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  • Very sad to hear this news. Ron was probably the most helpful person on this forum. I will definitely miss him.
  • Based on the samples and comments in this thread, I was leaning toward the 12-24. Having decided on a rectilinear zoom made it easier to compare: (1) I eliminated the Tamron 10-24 based on the ...
  • Replied in Thanks, Barry!
    That helps a lot to see it that way. Thanks. That's the way I'm leaning right now, but gosh I love the form factor of that 10-17. I think my question about IQ has been answered, though. Thanks ...
  • Lightroom is what I use, also, so it sounds like this wouldn't be much of an issue for me, either. I've read a little about that, but since I don't own a fisheye I've never been able to try it out. ...
  • Maybe I'm using the "ultra" incorrectly? I was referring to anything that went wider than 15mm to be UWA. I've never heard anything but praise for the 8-16 from its owners. Any idea why Sigma ...
  • Thanks, Barry. That second one is especially nice -- very crisp. You mentioned CA... is that primarily in situations where it would be expected such as harsh contrasts, or does it show up in less ...
  • Thanks for those examples - very helpful!
  • Thanks - that's a great article. One thing that really stood out to me in the image comparisons was the superiority of the 10-17's color and flare resistance. I was expecting the Rokinon 8mm to at ...
  • Created question thread looking into UWA zooms
    My favorite landscape lens is the 21 Ltd, both for size and contrast. However, my last few vacations have gotten me thinking that I might want to add an ultra-wide zoom to complement it, as I ...
  • I agree. That would great to be able to eliminate the ND filter from the mix.
  • I wouldn't have any problem with negatives. It's either negatives (with logarithmic ISO) or fractions (with linear ISO) whenever you get below an arbitrarily-assigned "base" ISO. When I got into ...
  • Even easier would be using base-2 logs since each stop multiplies or divides the amount of light by two. Using the formula log2(ISO/100), we get the following: 100 > 0.0 200 > 1.0 400 > 2.0 800 > 3.0 ...
  • One worth considering is the Tamron 70-200 f/2.8. Good wide open, and crazy good at f/4. Pleasant bokeh. The common knock on it is AF speed. But I use it to shoot kids sports, so I reckon you'd be ...
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    Really nice set, especially this one:
  • Replied in Wild flower .
    I really like the light in that last one. Nicely done!
  • +1 I would love to have a 24 f/2 or f/2.4 for indoor people shots. IMO 24mm is the perfect focal length for that kind of thing.
  • If speed is what you're looking for, this would be the best combo in my opinion. I know if I could afford the 18-35, that would be my next lens.
  • Replied in Pentax K-S2
    Congratulations! I have the K-3 and love it, so I'm sure you'll be very happy with the K-3 II. Have fun getting to know it!
  • Replied in Pentax K-S2
    And before cameras, people just drew pictures. But cameras made things a lot quicker and easier. And fast AF zooms make shooting sports easier. I don't think anyone was trying to be negative or ...
  • Beautiful compositions and fantastic colors! I especially like number 3 with the rain coming down.
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