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i would like to buy a new computer for hobby photography and photo editing..
since you can not upgrade the RAM or hard drive after purchasing iMac..i was wondering which system 21.5 inch model to buy as it is (without the upgrade)..if the upgrade is very critical which one would be?

now mobility is not important..would you buy an imac or get a dell xps 15 ?

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Shinsei: There was nothing I'd like to buy. I will go on to use my Mac Pro 2010.

is this a Spam or what?

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On article A Taste of New York is a stunning Big Apple time-lapse (89 comments in total)

not bad..but if it was LA it would be just magic:)

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Spicer: I love how Canon uses the word phenomenon so often

still beter than the word Fantastic by the Dump in the oval

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entoman: YAWN
I can barely contain my excitement....


i like canon updates...
new features were included with canon it could happen

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rfsIII: I'm thinking of buying one of these to go with my C100; so calling all 7DII users...Do you love your 7DII?


Canon 5D IV and Canon 7D II are 2 different type of cant really compare...

7D II is more for sports and action photogrphy....5D IV is best for landscape wedding and low light high ISO etc..

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On article Nikon announces midrange D7500 DSLR (396 comments in total)

is Nikon out of ideas and innovation?

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GiovanniB: I love Swiss German! This language is so cute.

i agree..but schwäbisch is much cuter


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i Love Death valley area..the driver should get some Jail time ...

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On article Huawei P10 scores highly in DxOMark Mobile testing (52 comments in total)

lol DxO is a french french cars...enough said

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On article Huawei P10 scores highly in DxOMark Mobile testing (52 comments in total)

why is this Dxo still anyone taking them is just incredible

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RedFox88: People still use website based photo sharing sites? Who knew!

they have 13 billion plus fotos..why not

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starwolfy: I have optic fiber and Flickr takes ages, I mean...AGES, to load photos.
I absolutely have 0 issue with other websites.
Rarely go to Flickr because of this.

not sure why do you have this problem...i have highspeed internet optic fiber to the basement..not to the laptop...but still Flickr works very good..

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karlkk: if dslr lenses produced by canon nikon & co. were a bit more than sheer trash and at reasonable prices , as was in the 70s and 80s - there could reason to be reason to buy interchangeables.In addition those under 2k$ ,are generally heavy ,and with lousy optics.

maybe Leica could be a good option for you..good optics .and the prices are as you would prefere well over 2000...i would say you should get 2 or 3 lenses and spend arround only 15000 to 22000 Dollar..but you know its a good investment..

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davids8560: I see the future this way: millions upon millions of smartphone cameras in the hands of casual shooters and laymen, and proportionally less, but still thousands of cameras geared to deliver a versatility and quality the likes of which photographers have never seen or enjoyed more! May the manufacturer which provides the most bang-for-the-buck win! There has never been a better time to be into photography!

I agree

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its means people who are interested in DSLR or a Camera are really looking to have fun and to do passionate photography.. dont get me wrong but in the last few years a lot were more interested to have the latest and greates rather than being really interested in Photography.

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princewolf: I will always frown upon users who prefer smartphones over proper cameras...just like other older folk frowning upon me for using digital :)))

hmm i think most over 70 are using digital today..its faster ..cheaper etc...
i think the main reason for using the old camera is for being nostalgic..and maybe having fun by doing the film process...

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Garbage..waste of money and time

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this step is too little.its time to cancel most of their lines including DSLR..l

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MikeFairbanks: If you're an American, heck out Domke and Copper River. All of Copper River's bags are made in the USA and most Domkes are as well. There are many American camera bag companies that manufacture right here in the U.S.

This isn't to discredit other nations and their manufacturing. I'm simply suggesting that if you are going to buy an American brand, make sure it was actually made in America. Otherwise you're really paying for a label on an import.

i understand what you mean..but Dpreview is an international Blog so please take your By American somewhere else.. and lets talk about Photography etc

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