

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"and Pentax 645Z should be published soon […] in a matter of days."

Ok, so now it's been 10 days. Does that qualify for "a matter of days". Is this another vapor review ?

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It always amuses me how a newly introduced digital camera is always labeled "the best (whatever brand) ever" and reviewers act like it's a surprise.
Shouldn't we reasonably expect the newest digital model to be improved over the digital model it replaced :)
Digital isn't like old film cameras where the newest model might NOT be an improvement :)

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philburgess: Airlines flying from the middle east already require batteries to be in carry on and each battery placed separately in a plastic bag or placed in the camera. Its no big deal

The American Airlines website currently says to remove batteries from cameras in checked luggage and put them in carry-on luggage.

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Do they have a version that deletes everything EXCEPT NSFW images 😳

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This is somewhat useless if you live in the USA, where there is no Pentax presence of any kind to speak of. The 645z goes to another country for service.

Seems like an undesirable situation for a professional needing quick turn around.

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BelePhotography: didn't someone actually make a digital sensor like this - one that just fit into any 35mm camera. that kind of made sense and would probably be worth trying again, especially now that we could easy control settings with bluetooth or wireless - or some kind of gimmick that'd be attached to the camera. if this however is sensible, I'm not too sure. it'll give the kids of 2000 a sense of what it was like to change film to change ISO, but that's about it. if they're into that - let 'em have it - I have had it ;-)

Yes, I recall that. If somebody wanted to produce a "fun" camera, one of the old film models with this thing on it would be really over the top for something to play with.

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