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Of course he deserves the criticism! The excuse that he was barely 21 has no grounds whatsoever. I am 18 and have known full well for many years the gravity that copyright infringement carries. Therefore he has no excuse for that post he made. We all make mistakes, but the real key to maturity is taking ownership of those mistakes and accepting the repercussions of one's actions.

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On article Accessory Review: Manfrotto 294 Carbon Fiber Tripod (50 comments in total)
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Funkyd3121: I have older Bogen(Manfrotto tripods) & they work great - about $179.00 invested in the whole thing - legs & a head. No way I would pay $250.00 for tripod legs!!

I think for this to have been a proper review, you should always push a product like this to its usability point. I use the normal aluminum 294 tripod with a Mamiya medium format tlr camera and that is just about as heavy as the ball head will legitimately support. If it was able to handle what you tested it with so well, then just up the ante a bit until it doesn't hold its own well enough.

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ScottRH: Looks great! I am getting my 10 year old son one for Christmas!

thats one lucky 10 year old.....

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rinkos: as usual Sony left the traditional guys with something something in their hands hanging :(
what about the A580 ?!!!!! what about it?!!

the sony a580, along with all other ovf dslr cameras sony used to make are discontinued... http://store.sony.com/p/DSLR-A580-DSLR-Camera-Body/en/p/DSLRA580

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On article Nikon announces D600 24MP enthusiast full-frame DSLR (235 comments in total)
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kapanak: Well, so much for a sub-$2000 Full Frame DSLR.

Thats pushing it a bit... The a99 has a faster fastest shutter speed, more movie recording options, a faster flash sync speed, and a better on camera mic, among other things.

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steven_k: I just ordered one from Sony store, amazon, and B&H
I hope they ship in October for fall colors in Telluride.
I also hope that at base ISO, IQ will surpass the A850/A900
Will see
Now,I wonder if any Nikon D800 users will jump,ship?

probably not

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Pixel Judge: Yaah, F2.8-4! I would love to put this zoom lens on my new E-M5.
F2.8-4 should be new startard. Oly & Psonic, did you ever hear me??

to do that camera makers would have to make their kit lenses much more expensive, defeating the point of having a "cheap" starting kit option. Also if you want to be really literal, the standard is 50mm...

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IcyVeins: "Sony does not have good lens selection" is code for "Sony doesn't have exotic 600mm telephoto lens or exotic tilt shift lens or 26 thousand versions of a 70-200mm f/2.8 zoom"

people also have to remember that sony have come slightly late to the dslr business as compared to canon and nikon, so they still have a bit of catching up/learning to do (i.e. no experience in film unlike canon and nikon). Give em' some time

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RakinMuhtadi: Now why would anyone buy this with $699 when you can get the D5100 kit for the same price (after recent cuts)?
Seems like a good camera, this. Although what everyone is ranting on abt the higher megapixel bothers me. What's so bad abt more pixels??

In most cameras, more megapixels means more image noise. What ends up happening is some companies try to find that sweet spot of pixel density for each sensor size, and some just try to shove in as many as possible to impress people.

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On article Sony unveils four lenses for A and E mounts (37 comments in total)
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Lukino: no fast 35 yet. I wanted to like Nex system, but without a fast (and possibly compact) prime, it's not my game. And btw, 50mm on apsc IS NOT a prime!

prime just denotes a single focal length, and not a zooming one

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