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shutterdragon: What's the practical benefit of this B&W sensor if you're viewing the images on a color monitor with RGB dots? Isn't that kind of pointless?

Leica should go as far as making a super high res monochrome monitor to go with this camera.

You might be viewing the images on a RGB monitor, but you only print them in black.
Also why should they bother with a higher res monitor, you only really need an idea of your image, it's a return to the days of wait until it's developed, and printed before you can really tell what you've shot.
I prefer using mine with an Orange filter, and playing with the contrast as in different grades of paper.
Also with a higher res monitor, wouldn't it use the battery faster?

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theglovenor: whats the point?

of course if i was a billionaire i would buy 6.....

i have a big stock of b and w film in my spare room......i will let you have it for £2000 ono....same results and SO much cheaper

Why buy just 6?

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No, it's not the biggest joke.

The quality of the images I've shot with the MM are superb. It's an excellent camera, rangefinders are incredible tools to work with, there are fewer telephoto lenses than with a big clunky all singing dancing DSLR. Regarding the near obsolete manual focus that I believe has enabled photographers to regain the 'artistic' side to our image creation medium.

You do have to take more care with your exposure, but didn't you have to do the same with film?

Also, being a completely black camera, it is very sexy as sexy as a camera could be? Leica have brought old-style photography up-to-date.

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inevitable crafts studio: i think people that say that a leica m slows them down, should use SLRs ^^

DSLRs are so bulky and obvious, if you desire to be so unsubtle with it, that's fine but you can't really blend into the background in order to catch your 'decisive moment' can you? The big cameras with even bigger lenses are great for action/news. It might slow you down but with manual focus more consideration is required of the image capturer!

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Picturenaut: Wonderful pictures! A Leica is a dream, in particular if one still loves manual camera work. I live in the German state Hesse, where Leica is located and I observed with great relieve that this legendary company has recovered from its economical troubles. Rich Asians love Leica, and that's great.

This story drives me to touch a general thing. I shoot with Canon gear, and overall I love my 5D3 + good Canon/Zeiss glass much. But such a bulky really attracts too much attention by the people if you shoot in the street. So, I often abandon photography and draw people with my sketchbook because that's not so intimidating. I love drawing, but in those situations I really miss a Leica.

And there is another thing. In recent DSLRs I miss, too, the split screen viewfinder of old school film SLRs that supports manual focusing. Its a real loss of photographic culture, and its logic that EVIL cameras will kill DLSRs. Maybe once I'll change to Leica, if Canon does not come up with a rangefinder.

Having rekindled my love for Leica Ms, I don't feel I'll move up to a 5D3 from a 5D2. DSLRs are so bulky, and obvious, M cameras aren't. Just need to carry a fully charged spare battery.

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dgnelson: How soon do you think it will be before we have a camera with swappable sensors?

Swappable sensors are only more likely if you can guarantee you don't have dust, and probably more perilous to the sensor if CMOS type, static.

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photographer1968: Unbelievable comments on here. Seriously. I presume that none of you are REAL photographers.
Leica is synonymous with the simplicity and beauty of our photography. I am a b/w tog and l love this camera and Leica lenses are the best in the world. Take the 50mm 0.95 for example. It may be ridiculously expensive to the novice, but to a person who is passionate about photography, it's a dream.
You can keep your plastic Nikons, Canons, Minoltas and whatever else you use - give me a Leica with no bells nor whistles and i'm in heaven. Would you all even know what to do with a camera that couldn't think for you? lol l fear not having read these ignorant comments.
Perfection is not for everyone and in truth, a great photographer can take an awesome photo whether on a Leica, iPhone or pinhole camera. Look at Bill Brandt's pinhole series.
Having said that, the glass in Leica's lenses are beyond exceptional.
Go figure.

I learnt how to manually focus, set the aperture, and develop to negatives myself, this camera looks fantastic staying true to the idea of image creation, rather than the the idea of what the camera is telling you it wants to do. Looks to be a dream camera, one you would only want if you knew how to take photographs!

I'll stick with a 35mm lens until I could justify a 50mmm f0.95.

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The old 'masters' never needed a better screen, if you are going to use this it will be the old way focus recompose shoot. If you want more tele power, a different brand is suggested. For those of us luddites never quite used to AF, and lenses that have the magnificent image capturing qualities, I can't wait. This is the first bridge type camera, it's what many have been longing for.

Anyone who wants colour/ AF there are many other cameras to choose from. Looks brilliant!

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Heru Anggono: Black & White only camera might sounds crazy in this digital era where most people only concern about Megapixel and colour saturation. Anyway, I think this is a grand maneuver by Leica to create a niche market, and squeeze more money from enthusiasts. I kind of admire Leica puritanical approach to photography.

Some people might turn up their nose and think this is another rich enthusiasts toy but let's come to see it as a way to preserve the simple joy of making picture, even simpler in monochrome. Well, if you can afford one. 8-)

What a great post, I've waited for a purely monochrome. Colour can be a distraction. It's not just a 'rich man's toy' it's also a bit of an anachronism (I think). Returning some of us to the act of pure image makers without the distraction of colour. Hopefully it will enable some of to watch and record events without being obvious!

It sounds like some have a bit of camera envy. I agree with you it's a return to the joy of image making! Back in the film days you knew if you'd a good image, the screen gives you a hint. You can only tell in your electronic 'darkroom'. If you need more functions, there are hundreds of other cameras!

Sample images look great, have you checked them?

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Victor Engel: No ISO 200? That seems odd.

You can always try ND(x2) filters to reduce the light, possibly. Or am I being thick?

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Can't wait to get my hands on it. Suits my style of photography. reminds me of shooting and processing mono film. Then you had a hint when taking the wet film from the tank to dry it. So the screen gives you a hint, what do you people expect? I personally require a camera to have great optics, be easy to use, have only a few functions, the fewer the better. It's the camera user who takes the photographs, not the camera. If you require a camera to do more, be autofocus, shoot colour then go buy a different camera, it'll have more functions, but bulkier, probably more plastic than solid, the Leica's more like an old film camera, I might be a dinosaur but a happy dinosaur. All that's needed are great optics, there is no colour distraction.

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Owning various cameras, mostly DSLRs, using currently an M8 and getting used to having to manually focus again, and realising that auto-focus doesn't make you a better photographer. Rangefinder cameras do give you that extra bit of time to be an unobtrusive part of the scene. I rather like the idea of a quiet M 9-P, these cameras have a nice solid feel. Starting at University, I only had one lens, 50mm. It's not really what type of equipment you have, it's more what you do with what you have. It's my luddite tendencies showing, of course I'd rather not go back to a box Brownie, have to keep up with the technologies, don't want to become too obsolete just yet.

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